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I have recently done a lot of research on aliens and it makes me scared, I've even read about mind control victims and its just a horrible sphere out there! So I've asked my guardiance/God/whoever's out there, to protect me from the negative stuff and remove my fear. Because I can't stop reading about aliens so I don't want fear to stop me.


These past nights I've woken up suddenly and I vaguely see something golden surrounding my bed. It dissappear pretty fast the more awake I get, but it is parted into multiple geometrical shapes (kinda like the ones you see in turtle shells). I'm not scared but I have no idea what it is. It's approx. 40 cm from my body and covers the whole bed.


I have also noticed blury foggy light bulbs in my room. I can't see them if I look directly at them. I'm not alarmed by them but I don't know if they're good or bad energy?


Has anyone experiences anything like this? Any idea what it is?

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I've experienced golden sacred geometry- it is often a positive experience. I never heard of the foggy lightbulbs (maybe they are orbs?). Sounds like something positive trying to lift your spirits
you have? what sort of experience?? No, they're a bit bigger than light bulbs. But as long as they're not feeding off my energy, I'm good=)

Please don't fear.

Use your mind to express Love to everything and anything!

All dark stuff fears loving energy, because the vibration is too high.

I tried, and miracles came on my way - proof enough for me.

The foggy light bulbs are arch-angels, as you have requested their help.

What those geometrical shaped light beings are is unknown to me, but they radiate golden light so I would trust them for sure.


You are a special person :)

Much Love,






Oh what sort of miracles? I have a huge belief in what you're saying:) I was wondering wether they'd be arch-angels, because I have tried to contact arch-angel Michael every day, but everyone I know doesn't believe in this. They tell me it just can't be real.. so it's hard to keep a positive mind:/
is love not a form on enslavement?what happened to actuality? if you see someone getting beat will you run up and hug or get mad and serve justice ?

A lot of times fear is our first reaction to what is different. Does it make this experience bad, no.

As we grow and you grow more informed we may be open to more relationships with beings from other dimensions. I feel the earth and her inhabitants have a vested interest in each of our own personal evolutions.


By the way, I just learned in english haha.. the geometry I'm aiming at is pentagon =)
I think you asked for protection and you got it. 
If reading about the unknown invokes fear, if you can't handle it, STOP READING, or just get over it and move on. If you can't do that, you are not ready.

You say this is happening frequently?

If you have a camera, or recorder, set it up so that it'll be outside the normal range of the field, and set it to run overnight.  Then it'll either

a.  Stop it

b.  Not be visible by camera

c.  Be visible by camera and now you have an awesome video!

holy s*** i dont know if I dare to!! Haha =) Great idea though.. I probably have to try it now;)

Hi there Katrine! 

Also I experience many similiar things when i go to bed at night and turn the electrical lights off :) I am not sure of their complete kinship or relevance but for example when I look to the world (and i mean by this in a window or wall or person I dont judge or analyse but just look different way, at million little dots that are flying and swirling arround in front of my eyes, can YOU see them? just practice and you will. If you try you can also see an energy field arround other people, that is about few centimetters from the body depending who is the person, it looks like a dense air... try for yourself :P ) there are many forms of different energies forms and shapes which just swirl and zipp around. I never thought that I am special or better than other people because of it, but I think that everybody could experience it if they would try and practice a little! ;)



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