When I think of the lesson I would like to learn and teach I always come to one conclusion stop living in the mind of the creation,

As the creation we are ego and emotion as such we learn our lessons the hard way when we shoudn't be learning our own lesson at all at this particular plateau in life.

After all haven't we learned enough to create a pathway to becoming ascended masters?

Evolving to the mind of the creator allows one to view others without ever having to become offended or offensive towards them,

 we should sit back and watch the progression of others and the way they problem solve and the conclusions they end up at,

It should generate great strength within us to allow others to find their own strength within themselves,

 this is how the creator mind works and learns,

 I  challenge anyone who reads this to slip into the role of the creator and all that it entails to them in their own mind,

To me it means providing guidance that is a positive force for ALL I cross paths with,

 to quietly listen to others who need to verbalize in order to work through a specific problem,

 sometimes this means turning away from confrontation and giving it silence,

 if you do not put forth an opinion the conversation loses it's steam this is not at all the same as allowing others to belittle you,

for noone can make you feel something that you are not willing to feel  truth is subjective to the individual based on the level of evolution they have reached,

allow them to have their moment of truth on their own they are growing at the pace that is comfortable for them and over the years the moment of truth may change 200 times,

 just be happy that they are growing and stop being the intruder of anothers spiritual growth it only impedes their ability to grow in a productive manner,

 This also means knowing I'm right and never needing the recogition and never needing another to validate me.

Lets work on this together and inspire each other to walk the path of peaceful intent,

 and harmonious collectiveness this exercise is extremely important to do NOW,

 as the time is drawing near when we will be grouped according to our personal vibratory egregores and we want our journey to be as rewarding as possible right from the beginning!

If we are friends on here then we should never strive to take away from the lives of our friends but add to the lives of our friends,

but if we are family we should support and inspire greatness for you are me and I am you and we are a reflection of each other,

 and a shiver of the prime creator so let us set forth the goal to shine with the minds of the creator!

And give up our past roles of the CREATION!

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  • Ramblingpoet. Thank you.This has reawakened something deep inside me, something I used to do when I was younger and was always ridiculed for by older adults and my peers. If you could recall the actor David Carradine in the tv show "Kung Fu", I never missed an episode, never. I learned more from that show as a young man, than I learned from religious teachings of my parents. I tried to imitate his character daily, going about quitetly observing and offering advice to problems when possible. I did not do this in a way that would draw attention to myself but those who were close to me knew why I was mostly silent and somewhat "detatched" from the goings on of others. I was happy in this state of mind and would take the insults and ridicule from others them "not understanding". Today at 49 yrs.young, I am still that way. I never looked down on anyone but took solace in knowing and learning from the mistakes of others. Now I understand why I was that way.

    • That is truly inspiring I really appreciate you sharing that with us WOW!

      I know I am much happier when I'm not allowing myself to feel negative feelings about things said or done and I become a much better person because of this!

      For example my sister stole money from me and my oldest brother when she had cancer and was going through chemo treatments and radiation therapy,

      I allowed myself every negative feeling in the book and I went on a crusade to make her pay for her crime!

      Well through this journey I learned alot about myself and after 6 months time, I decided it wasn't worth it to make myself pay because of her bad treatment,

       I was just hurt I had to force my mind to let it go and here as of late I have been contemplating what I could do personally to help her so she doesn;t continue to hurt people,

       but I'm wanting to do it more for her so she can have a better and more comfortable journey in life!

      I feel the changes within myself daily I truly believe  I'm almost there and I want to help others as well I hope I'm making a positive difference and I believe that I am.

      I keep telling myself over and over the person you DO'NT want to help is the very first person you NEED to help and I'm there all the way now!


  • Hey cutie, thank you for the post. Im glad you see things the same way I do.


    I only take a stand against certain types, because I live in the same reality as them, so it affects me personally. I have to look out for myself, as well.

    Ive learned there are some things that are absolute, though, but those principals mainly just set the stage for all of this stuff to happen. Fact is we come from Source and we return to Source - everything inbetween is the story.

    It seems as if I argue with people sometimes, but really im only providing an opportunity for them to grow through my knowledge. They have about 0 chance to convince me of something, and if they disagree I really don't care because it only proves that they still have more growing of their own to do. Or maybe my path and knowledge isn't appropriate for them.

    If I find some information that I value, I will accept it, but it will be me that does it not because of someone else.

    I am glad when I find others who already know what I know, though.

    • Why thank you I really appreciate everyones input on this matter, you know it is funny when I first came here I tried writing things,

       and it was when I was first starting to remember and everything was confusing I was trying really hard to put my words into context as I felt them or knew certain informations I was downloading,

       and I could not write a post that made as much sense on screen as it did in my head I have really remembered so much over the last year and I have grown so fast and so quickly it is amazing to me how different I am from then to now!

      So I do appeciate the sincerity in everyones replies!

      Thank you!

  • I like this post, nice one ramblingpoet. Me too I think it's not good to get too identified with physical things, or anything for that matter. After all, the universe is an illusion right? All things manifested in form, are illusions. So why get so caught up in identifying with any of it. We are here to experience it, but not become attached to it.

    That's why I try not to identify with anything other than whats within me. I don't really identify myself as human...or ET, or starseed, or whatever. I am me...this being, this consciousness, this awareness. Everything else is just an experience, that ultimately, will end.

    Everything in creation has a life-death cycle. Things are created, they grow, come to a peak, decline, and then die. That goes for all levels. The only real constant, is soul. The immortal spirit within, beyond form. So that ultimately is what's real. Everything else, as great as it is, is ultimately an illusion.

    Nice post dear <3

    • Thank you very much John I do appreciate that very much I hope you are having a great day!

  • As always your sweet personality is much appreciated I value you greatly Marrianna thank you!

  • My daily meditations/ruminations...thanks poet

  • I appreciate your kindness and sincerity, it fills my heart to know I made sense to others, and they too are thinking along these lines.

     I really appreciate all of you and everything you have become and achieved, this evolutionary stage will be bittersweet,

     as I have made so many wonderful and respectful friends and also acheived my growth and knowledge in the physical vessel very quickly,

     but so much the hard way many times, it has been most rewarding, and extremely enjoyable. 

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