Kundalini Awakening & DNA Activation

I offer remote energy healing services such as Auric Clearing, Karma Removal, and Unnatural Seals Removal. 

These healing sessions provide relief from mental, emotional and physical problems, as I clear the source of the problems from the chakras. 

After these sessions, I am able to activate your dormant potential and Kundalini energy. At least 2 DNA Activation sessions are required to start embodying your Higher Self.


The DNA Activation Process is a 5 step process. All sessions are one hour long. At the end of each session I facilitate a download of as much of your Higher-Self as you are able to handle at the moment. This availability will increase over time. 

All Sessions are done via distance healing. (feel free to contact me with questions about this) A week is needed in between each session to allow full integration before moving into the next session.

AURIC CLEANING- When you auric field is flowing freely you are in your natural state of your greatest health, happiness and joy. When you have blockages they will manifest as anxiety, depression, lack of energy, abundance issues and physical dis-ease. This first clearing will remove all the highest priority blockages from your auric field and from each chakra individually. (Many people experience this as one of the more powerful sessions because of the freedom found from removing these initial blockages!)

KARMA REMOVAL- Most people have countless levels of Karmic Imprints built up, which cause many people to spend lives "walking through their Karma". This can be avoided by removing this Karma and allowing the individual to embody a life they love. (This is somewhat of a monster issue for people, and almost all extra time in other sessions is spent removing the layers of Karmic personality attachments we ALL have...we are like onions...like that kids movie Shrek!)

J-SEAL REMOVAL- There are seven "un-natural" seals located on the left side of the body. These are known as the "death-seals" and result in degeneration, mental and emotional problems. By removing these seals people report a spike in the development of their psychic abilities due to one of these seals being related to the third-eye. Another seal is related to the 4th strand of DNA, and once it is removed, the 4th strand of DNA (and above) may now be safely activated. (Feel free to contact me with questions about these seals as they are of some intrigue to people who have already begun waking up.)

DNA ACTIVATION- Once the three clearing sessions are done your body will be able to hold enough light to safely activate your DNA. The last two sessions each activate strands of DNA. These activations will create a permanent connection between you and your Higher-Self and you will constantly be receiving upgrades to the highest vibration state you can handle. (Think of it like installing programming that constantly updates itself to the highest possible state you can embody)

GOLDEN CODE DNA ACTIVATION-These are extremely powerful activations that will begin your engagement with your Light-Body. Your spiritual progression and psychic abilities will take astounding leaps. This is the most powerful activation of any kind I have ever come across! It can only be done after the 5 step DNA Activation Process is completely integrated. (Through these you will literally become a frequency holder of the absolute harmonic universe...your mere presence on earth will benefit the earth and all of humanity greatly!)

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about pricing and scheduling. My website will be up shortly. If you are interested in a free phone consultation we can arrange a time to talk. 

At this point I am scheduling sessions between 10-12 am and 6-7 pm US Central Time. If these times don't work for you because of large time zone differences we can arrange something.


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  • I love this and know everything to be true what you are saying because I believe these in my heart.  I wish I could afford to have it done, but I have been suffering from all of the above dis-eases and I am no longer able to work because of decline in physical health.  I am a 48 year old, once very vibrant woman.

    Bless You for the work you do.

    In Love & Light!


    Rhiannon Yellow Star

    aka Rhonda

  • Is there a charge for this if so could you share what it is.

  • Hey Minerva,

    I facilitate DNA Activation and clear countless blockages including the J seals and etc...

    Yes I was taught how to facilitate and do all this healing via distant healing.

    I have a flyer in this post, if your interested for more information. 


  • Hey Minerva,

    The J-seals (Jehovian Annunaki Seals) are unnatural implants in the multidimensional anatomy of humans that prevent the DNA from activating properly. They are located on axiatonal line 7 of the Earth and the human energetic anatomy. The significance of the J-seals is that we inherit these from the Earth's grids. They are unnatural as is the death that they cause. Biological transmutation (ascension) is built into the original Angelic Human DNA template and the J-seals and specifically the Zeta seal prevents this. Everyone on the planet has the J-seals and it is the most important session you can do.

    The J-seals prevent DNA strand 4 from activating properly and also contribute to all kinds of physical problems on the left side of a person's body, specifically the neck, knee, lungs, and heart.


    Even ascended masters that are incarnating now to raise the frequency of the planet are inheriting these J-seals from the distortions in the Earth's grids so in order for them to accomplish their missions, these seals must be cleared. If not, the Zeta seal prevents DNA strand 4 from activating properly from age 12, and then all of the biochemical hormones build up and the person experiences the unnatural emotional disturbances during puberty and from there the body starts deteriorating.

    Looking forward to helping you to understand and clear these.

    Much love and respect,
    David Garza

    • Frequently Asked Questions about the J-seals

      Q: How do I know if I have the J-seals?

      A: All humans have them if they have not already been cleared manually.

      Q: Why is removing the J-seals so important right now?

      A: There is a struggle between light and dark as we lead up to Dec. 21, 2012. The J-seals were created by races that do NOT have humanity's best in mind. They were created to basically draw Earth and its inhabitants into a Shadow Earth, that will descend. If the J-seals are not cleared, then you will be dragged along with the portions of Earth's anatomy that still have these.

      Q: What are some symptoms of the J-seals?

      A: Confusion, non-clarity, not being able to connect to your Higher self (because of J-seal 3 in the pineal gland). Also physical pains and problems on the LEFT side of the body, specifically the neck, heart, left lung, hip, and left knee.

      Q: What is the Crown of Thorns?

      A: The Crown of Thorns is actually an energy configuration above the head of humans that distorts the natural energetic circulatory system and blocks the receiving of the primal life force currents from your Higher self and Source/God. The story that a "Crown of Thorns" was placed on the head of Jesus before he was crucified was a metaphor. As the crucifixion was an ENERGETIC crucifixion done to all of humanity through the Earth, and the crown of thorns SCRAMBLES the currents so that it keeps people stuck in their own 3rd dimensional frequency fence.

      Q: Why are these called the "Death Seals"?

      A: Because if they are not cleared, then biological death is inevitable. Yet biological death is not natural to our Angelic Human DNA template. We are meant to do biological TRANSMUTATION, which is the turning of the body into LIGHT, not drop a body and leave it behind.

      Q: So out of all of the possible sessions, would you say that this one is the MOST important?

      A: Absolutely. Even if you do not believe in this work or cannot yet perceive how DNA activation is possible, ask your Higher self and you will be given the TRUTH. The next 2 months on Earth are critical and this is the best thing you can do for yourself and loved ones.

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