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London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Authorizes Whoppingly Disrespectful ‘Baby Trump’ Balloon To Fly Over England For President’s Visit

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan on Thursday gave a group permission to fly a 20-foot-tall balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an angry baby over London when the president visits the city later this month

London’s muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, is the man whose legacy will be that he presided over the greatest violent crime wave London has seen since the days of Jack the Ripper. Mayor Khan is astoundingly unapologetic about it, and indeed is seeking to be re-elected to a second term. If Brits are stupid enough to elect him again, then they deserve what they get.

Now this same man has given the green light to a Liberal protest group to fly a 20 foot high helium filled balloon called ‘Baby Trump’, whose only purpose is to mock President Trump when he visits the nation, that we defeated in 1776, on July 13th.

FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: London’s mayor Sadiq Khan on Thursday gave a group permission to fly a 20-foot-tall balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an angry baby over London when the president visits the city later this month. Mayor Sadiq Khan described the stunt as a “peaceful protest.” The group’s plan is to suspend the balloon above Parliament Square, beside the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, when Trump visits on July 13. It had launched a crowdfunding page for the project, describing Trump as “a big, angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands.” The campaign has raised more than £16,000 ($21,000). The London Evening Standard carried a statement from a spokesman for Khan: “The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms. His city operations team have met with the organisers and have given them permission to use Parliament Square Garden as a grounding point for the blimp.” The balloon will not be allowed to fly more than 30 meters (98 feet) off the ground, Sky News reported. It will also be subject to authorization from the Metropolitan Police and UK air-traffic authorities. READ MORE

Now I know that our president won’t care even a little bit about this mockery of him personally, but it goes deeper than that. Mocking the American president is mocking the entire nation of America, and that simply cannot stand.

Sadiq Khan becomes London's first Muslim mayor
So I wonder if, in the spirit of free speech and public protest, would the muslim mayor of London allow protest groups to fly a 20 foot high helium filled balloon that mocked their ‘prophet’ Mohammed the pedophile?

Well, let’s see. Mayor Khan is the same person who authorized an anti-Israel march supporting Hezbollah to take place in London, and the same person who said he supports Sharia Law and had subway and bus ads banned that offended muslims. So clearly Mayor Khan doesn’t care if Jews are offended, or non-muslims are offended, and by authorizing that Baby Trump balloon to fly, doesn’t care if every person in America is offended.

I think it’s time to see how thick Mayor Khan’s skin is.

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He needs to be removed as London Mayor and deported to Pakistan where he can become a mayor there.

It’s does not matter if he was born here the point is he is trying to cause trouble plus since he had been the Mayor  the city of London has become lawless with increased violance as never before.

He needs to be removed from his office ASAP before he causes any more damage and aggro in the city. 

Muslims have problems in their own countries so why trying to rule other countries. All the trouble maker Muslims need to deported to their own countries and sort out the problems in their countries instead of trying to rule other countries 

It is obvious this so called Mayor is causing trouble.

The Mayors first priority is to keep peace at all cost and this fool is doing the opposite.

President Trump should just come and sit on this rascal and flatten him like a balloon.

This Mayor must be removed before he causes any more trouble and damage to the city 

This so called Mayor should be told that he has political problems in his own country so why is he trying to solve political problems in other countries ...he may be born in this country but if he is not capable of keeping peace and keeping order as mayor then he has no right to be the mayor and so should be removed ASAP 

whining baby in dipers float to welcome the orange imbecile in London , is a great idea and brilliant thinking........thank you some of you London,ers................I smell this idea will catch up with american patriots .

twisted nonsense 

It's been discontinued.  They made a baby balloon of the Mayor of London too. and they got 2 - 1/2 x the money they needed, but I don't think that that one is going to fly either.  (Really, all of this is rather CHILDISH).

Yes it may be childish but very offensive ...Muslims have big political problems in their own countries ..look at Pakistan loaded with political problems so this smart ass should become the mayor of a city in Pakistan and sort their own problems before trying to rule other countries ..he is a halal eating Muslim who does not even know that you are what you eat ..besides since he took over the city of London has become lawless with a surge in violent crime yet he has police protection.. this fool must be removed and told to sort out problems in his own country..even if he is born in this country he is trying to push the Muslims laws and culture in London. 

notice the perversion of a naked child  from the loony left

This Mayor is an incompetent fool ...his policy as long as I am alright jack :

PIERS MORGAN: London's mayor should spend more time getting his city's murder rate below New York's and less time encouraging puerile stunts like the orange Trump 'baby' balloon that woefully disrespects Britain's greatest ally

Since this fool has been Mayor :

Knife attacks have soared by 21%, shooting incidents by 23%, street robberies by 33%, motorbike robberies by 50% and murders by 44%

Any Mayors top priority is to keep peace in the city  ....this foolish mayor has failed to keep the peace so he should be thrown out ASAP before big riots start in the city 

When this halal eating Mayor comes to US make a ballon of a pig with this Mayors head ...see how he feels 



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