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I have several questions about scientologitsts, but let's begin here:

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they are a cult, they have murdered and harassed people who have left their "church". 

jews are anti jesus too, so are they the antichrist as well?

All I can say is do not underestimate them as it is a powerful group,I was once ask to join the sec, and I do not doubt that video you posted here. Love Bob

It is a controlling of the mind and there are rituals you must go through to advance in the order.The rituals are grueling and break you down so that you respond only to them.There are not a lot that can take what they dish out.

P.S. no I did not join it.

I think Scientology has some esoteric knowledge, alot of out of the box ideas that tie in to spiritual and esoteric knowledge. They teach that we're all immortal souls, coming from a cosmic source, we were once godly beings, living in spiritual purity with unlimited power and creativity, but we fell and eventually forgot our true nature. We're reincarnated again and again, until our soul, or thetan as they call it, once again finds that original state. Kind of ties in, alot, to new age ideas lol

They have their own symbols, and have some esoteric knowledge, kind of watered down, but enough for people to think, oh this is mystical. They have their own ideas about how the mind works, and emotions, and how people are. Again, it's a very watered down, more religious version of something like the theosophical society. I think Scientology was made by the elites, to give people enough esoterism to lure them in there, and milk their money. Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, apparently, was a high level initiate of Crowley's OTO, so that says alot right there.

i second that

I never knew that Hubbard followed Crowley. I read Dianetics in the early 70s and it made sense to me. Can Hubbard be blamed for the succeeding Scientology movement of fear and greed? 

If Scientologists learn to control people, and Cruise is one of their best, why couldn't he control his wife? :)

Well I don't know if he followed Crowley, but he was initiated into the OTO, by Crowley himself. Or so they say lol I don't really know what the truth is, but if that's the case, it's not a huge stretch to think Hubbard was purposefully set out to found the Church of Scientology, to give the elites another means to launder money. Hubbard was quoted as saying that the easiest way to make money was to create a religion.

Tom Cruise lol I like Tom Cruise, but, it's too bad he has to be part of that church. I guess Holmes, while she was in there, saw some of the abuses that apparently go on there, and alot of the brainwashing, or what she'd consider brainwashing, she was brought up a Catholic...and decided to high tail it out of there and out of the marriage. Well good for her lol It's too bad a relationship had to be destroyed because of it, but sometimes that's how it goes.

I suggest you research the people who have left scientology if you want to know more about this, they DO brainwash people, they DO abuse people.  They force people to cut themselves off from family and friends and all sorts of other crap that looks very much like the behaviour of many here.  You would think this would wake people up to cult behaviours, but apparently this just awakens peoples defences for completely inhuman acts of supression upon other humans.

Interesting not know much about it...

I read quite a lot on the net years ago when the official scientology OT levels were made available.

I must say I found it very interesting, apart from the money making cult machine they do have something to offer in the way of information.

Also read some books by ex members, usually scathing attacks and whistleblowing but good background on their methods.

Then a scientologist appeared on the scene and I was fortunate to have this 'teacher'. No, I never joined the sect, nor practiced any of its rituals but do have working knowledge of how some of the 'tech' works.

To be honest if it has not been for this contact with Hubbards work I probably would not have discovered the Law of One and the Ra material which have been such an important catalyst for my spiritual growth.

It's easy to give this group a 'bad' label but I know there are many 'good' scientologists too.

Regarding manipulation and oppression - of course this seems to be the modus operandi of all Orion affliated groups, scientology included. I beleive that the Lucifer group even gives training to them and others in exchange for servitude.

The scientology technology certainly does not stop with the e-meter. They have MUCH more modern methods now using technology that directly interfaces with your consciousness. I have personal experience of this.

Regarding Mr. Cruise and his telepathic abilities - yes I would agree on  the truth of that statement, although physicaly I would doubt that he is any different from you and me.

This has also to do with technology.



The thing is the secret societies have infeltrated all good that come out of any religion. I believe Hubbards intentions where realy good and he even predicted the church was going corrupt and created the free zone ( a group that members working outside the church ). Scientology waked me up to spiritually which I was unaware of before.

oh like sea org, where children are forced into Billion year contracts of servitude and they are not allowed to have children under these contracts.

You people are completely unawares of the horrors perpetrated by this cult.  Take a look at it with your minds for one second, ask yourselves, why does tom cruise get to continue contact with outsiders, they call them SP's, supressive people, while the rest of the church is not allowed this, double standards for the guru vs the parishners are fisrt signs of cultism.

As for technology using soup can machines to lure people in and excruciatingly long initiation methods where by the point you learn its a sham you have invested so much money and are so afraid for your friends and family tht you stay.  This same thing happened with Jim Jnes and many other cult groups.  Be careful who you place your faith in.  faith CAN be wrong.



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