Knowledge implant, abilities implant

Removed knowledge implant and abilities implant from myself after reading this article

Evaluating The Degrees Of Awakening

Many people are talking about 'spiritual awakening' or a 'shift in consciousness' these days, but without fully being able to give a definition of what this actually entails. First, we should understand WHO is able to awaken/wake-up and what are the necessary prerequisites to awakening.

Mostly there is an assumption that there is just type of Soul which can incarnate into a human body, but this is not the case.
The majority incarnated Souls on planet Earth fall into these three categories or types:

The Human Soul
The Angel Soul (Primary)
The Angel Group-Soul

There are certainly other types of Souls that are also incarnated on Earth, but we don 't know anything about them at this time.

So, awakening, the ability to wake-up, relates exclusively to the Angel Soul types and the Angel Group-Soul types. This is because through the awakening these Souls are able to return to their original state, which is different from that of the Human Soull.

A Human Soul, therefore, cannot, strictly speaking, awaken/wake-up, but it can develop.

Unfortunately, there are many Angel Soul incarnations and Angel Group-Soul incarnations that are not yet aware of this difference, and are confusing themselves with the development of the Human Soul and believing this development to be an awakening and they have not yet recognised their Soul's true Angelic nature.

We can use percentages to highlight the importance of the various awakening requirements.

(50%) Personal adjustment: (altruism) love ego (self-love)
(14%) Personal Perspective: viewers perspective internal / low perspective
(5%) Personal Priorities: what you do for others what you do for yourself
(3%) know who you really are
(4%) Accepting of who you really are
(3%), Action according to that which one is really
(3%) Inner calm
(2%) Outer serenity
(2%) Tolerance
(3%) Consideration for Others
(3%) Sense of justice
(2%) Protective instincts
(4%) Self sacrifice
(1%), Clear thinking
(1%) Impartiality / inner distance

At first glance, everything seems pretty simple and logical, but the reality is different, because at the moment, according to these criteria, there are less than 20 people on Earth that have actually awoken! In light of this, those people who believe themselves already awoken must reconsider their status based on this information.

Those people are in the categories 2, 4, 5 and 6 mostly underdeveloped. The Creators assigned to this list, the "higher" skills (the higher level one achieves the more higher skills will be granted). Since this list was well known to the Darks, they developed a "knowledge" implant. This implant is specifically addressed to categories 2 and 4. In case someone acquires a higher level of knowledge in those categories, the implant blocks the achievement of some higher skills. The implant was working also the other way around:as soon as someone gained some higher skills, his/her ability to acquire knowledge in categories 2 and 4 has been locked by implant.

This both-sided function of the implant cause some severe confusion in the spiritual world in a way that nonsensical words have been introduced for many things and events. However, this vocabulary didn't trigger the function of the implants. It will be necessary, to provide a solid basis for the spiritual language.

We go through each item in order to avoid misunderstandings, because everyone has a different understanding of a word or a situation. The list above was created by a higher side and is the only instrument of its kind. The Creators award the higher abilities to the humans according to this list. This is the "legal" way to gain the higher skills. The dark ones have used illegal manipulation to gain higher capabilities. We do not claim the infallible. In any communication may remain somewhat unclear or misunderstood, so we retain the ability to modify one or two points if necessary.

Altruism and self-love (Category 1) is an absolute requirement, and certainly requires no explanation. It is therefore not considered a real category.

It is of utmost importance that the man who carries an Angels- or an Angelsgroupsoul is aware of his and his being. He must recognize and accept what he is (Category 4) and he should be especially clear about his position (=duty) in the community. Therefore, is the personal adjustment extremely important. I.e. you are no better or worse than someone else, just because you have an Angels. or an Angelsgroupsoul. All community members are equal. It's necessary to recognize and adapt the balance between self-love and altruism. It's not about sacrifice for others and not about highlighting one's own ego. An overweight of one side or the other leads to an imbalance that can derail everything. Therefore, it is especially important to keep the balance between self-love and altruism.

