Many of you might have read that thread about a pilot who claimed that he had been to Elenin. There was a thread about that posted here. Now, the buzz in ATS and in Chani Project is the awaited announcement that he promised 5 days ago that he will disclose today.,356.390.html


Finally, here is his announcement:


"The majority of the "Alliance" members, that govern our Solar System, have voted to annul Earth's membership. The current representative body of Earth will  be dissolved on the 7th of September. All the leading members of Earth's representative body are under arrest and will be charged. I Hope to get a copy of the complete list of charges. There was a Motion to only suspend Earth's membership until a new body with new members could be appointed, but that motion was denied. It's a full annulment. (This is why I was late)

The most immediate implications, as I see them, are as follow:
The non-interference clause is now null and void. Any Race can now openly enter and influence the planet with whatever technology. They don't need to cloak, hide or act covertly. They can now openly announce their presence and intentions. There is now no limit on the abduction quota for each race.
The non-nuclear security measures are now null and void. Earth will no longer have the right to protection from nuclear devices and missiles being detonated anywhere on Earth. The friendly races that were helping Earth to stay safe from nuclear threats, no longer have to comply or monitor their "covertly" installed safety measures.
Earth is now an open target or sitting duck.
Our travel and transit thru our solar system is indefinitely and immediately halted.

There are more. This is all I have time to update you with for now."



Do not pay too much attention on the second paragraph since that is just his opinion. But if the first paragraph is true, then disclosure can already happen this month.

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  • Here is a new twist in this saga: Bluecoat2 (of Chani Project) admitted that he is not the original poster in GLP. Surprisingly, no one in Chani is looking for the original poster in GLP. That OP from GLP is willing to answer questions while BC2 only give cryptic messages. I am not a member of Chani and hence I just read this topic from their site without commenting.
  • I have come to the same conclusion.


    These events are NOT natural. They are mostly man-made. We are being attacked by the forces of the dark.


    The more pain and misery they are able to inflict, the more they distract us. Lose your home in a storm and you are too busy looking for food and a safe place to sleep to worry about anything else.


    They want us to live in fear.

  • This is misinformation being deliberately distributed in an attempt to dishearten everyone who understands that the GFL exists and who follows these postings, and lets face it, we eat it up because we WANT to believe.


    I don't know how many of you have experienced telepathic contact or had astral contact with the GFL, but I have and I KNOW these people exist. I met the Grays and the Reptilians years before the internet or Whitley Striber's Communion, and saw the light ships in the sky back in the 80's.


    We have known for years that the final effort of the dark cabal will be a fake alien invasion.


    The message above sets the scene, the Galactics have deserted us and left us at the hands of any "bad" aliens who happen along. So we are to worry about "abductions" and aliens attacking from space. "Earth is a sitting duck."


    Fear, panic, oh no Mr. Bill, we are in trouble now!


    This is just some jerk who is ratting our cage by presenting us with a nightmare in the hopes that people will believe it.


    Those of you who have been studying, listening to your soul guides and understand how spirit works know that what we visualize has power. People who believe this will visualize it happening and set the stage for the fake alien invasion. 


    I can tell you this. The GFL has been quiet for the last few weeks. When I asked what was going on I was told that something would happen in 3 to 6 weeks. That places us in the middle of September.


    If you check you will find that there has been very little channeling going on. Those who normally speak for the GFL have very little to say other than something is happening. At the same time Elenin is getting closer and a false report has been released that Elenin was destroyed. 


    There is news from all over that the current systems are failing. The banks are failing, Wallstreet is in a panic, there was a meeting of 57 countries to discuss a new financial system, and they didn't invite our Federal Reserve. America is discouraged, unemployed and homeless by the millions. 


    Meanwhile, the dark cabal is directing disaster after disaster towards America. Don't believe in weather control or secret technologies? Read about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown.


    What you are witnessing is the final battle between the light and the dark. 


    The dark cabal will say, and do, anything to discourage us. To undermine us, to misdirect us.


    Lies are cheap and easy.


    In the coming weeks and months your faith in a New World will be shaken. For a New World to be made, the old world must fall. For a New Government to be put in place, the old government must give way. For New Ideas to take root and grow, the old ideas must be shown to be wrong.


    The times ahead will be difficult. For all of us. But don't be discouraged.


    There is an old saying, "It is darkest before the dawn."


    Dawn always comes, and the Sun shines upon the world and chases the darkness away.


    Our Dawn is on the way. Don't give the darkness any power by believing the lies they distribute.


    See you in the Astral.






