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Look At These Modern Words In The King James Bible!!!! Absolutely Crazy!!!! And Now Jesus In Paintings Wearing A Blindfold!!!-( BirdBath!!!)

The Bible changing overnight to the point of insanity!- Even vulgar words and phrases-check EYAs other vids=

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i heard on youtube that in australia all the bibles are starting to say chungus

chungus is a meme? or;

Urban Dictionary

A RatNigga, most commonly referred to as Chungus, is a mythical creature that wanders the streets and kidnaps innocent kindergarteners. The sick f*** mostly feeds off of carrots, but he is also able to maintain a carnivorous diet consisting of Child Flesh. He appears in hit games such as Detroit: Become Chungus, Grand Chungus Five and Dark Chungus.

Or; Dec 19, 2018 - Jim Sterling used Chungus as a word way before 2016, if you listen to old podtoid episodes you can hear him use it as early as 2013, maybe even a year or two earlier. though that was always 'Chungus' never 'Big Chungus'. He said that it means everything and anything, though it tended to be sexual.

Sick/demonic--supposedly EYA, who searches the bible constantly, says that now the Torah is changing-she's got a vid about it but-2 hours long-I'll listen in

im not sure but it definitely shouldnt be in the bible!!

extra weird; I watch eya vids and her bible has gone berserk!  My KJV has changes also but someone or thing is playing with hers like crazy-obliviously she's an Evangelical Christian-not open to the lighter side of the occult spiritual teachings so why is she being picked on?



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