You are here to evolve not to eat meat of dead animals with low vibes.

Meat eaters must be put in rehabilitation centres also taken on a free tour of slaughterhouses and they either shape up or ship out of planet earth.

There should be no killing of animals on planet earth ...evolve or find another planet which entertains meat eaters with low vibes  

 No slaughterhouses

No Butchers

No Eating meat 

Evolve or end up in rehabilitation centres where you can either shape up or ship out of planet earth


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  • Interestingly, there is a common denominator to many, many health conditions, that may lead to an early death and it is often overlooked:
    Insulin spikes, caused by snacks/frequent meals and all foods high on the glycemic index, that cause an excess insulin production..

    There is a common false medicine, that believes that consuming fats, makes us fat......NOT SO....Fat is formed on the body, as a bodily defense mechanism against starvation. A natural preparation for deficit of proper nutrients.
    There are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, BUT there are no essential carbohydrates...

    Carbohydrates cause this insulin level to trick the body into becoming fatter...Along with frequent snacks and zero fasts...

    Fats are very low on the glycemic index, BUT, carbohydrates are high...Sugary foods are high....Mixing fats, or proteins with sugar, or glucose from carbs, causes GLYCATION, Which is defined as; "the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation."

    This leads to premature aging of the skin, but worse, leads to premature aging internally, also...Important areas, such as blood vessels...

    So, carbohydrates, which convert to glucose, which become oxidation factors, as does sugar itself....Insulin spikes, etc...
    Many deadly conditions, including cancers and heart disease, are caused by obesity and insulin in excess, leading to insulin resistance and diabetes, etc...

    Maybe Krish would like to add CARBOHYDRATES to his list, along with alcohol, drugs, junk food, smoking, etc....??

    Carbs are in potatoes, rice, waffles, pancakes, cereals, crackers, biscuits, pasta, etc, etc...

    They spike insulin, which can lead to pre-diabetes and diabetes...Insulin suppresses the fat burning hormone, glucagon, defined as; "a hormone formed in the pancreas which promotes the breakdown of glycogen to glucose in the liver."

    Obesity is a major cause of vulnerability to low immunity to viruses and bacterial infections...Inflammation is caused by such conditions. Oxidation of mitochondria in cells causes cancers..Cancers feed on sugars...Glucose...

    Maybe all major health factors can be understood, if we add carbs to the list of killers...??

    Proteins and fats, from healthy animals, are good for the human body and unlike ruminants, we are unable to digest grass. Our stomach acids are much more acidic than those of cattle, sheep, etc.....This is because our stomachs are "designed" to digest and break down complex amino acid chains. Where as cattle have stomachs (multiple) "designed" for grass....
    Logically, the human being is an omnivorous being, when expressed at maximum health potential....This conclusion is both natural and logical...
  • Let's take out all those who eat meat, smoke , take drugs, drink alcohol from the Hospital's...over 90% would be out and they are the ones that need to be sent to rehabilitation centres not ...not hospitals
  • "ET Nutrition
    The Errans nourish themselves according to the laws of Creation, which means that they consume a balanced and nutritious diet of both mineral and vegetable as well as animal foods. Of primary value is nutrition obtained from fruits and vegetables. They never slaughter domestic animals such as cattle and swine, as we do."

    "Nevertheless, people do not abstain from meat specialties, since cutlets, for example, are also on their dietary plan. But how does this relate to the aforementioned? Well, it simply means that the meat used for dietary purposes is artificially cultivated with the help of cell cultures. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find out that on Erra, veal cutlets are fabricated on a production line without having to slaughter a single animal."

    The Sirians also consume animal proteins and ALL good vitamins and minerals, from plants and vegetables..
    The "animal" is never farmed and slain...It is a replicator blueprint, containing perfect amino acids, and offering perfect nutrition, without the karma of slaying an animal......Very similar indeed to what the Plejaren societies of Erra, (and Askal, Luseta.) practice...
    They do not consume carbohydrates, alcohol or sugar....So, the closest diet to an ET diet on Earth, would be the ketogenic diet....With proper technologies, the similarities will be closer still...(and I don't mean the "great reset" diet, which is deadly.)
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