    • yup... one does not know the day or the hour.. but i know its coming... =) happy happy joy joy!! =) xx
  • URIEL (iliuka)..30. June 2011...Langesund, Norway


    Q: I have a question  in connection with the so-called comet Elenin. Is it a comet or is it a - some says - a black Dwarf?

    A: It`s a comet.

    Q: Will it innfluence when it travel pasgt Earth?

    A: It will be a beautiful show..(laughter). It`s nothing to worry about. Dont worry !..Konu Ehatah..

  • Hey Exo,

    Thanks a lot for posting this.  I've been following it with a certain fascination.  You've actually scooped ATS on this -- they're going to go nutz when it hits -- lol!  I was able to get onto the Chani forum to read through comments.  It seems to be an intelligent forum and not nearly as hostile, or juvenile, as ATS can often be.

    My only comment about the actual message is that the info in the first and second paragraphs seems to be in complete conflict.  Who's arresting who?  If the "bad guys" will be arrested and charged, why would the earth then become a "sitting duck"?  Makes no sense.

    In any case, what I do get out of this is that something's up.  Something's happening, and for that I'm glad.

    There now seems to be someone who claims that Bluecoat2 is bogus, but with things like this, that's to be expected.  If you find another update, it'd be great if you'd post it.  

    Really a good find!   

  • Smells like BS, looks like BS and walks like BS so I say "BS!"

    I believe Blossom Goodchild has been manipulated by ETs. They lied to her. But these last messages are really suspicious. After promising her that columns of lights were going to appear around the world before the end of 2011, they told her two days ago that they needed to stop talking to her for 3 weeks???


    August 20th. 2011

    Okidokey. Many are spreading fear ... unintentionally ... with concerns of 'ELENIN' crashing into Earth or indeed coming so close that it will cause all sorts of havoc and that now there is the possibility that Oct 28th 2011 is the end of the Mayan Calendar and tying the two together etc etc etc. You see to be honest ... I don't see why you want me to bring this up ... isn't it fear mongering ? Haven't you already brought this up tonight?

    And we wonder how many of you will have put two and two together . We would very much like to 'give our take' on the current proposal regarding that which we asked you to mention. It is this .... what so ever is to occur ... no matter what 'form' it may present itself ... is to be recognized for what it is ... the change over from how things are into how they are going to be.

    You can choose as an individual to be afraid of the dog next door, if that is how you desire to live your days. Always apprehensive the minute you leave your doorstep that the dog is going to jump up and attack. OR ... you can face it. You can befriend it . You can overcome your fear of the animal by simply making the decision not to be afraid of it any more. You can change your entire attitude about what is to occur when you leave your doorstep before you even open you front door. THE KEY IS ... to KNOW that what you are about to experience is going to be a good one! NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! In time ... through perseverance ... that dog which you were once afraid of, becomes a part of your day that you greatly look forward to having. You and the dog become the best of friends. You grow to LOVE each other. It is the change of attitude. The decision to change your attitude about everything that does not serve you ... that will serve you so well.

    Let not anything ... dearest dearest friends of ours .... let not one thing overshadow the beauty of all that is. FIND ... SEEK OUT ... the rainbows which are present in every atom. If you do not look, how will you see them? Yet look with the eyes within your soul. Only there will you discover a world that has been forgotten and yet now it is once again rising into its rightful position. You are at the brink of this discovery. You are the ones that are standing so strongly in position ... awaiting now ... only for the orders that you already KNOW ... to be activated and carried through. As each one of you rests at ease in the 'new you' ... and FEELS comfortable with all that it entails ... you will be able to carry within you the steadfast awareness of that which you came here to do ... now playing out.

    How will you KNOW this ? You will FEEL it. A FEELING inside that KNOWS. We cannot explain it in any other way.

    Choose to befriend the dog. We suggest this to be most important. Start now by making all that you are afraid of into your best friend. It is you, after all, who are creating this NEW WORLD. This you KNOW. You are drawing ever closer to it. Turn fear into friendship. Become at peace within all that sits uneasily with your TRUE KNOWING. For your TRUE KNOWING KNOWS that there is nothing that exists that is more powerful than LOVE ... and you are of LOVE ... therefore why would one be afraid of anything?

    What you consider to be fearful is only of it because YOU have placed the 'energy of fear' around it ... in you reality ... which isn't really real anyway. Simply ... yes simply, dearest friends ... change the energy around it ... around everything that you are unsure of ... into LOVE. Not through saying 'You LOVE it' ... for words are words ... but by FEELING AND KNOWING you LOVE IT. THEN you can use words ... for it is the intention and the energy they carry that make them what they are.

    Thank you ... Yet some would say you haven't really answered in full the question you wanted me to ask.