Often in life we have to change perspective, to be able to understand and cope with certain situations. Through the observer perspective we can overlook and also look at a situation from a completely different angle of view than if being personally involved. With 14% is this category (category 2), one of the most important for the awakening and it even has the highest single value. This category was extremely influenced in the past. On the one hand by the above described implant to the other hand through numerous manipulations and manipulative stories from the darks. Also, almost all religions and philosophies are so manipulated as to prevent knowledge in this category, safely and permanently. Anyone who wants to gain perspectives/knowledge, needs first to learn to leave aside his previous findings. No need to get rid of them or store them, but it is necessary to be openminded and not to let the achieved (not to say the into your head hammered) knowledge affect the consideration of new perspectives. At the beginning it may be helpful to imagine being in a fictional world, so the uptodate achieved knowledge could be left out of this world. Perhaps there is indeed a point where the fictional world and our world fit together, and all the contradictions are dissolving by themselves.

The personal priorities (category 3) must be redefined again and again, to avoid imbalance. One should do for themselves as much as for others and also recognize when it is just too much, to pull the ripcord in time. The focus should always be on what we are doing for others. Nowadays it is still important to keep the balance, but when the times change and the law of resonance finally applies on Earth like everywhere else in the universe, then it won't be a problem of imbalance doing too much for someone else, as this is going to be corrected automatically by getting back as much as you need at the moment you need it. This is what the law of resonance is all about. It isn't for attracting money, love, goods etc., but getting what one needs at the proper moment , positive return of the good one did for others.

Knowledge and acceptance of who we really are (categories 4-6) and acting accordingly to who we represent are quite difficult points as well (10% of the total evaluation). Thus, they form the "block" with the second highest rating. First of all it is necessary to throw overboard decades old thinking and re-define one's self. Being aware of one's real self sometimes causes misunderstandings or disputes in the family or among friends, for example because envy and ignorance comes into play. It will often be quite difficult to follow one's true self. However, once one has accepted his true self, it will be hardly possible and even unwilling to get back to old routine.

The remaining points are almost self-evident when you reach the awakening level in the first six points.

Inner calm (Category 7), the peace of mind one needs so badly in order to be consistent with him-/herself. This also means having an inner distance to one's self, something like a viewer perspective, taking on one's self.

External composure (Category 8) is to keep calm in every situation and not to be put off by external stimuli, or urge. Everything needs its time and has its time, so we have to accept this. It also means not to be provoked by others.

By being openminded (=clear-not subjectively influenced thinking) and impartial towards certain people or situations , it is possible to tolerate another opinion and also to take consideration on the other. Here comes also the sense of justice into play, because tolerance and consideration imply the principle of equal justice for all.

But the sense of justice is not confined by only one principle. It also means that the person recognizes when injustice is being done and he/she should be willing to help (= sacrifice) and also to protect (protective instinct because of their own position in the community and the responsibility associated with it).

Of course there are many more aspects, but we hope that this brief introduction is sufficient to stimulate an own thinking. Our task is make suggestions and, if necessary, give assistance, but the main things, any work have to be done by YOU!

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  • using a pendulum would be enough to remove the knowledge implant and abilities implant. i have removed mine so can you =)

  • I think the main stumbling block when it comes to remembering who we are is our conditioning. Not just the blockages we have inside ourselves from birth, but the blockages that we acquire through life experiences. A lot of the Angel souls-even if they start to be aware of their origins dismiss it as an ego based feeling. 

    Tricky tricky :) Who would have thought that knowing yourself would be this hard? 

    Thank you for this post...


  • Thank you Javier, this is very interesting as is the site that it comes from.  I appreciate this good share, it is something to think about and clarifies a lot for me.  Keep up the good posting, and now I am off to read your other contributions as well.  Have a wonderful day.  I think the difficult stumbling block for myself and others as well is the being openminded and is evident on this site and in life as a whole.....I think humanity has been struggling with this always.  Ego just gets in the way a lot.  People seem to get stuck....then the words become weapons.....then people's feelings get hurt, then comes retalliation....vicious cycle of the largest stumbling blocks on the planet....inner calm is also a toughy....taking the viewer perspecitve is a hard thing for humans to do...ah, I hope we get it right and soon.  It is something that needs constant work well as not feeling provoked by others who have angry words and pointing fingers....ah yes the homework with have if we collectively want to move humanity ahead....

This reply was deleted.

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