Selamat balik, friends.....


This is a part two to my first discussion, on this controversial matter and was created primarily in response to attempts, by malicious hackers, to curtail my internet access and abilities to post comments on the salient subject material...which is raising hackles among western and Israeli circles, who seek a mid east war, using a false flag attack as a pretext...


I have now identified Israeli hackers behind my recent ACC access and posting problems, as they have left a calling card on my forum, which is still having problems, in spite of the fact that I can now post elsewhere on ACC.


Could I ask you all to attempt to enter and post a comment on that forum, as a test....Say whatever you like, but anything will do and could you let me know if you experienced any delays, or problems as I did....??


The location of the ACC page in question is:


And as you may note, the subject matter is controversial and upsetting certain evil forces who obviously seek to suppress what is being revealed....

Now, when I visit my part one forum I get a long delay and cannot post, nor see my embedded vid....BUT, I did receive an inane advert, which I'm wondering if you can see too, when you access that page....

It reads as follows:


"Ministry of Israel

Learn about the state of Israel ministry of foreign affairs."


Of course I have never expressed an interest in Israel in my internet surfing and am baffled as to why such an advert should be targetted at me, unless malicious....


The original video cannot be identified now, as when I access the page, it fails..However, RT has created an important backing video, which is an interview with a Belgian national with witness testimony of the false flag a good substitute for the original, which was witness testimony of a journalist covering this story...


If you cannot access the part one,please place your concerns and experiences here, for the sake of freedom of speech on the internet, as well as peace for the world...


Here is the mostly original content, revived in defiance of those who seek to censor free speech on the internet and are angry that power is slipping away from them, as the world chooses peace over war...


Some food for thought....See this video

Things are often not what they seem....and here is some coverage to fill in the missing gaps, which totally destroys Amerika's drive to attack Assad...

My advice to Amerika and Israel is......STOP PREPARING FOR WAR WITH SYRIA...The game is up....



Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



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  • UN inspections: No sarin found in west Ghouta environment, only in living human tissues of tested victims...No post mortems conducted.


    P.S. Message to intel hacker who tried to prevent me posting this vid on part one....Join us and defect from your current know you can't defeat me, so give up trying...

  • UPDATE OF THE 20th SEPT: The problems with this page and that of part one seem to have been lifted...the link works again to part one...Both vids can be accessed from either page...and I'm no longer seeing the bizarre adverts about the Israeli government, on the forums...Just regular and appropriate ads as usual.


    Part one is at link:


    Mr.Ed has requested that the part one video be placed here, on part two.....Glad to oblige, Ed... ;-) See this vid below:



  • Thanks for your support Ed.....Looks like the heat has just come off this forum today, as I can, at last, now see and view the vid itself...

    As long as others could do so too.....that was my main concern...

  • Woohoo, I can finally load this page, it would not open for me for days, but it seems much smoother now... just wanted to say that Canada's media has been banging the drums of war for Syria for weeks now, but that they can't seem  to get any traction with it. 

    • Thanks for your input, Kel......Today is the first in which I can actually see and play the important vdeo embedded here, on the 15th September.....Some strange things had happened to the technical functions on this forum, but I'm pleased that others were able to view, even if we had problems....In truth, it does not matter if I can't view the vid, as I've seen it already, but was concerned about the access of others...

      In the UK, since Parlliament voted against military action, the PM has not pressed for further attempts...

  • Great vid Drekx  I always knew the rebels were to blame. Those with troubles loading this page can also access the vid here on youtube

  • Sirius Sirian blessings
  • use this link to access

    Don't know why you have " //I " at the end of it in link from above post. But anyway, no slowness here

  • If you remove the pic of 'thor' it should speed the page up as it won't need to run the plugin container too hard to keep up with all the animation of it and the ad banners on the page!

    No hassle playing vid.

  • hi Drekx ... to your link above that is what i've got:

    Our apologies


    We're sorry, we are having an issue with this page. Follow this link to the main page.


    If you get this message again, please let us know.

This reply was deleted.

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