Long time no see!

Hello my beautiful aliens. :D 

I havent been here for a VEERY LOOONG TIME! :D and i missed you all so much, i had some problems in my life regarding school and life in general. I lovered my vibrations and a lot of bad stuff happened to me in a very short period. But the good news is im back,i kept my positivity,and everything is okay now. Actually for me Earth is such a magnificent place right now and really is MAGICAL! :D i want you all to feel my love right now and i hope you all feel the same way.

I noticed that things are changing. I escaped from my day-to-day responsibilities and i feel absolutely free and SO HAPPY! I wish you all good luck on your current journeys and i hope you cross every obstacle in your life if you have them 

Here take this prayer :D it helps very much. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

shuklaam baradharam vishnum shashi varnam chathur bhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyaayet sarva vighnopa shaantaye
vyaasam vasishtha naptaaram shakteh pautrama kalmasham
paraa sharaatma jam vande shukataatam taponidhim
vyaasaaya vishnu ruupaaya vyaasa ruupaaya vishnave
namo vai brahmanidhaye vaasishtaaya namo namah
avikaaraaya shuddhaaya nityaaya paramaatmane
sadaika ruupa ruupaaya vishnave sarva jishnave
yasya smarana maatrena janma sansaara bandhanaath
vimuchyate namastasmai vishhnave prabhavishhnave
om namo vishnave prabhavishnave
sri vaishampaayana uvaacha

~This is actually from a song that i love very much

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  • Welcome back.  So good to see you.


  • ...Good To See Back...+ Happy....:)....<3 .....From One Beautiful Alien To Another.....Lol.....xx......

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