    Yet others would KNOW we have ... in our way. We would ask it to be accepted by the inquisitive mind ... and this is not new to you ... when we say that ... there are some things which are not to be known until they occur. There are a thousand fold reasons for this and we do not have the time now or in the future to make explanation of this. If some things that are not to be known until they take place WERE known ... it would/could alter the course of that which is planned. Interference from certain sources would not serve well.

    The element of surprise is now to be undertaken. This has been sourced as the ultimate procedure in the coming times . Yet let it be understood also that WE DO KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING. Far more than we are sometimes given credit for. Yet this is of no consequence to us. We are not here to seek adoration or score points from you ... we have far more universally important matters to attend to! Yet we do care so very much, that when we present phenomena in your skies ... that to which has never been conceived in the human thought before ... that each and everyone is as safe and of 'sound mind' as 'humanly' possible.

    Your well BEING is of great attention in our plans ... For through and in LOVE we are ONE .

    That's it for now ... just got the nod. Thank you ... I look forward to what is to come ... however LOVE presents itself ... I welcome it.

    In love and thanks my friends. Truly ... thank you!


    SEPT 2nd . 2011

    Well, third time lucky as they say*. I know that if you are not here to chat this morning then I am to leave it for a short while. I accept this and understand. If you wish to be heard at this time, please go ahead.

    We accept the position in which you find yourself. It Is not that we are ‘leaving’ … it is more to do with factual circumstances that are about to occur … and after discussion we feel at this time that it would be of more generosity of heart to retreat from these ‘often’ communications, for indeed as you say … just a short while.

    This is ok, as long as I KNOW that it is not a final Goodbye and that this break … as we have had before …  is just temporary.

    Dearest heart … in our world we do not consider it to be a break. We give to you knowledge as we have done for it is compatible with our plans to do so. This ‘break’ as you call it is not the first time, nor shall it be the last. Everything is ‘rushing’ ahead now and we consider that those of you on Earth now have ‘utensils’ to build upon and gauge for yourselves the positioning of your hearts place within all that is to be presented to you.

    So, in ‘our time on Earth’ how long a break are we talking here?

     Not long … we propose two to three weeks from now.

    Well, we have had two, plus three more … not too long a wait I guess. I really feel a ‘weak’ link and I am not going to push my luck. I Trust in you and I am assuming I will FEEL the nod when you are next ready to have a chat.

    There, of course, are many reasons for this interlude. Some of which will become apparent in the time we choose to remain silent with you. KNOW souls of Earth that although this may seem that we are ‘away’ … we are far from it. Ever closer now to all things transpiring in the manner to which we have always stated. Nothing has changed for us … only the level of Love that you are walking back into. This is most agreeable and makes all things much Brighter as we go about that which must be attuned. We would offer a few more explanations in that … you also Blossom … are in need of this time as much is to take place within you and around you also. Energies are at an all time ‘swirling’ for all and it is important that we allow the self to settle within and gain proportion with that which is currently relevant to upliftment.

    KNOW WE ARE OF LOVE and through this LOVE we come. Keep watchful … Remain in your DIVINE TRUTH and LIGHT at all times … through all weathers. This is to be your Saving Grace. We give LOVE of vast energy to you during these times … as indeed we have done throughout. For now …  we retract our energy from yours dearest one and we look forward to our next meet up.

    Ok … I FEEL as if during this ‘break’ … our hearts will FEEL a strong ‘pull’ towards you … a sort of FEELING as if we can FEEL you much nearer … a KNOWING . Thank you for clarifying what I FEEL I already suspected. I will leave it there and look forward to our reunion in ‘this’ way. In LOVE and thanks and a few thousand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx! May the force be with you … Nanu Nanu … over and out

    * I had tried a link up two days ago and although I got through, it was a very weak link. It was an hour and a half and a bit of a struggle to be honest. When I pressed 'contol S' to save the work ... the 'error ' box came up saying the programme needed to close and I lost the lot. Then again last night I tried and within five minutes I didn't feel things were right . I had a few words that made me wary and I have learned to close down immediately as I did not FEEL the communication was 'our mates' and I am not up for any of that nonsense! So ... above is the result of a last attempt for now to see if i could get anything at all. I was surprised I did. Breaks with both White Cloud and The Federation of Light have occurred before. I TRUST their judgement on the matter and of course always look forward to getting back together again. It is KNOWN that in these short breaks ... much 'alteration' takes place within us on a growth level. Many thanks for your understanding . Blossom.



    • Mac, this is way too long to read, can you just get to the point in a smaller set of words?

    Bulls**t.....all of it......




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