I feel a lot of the ideas that float around in this community are actually very harmful to a person's psyche.


I don't mean to be brash, but how stingy do you have to be to think the Universe as it is isn't "good" enough for you? The Universe is a motherfucking miracle! Pardon my french. :P It is beautiful and complex and ordered. Have you ever stopped to think how much of a blessing it is to exist whatsoever? How fantastic it is that you can watch a herd of wild horses gallop across your field of view? You can grow, care for, and taste that first delectable strawberry of the season. You can remember past loves over a sensual glass of wine.


Unfortunately, you will probably never ride a Unicorn over a rainbow, but you can use that fantastic mind of yours and write a poem about it.


Next time you are out in the woods, find a flower. Look at it. Don't try to transfer healing energies to it because you can't, just look at it. Notice its specific shape and hue. Smell it. Think about how many things had to happen just so, so that you and this flower could share this moment. Millions of years of evolution or natural selection, generations upon generations of flowers. Think of its purpose. It exists to make more of itself. It uses Bees to procreate with other plants! The harmony of nature is astounding.


Now, after all of that, do we really need to keep rambling about an ascension that is never going to happen? You "ascend" when you are born. The kingdom of heaven is all around you.


Wake up. 


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  • you reminded me about this strange thing I was pondering, about all our truths, or sometimes what I like to call our "narratives" each, that they come together in some form of parallel like narrative threads in a kind of vertical river, and somehow this river is ultimately important for us to become aware of ourselfs singularly by this strange form of uniting perhaps. or this river is a form of transition/transformation perhaps into a "one"/heaven/love, or something, world unification? or something other. . .
    • also within this river we would all and each see our "narratives"/truths line up in such a way as to let us combine all into this kind of eternal fluctuating fusion of thought and sight and mind for us each and all to use as we must, as a species/world and as persons/individuals

      through this activity and through this situation we would each and all see the whole of our truth as all people's as a whole, as a one, truly and in the real, and infinite ongoing clarity

      through this we would become what we truly are, the secret behind our coming identity, as a whole peoples of this place/"world"

      some I believe have seen this identity of what we are as a whole peoples, from time to time, but I will just call it a "secret" for now, it is only for our own recognition, and can not be told to us
  • You're speaking my language.  Btw, the Ascension is a reality.  It's simply another word for evolution and we've been doing that for eons. :-)
    • Excellent point,  Adalis Stargazing, Ascention could well be defined as " Conscious Evolution".
    • Ah... most of these people take it as a very different monster from evolution. Evolution is the gradual change in species over successive generations. Ascension is the idea that the individual will spontaneously change.
      • I would hasten to point out, Celestino, that you haven't given much thought to what "most people" here think. Because you basically only consider relevant, what you think. That was made obvious by your superior and condescending tone, with which you opened this discussion. And many people(without assuming; neither of us are qualified to say what most people here; think) do not attach a time component to ascension. And many of us have been working on raising our frequency (to ascend) for quite some time. It has been a process we have been working on for many years! Just because you have become aware of this process late in the game, don't assume that is the case for "most of us". That is the trouble with assuming. It makes an ass . . .

      • Perhaps they do see it like that, but it doesn't change the fact that it's evolution.  To go from one form to another is evolution.
  • Oh dear Mrs. psychologist. There is in fact an objective reality. This axiom is the basis of all science. I can consider that some people may hallucinate, sure. Aren't you, in fact, trying to push your reality on me? You unbelievable hypocrite.


    Oh, I'll have children, and they'll be beautiful and rational. I imagine an old maid like yourself wouldn't understand that. I am just assuming, but it seems pretty obvious...

    • Ease up, guy . . . I get pissed when people tell me I'm being an asshole too, but that's the beauty of being a genuine person with genuine friends. You always know they'll be there to tell you when you're out of line, but don't be the touchy, abusive friend. 


        I mean, if someone's truth took power from me to the point where I have to verbally assault them to get it back, I should really check where my power is coming from . . . "check yourself before you wreck yourself" as they say . . . and please don't shit a brick over what I just said. I'm sure everyone throws their balls around, and gets put in their place at least once in their life.


        Why should I care if Tom Cruse believes in L. Ron Hubbard . . . save the fact that I enjoy his Scientology antics more than the characters he plays in movies.


         Can I really convince my parents that their pastor is a zesty flavor of human blight? No, but at least they feel happy and safe . . . actually I think it might be more of a dairy flavor . . . like something you'd put in coffee . . . 


         My point is: A Spicegirl will never publicly admit to preferring Coke over Pepsi.

      • Thank you ambassador 603.  Well put.  Thank you for saying what needed to be said.  There is no need for hateful here.  I like what Dr. Wayne Dyer has to say,"If it's a choice between being right or being kind, choose being kind."  I try to live my life acccording to this wise advise.  I'm not yet 100% but that is my goal.

        Bless your heart for stepping up!

This reply was deleted.

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