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Here is a Command Ship in the night sky. This is an example of one of the ships over my home and the one that come very low to give me updated information....

I am a part of that family of "star beings" known as the Ultra-terrestrials, which means they are of Higher Vibration and not physical per say. They are in Service to Prime Creator and work with all the Host of Light on behalf of humanity. They have been protecting and guiding me since I was very young.

What you will see below is what they look like. The light that blinks is a Light Ship, Merkabah Ship. You can see that this one is hexagon shaped, known as a hexahedron. These are Live Plasma, Consciousness. They change colors in the sky and pretend to be stars - until you see the colors and realize that these are not stars.

They are not to be feared or considered as being part of the "Fallen ETS". These do not land, as many ET Channelers say that there will be Mass Landings by the Ashtar Command. This is not so and not part of our Protocol. The ships are becoming more evident because, as I have said in another program, they are in full alert. This is why we are seeing more of them in our skies...


Many who do not know what these are and are seeing more of them in the sky are alarmed! Many of the Christian faith, especially pastors, are seeing these and calling them demonic or of the devil or the "Fallen, Negative ETs".

This is not the case!





I hope this helps you identify the Ultra-terrestrials in our sky. If you see one or two over your home, they are there, anchored, for your protection in the event of possible emergency. Boarding the ships is another issue - one that I do discuss in the radio program. This has to do with Vibrational Match. 

I know this has opened up a can of worms and has left more questions than answers. This is all I am at liberty to say at this moment.

You may re-listen to the radio program to get clarity about boarding a Command Ship/Light Ship below: (PLEASE, NO FEAR!)





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Please post the picture for all of us to see!

I see two every night.  One in the west near the star Bootes and another in the North.

These are Merkabah Light Ships of the Command... They are on Standby.

I saw a big lightship off the south by southeast face of Mt Shasta in CA in 2002 while I was living there. I was close to McCloud, a small town at the south base of the Mountain and I could see this huge disk of pure white light hovering above. I remember thinking: "Wow, I'm finally seeing a real ufo flying saucer!" There were little tiny (compared to the big disc) sparks or points of light returning to and coming from the big disc and the whole scene had a sonic background to it like Ooommm or Huuuuu. Then I noticed that there were no paved roads, only dirt trails, some tipis, log cabins, wagons and horses. Some thin wisps of smoke from the cabins and tipis. Apparently, I was having a spontaneous obe or lucid dream where I had slipped to a higher dimension and time travelled to the 19th century or earlier. It was as real as any normal waking state of consciousness and there was no lack of clarity or detail to anything I looked at. It lasted for several minutes even after I realized i wasn't actually in my physical body in McCloud in 2002. The little sparks continued to come and go and the big disc hovered in place. I think that I was given a gift in that vision and intentionally shown that "mothership" by the consciousness it represented. Some whom I have described it to have said it might have been the "Athene", an Arcturian lightship. It was more real than real to me and I most certainly do consider it to be a gift. It wanted me to see it, so I did. Mt Shasta invited me to live there for a couple of years by making housing available to me when I wasn't even really trying to find a place there or planning to stay. People try to find places there sometimes unssucessfully for months, but a nice cheap small apt just fell into my path with perfect synchronisity. The 2 years there were healing, then intuition said, time to move on, other stuff to do. Some folks stay there and like the energy, but like any level, it has its limits for growth, in my opinion. Always another step... Lightships are real!

wow i see them here and then but I guess they reassure me that they are there still and had never left me. True love they have and II could imagine their vibration..extremely loving and caring towards humanity. we just got to meet them half away through raising our vibration to get in there lightships. 

So true... Raising our vibration is our ticket in.

beingoflight888 .... I LOVE this beautiful picture ... I LOVE it ... I LOVE it ...

thank you.

I do proudly claim to have seen 2 at least. Convinced that they were something else............................seems like more and more keep coming to our skies.

Yes - exactly. There are numerous ships in the sky and many are seeing them now.

makes me happy that more and more folks around planet have a chance to expand their reality by seeing such phenomenon ......................

Yes - that is so true. And I'm happy that they are allowing themselves to be seen also.

Well... I have been in actual contact with them and on board these ships and have no reason to lie nor am I selling any books or DVDs. I do advise on always using your maximum Discernment. And if Sheldon Nidle is whom you wish to believe, that is your choice...

The proof is in the pudding and when that moment comes, all will be clear!

Those ships that land are not ours and to get in those could be "detrimental to one's health" - putting it mildly.



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