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I have several questions about scientologitsts, but let's begin here:

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At the ending times of Kali Yuga .. Cults, sects , groups, secret societies will form and they will be corrupt with greed, power, control, politics and business motives and Scientology is one of them .... Happy Science is another one and there are many more

scientology was developed to give the word science a new name to make it more appealing.. and make it sound interesting.. when really... science was created to controll the masses from knowing the truth.. that's all.. all the real scientists are bought out.. their work to heal the masses is kept hidden.. soon this will change..

If you have a problem with science then you arent allowed to use electricity any longer, because science is responsible for it.  Being ignorant of a thing doesnt mean the thing is evil or for control.

No, the soul is responsible for creation.. Science is merely a label. God uses or needs no light bulbs..notice how science has not figured out that love is the reason for everything? I do however applaud technology that serves GOD


So, stating facts is not ignorant. Blessings

scientists built the things you use, if you hate science and believe it is a lie then you must live like the savages in the forest, otherwise you are just another hypocrite like the rest.

I was talking about the scheme of it..scientology... as a study of life and experimentation... not creating technology.. and now you are just contradicting yourself.. just because people live in nature like the shamans, does not make them savages, but more connected with the universe, earth and their soul. I already said, I applaud the scientist that works for GOD and makes breakthroughs in creation.. but not the one that is not serving the people. So yes, from my first post I just stated the facts, I did not discredit any invention.. just when science tries to merge with religion is just apart of the game.

science was created to controll the masses from knowing the truth..

those were your words, and now you are trying to backtrack, dont you dare tell me im contradicting myself when you ar the one s******* on science in one comment then applauding it when it works on proiving what YOU believe.
Science doesnt give a s*** what anyone believes, they are looking for the answer, not the evidence to support their beliefs.

lol backtrack? I just stated facts that you refuse to hear, that's your choice. If they want the answer tell them to look in their heart. And they do know the answer.. they just don't want people to know it because then they would see how they have been lied and manipulated to, threw the ages. I never Sh*ted on anything, I just stated facts.. that is your anger talking now.


Blessings to you

so when people looked to their hearts and believed the world was flat how come they didnt get the right answer. oh thats right they werent asking from sacred purity or some other crap youll make up to support your belief that heart is infallible.

Science doesnt control anything, PEOPLE CONTROL PEOPLE, using information or witholding it, there is no problems with science, and without it you wouldnt be able to have this conversatio with me from across the world right now.

And yes you did backtrack, saying science is all bad and then saying somce science is ok when it supports your beliefs.

Science doesnt support beliefs it produces the proof for people to base their beliefs in fact rather than conjecture.

I was talking about finding the truth of who they are, the meaning to life and the blue print of creation.. the real exploration which naturally reveals those illusions that fear created which limited their conciousness.


And now your just not making any sense...  it is obvious now why you defend somthing trying to hold onto controll to hide the truth.. it is obvious why you are REALLY defending this illusion.


I can see there is no logic in conversation with you as I already proved my point. Thanks for the example.


-Tiamacious and the council of 13


I am not making any sense to you because you are closed minded to your personal beliefs, YOUR belief is that science was created to control people, incorrect as usual.

You do not even understand scientology, you think it was made to help science, then why do they say psychiatrists are demons, or why do they say being gay and lesbian is a sin, go and learn about them before you shoot your mouth off about them.  You will find no secrets to life with them.

Do you think I am defending scientology? or just science, because science SHOULD be defended and lauded above all else, because without scientists as stated SEVERAL times now, you wouldnt have everything you enjoy today.

you probably would have died in childhood like most people did before 150 years ago.

You didnt prove anything, because you think science is useless and the evidence is overwhelmingly opposite of your belief.

Why dont you try really putting your faith to the test and go talk to some scientists.

actually, my mind is infinitely universally open



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