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Hello everyone :)
finally I have found the time to do a little introduction of my fiancee (Kira) and of me, Noctis.

We 21 and 20 years old and currently living in Germany but want to move to maybe Thailand or another country in Asia or Africa. To travel the world where it is completely different than it is here in the West :)

This will only be one step on our journey of becoming immortals but we are really looking forward to it.

Until recently we have studied together at a University but found out that there is nothing in the 'System' which could fulfill us. Not a job not studying anywhere etc...

So we decided to do something which fulfills, which is of service to other like-minded people and of which we can make a living.
And we love being creative! So we started going public with our passions. Which is mainly but not only art :)
Kira is more into traditional techniques of painting whereas I am more into digital painting. We both are still learning and improving, though. But we want to share what we do - to tap into radical action!

We think our work is worth sharing especially since it is not only about the visual aspect of a picture but also about the energy you put into it so that people can receive specific energies and feelings.

Starseed Art is not the only thing we are doing though, because like everyone else we are gifted in many ways.
In the near future we will build our homepage where we will offer more services to everyone. Which will include (besides art commissions) readings, courses to awaken more to the true power of Self, and also healings.

Also I might start a comic/manga which will not only entertain but also teach and give inspiration to people. Definitely something with deep meaning. I hope to get through to some people which are not yet taping into their power with that. But this is something for the future and will only be possible when we are already making a living on our spiritual services.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask ^_^

If anyone is interested in our art and the other services we will offer in the near future, you can visit us on our youtube channel (which is not only about art but mainly)

and if for the art itself you can visit us on if you wish :)

Namaste :)




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  • Thank You Lightning :D ;)

  • ...Nice One Both...:)...<3<3...

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