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Extracts from a discussion between myself and Kelly S, anent her healing by an ET on the astral plane, back in March, 2011...



Kelly said:

"I’m home sick with the flu today, not feeling well at all… sigh. Perhaps it has something to do with running into Ptaah again last night, he left me with something called “magnetic flux”, I think he said. Head hurts beyond tylenol, so will see the post on AC and then will lay down."



Drekx response:

Hey Kelly, I just knew you were feeling out of sorts, when your posting went quiet on both sites..
I was missing you today…

Just get better soon, honey…and get plenty of rest and warm drinks… :-)

Flu-like symptoms relate to ascension fatigue…

You received a good number of responses on AC about Erle Argonza, also…It seems most don’t think much of him…or like me, are indifferent…

Yes it has been sunny today, and your smiles are always most welcome, sweetheart…!!

Catchya later, when you feel better….!! ;-) Blessings of Loving healing waves from your friend, Drekx



Drekx response (3 hrs later:)

Hi babe, OK I’ve been putting out my feelers anent what you said about “Ptaah” and can confirm that it was not him…
But it was a fellow Plejare named Quetzal, who is younger looking and also with a beard…

He wanted to update you on your multi-dimensional bodily adjustments, as it was felt that a sentient humanoid would make a better “impression” upon you than the Arcturians, whom you may have found to be a little strange and unfamiliar, in spite of their massive compassion…

The so-called “magnetic flux” you speak of is based upon the fact that we are all electro-magnetic beings, who possess within our microcosmic selves the same energised geometric blueprint structures inherent within the macrocosmic Logos…of which we are living parts…

There are within you, magnetic flux fields of inter-dimensional light, that form perimeter boundary layers between your super-aetheric body and the higher planes…linking you directly to your Monad…

Magnetic frequencies have been adjusted within your inter-dimensional flux fields, allowing a freer passage of energies from one bodily dimension to another, which is akin to a cell wall membrane retaining it’s contents, yet allowing the action of fluid osmosis to occur, when required.

This rebalancing of your magnetic flux has been made, in response to the necessary Vywamus extraction of much aetheric mucous at various locations around energy centres within your head…

The resultant incoming stimuli allows for a more creative “inpouring” of “inter-dimensional data stream packages,” which instruct the proper functioning of the new vortices, allowing their transformation into properly functioning chakra centres, as named in my previous article..
When at their maximum functionality, they will gift you with highly refined psychic abilities as we possess…

I will suggest that Sandara or Vashtar visit you in the dream state in the future, if such a medical summary is required to be presented to you again…
I feel that our own star nation has that duty, although we are one with the beloved Plejaren.. :-)

Incidentally we are all so proud of your recent performance on AC, and how you clarified the picture, anent the GFL, to readers there…There do seem to be many excellent souls and bright ones in the midst of many dark agendas to ruin our Federation reputation as exponents of lighted service to the Plan…
One article, posted by *%"**^$%, even suggested that we Sirians work with the “dark side” and possess “cat’s eye vertical pupils,” which is absolute nonsense….

Some Sirians have blue normal-looking human eyes, such as Vashtar, and others, for example, the very attractive female Sirian, Sandara, have beautiful green-brown eyes…
No reptile eye pupils to speak of…far from it. ;-)

Anyway, keep up the excellent work of representing our cosmic star nation on Ashtar Command, as we are right behind you with much resonance and loving empathy…. :-)



Kelly said:

"Oh Thankyou, Drekx :) Sometimes I feel like it “can’t” be real, the things I see and dream lol. The vast gulf between my dream self and my daily self is narrowing though, and hopefully I can be as conscious as yourself in time. It is very nice that I am a part of the process and they felt I could handle some of what is going on, much Love to our galactic brothers and sisters out there :) I don’t have conscious memory of the Arcturians, I hope they know that I love them and that my sister is especially moved by them. I’m not sure if I would be afraid of them, I hope not.
Yes I get pretty annoyed with the fear that others are putting on the GFL’s shoulders’. Seeing them with human eyes and human frailty… making them responsible for human choices. But there are many Lighted souls on AC, sometimes their wisdom is astonishing and I have joy that not all are afraid of the GFL.
Thank you for your support of my work there, I think sometimes that we’re all just killing time until ascension and 2012, so it is nice that I have some meaning in what I do. I don’t want to be selfish and just do it for my own kicks, I want to make a difference and help as much as I can.
PS So that was Quetzal? I’ve heard of him, I should thank him for taking the time to be with me and helping me understand what is happening. It’s only right :)
Thank you for all you are, Commander, you make this process so much better, I am grateful for your friendship and brotherhood. You know, if you ever need anything I will be there for you too" :)

End quote...



Kelly went on to make a full recovery and has since received many beneficial adjustments made, enhancing her psychic abilities...



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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              • AN INCOHERENT VIEW:

                A ghost was in the house, it affected things in your house, but no one can infere with his mind, using logics, that something inexplicable by known science, was in the room. So only a new age 'guru' who 'goes within' can discern the presence if the ghost!'

                Of course this is rubbish!! If the ghost had effect in the room, we can definitely see changes in the room that we cannot explain how the happened! We can see a bent spoon, a cracked glass, etc, even if we are 100 sure that the room was locked and no one was in the room!

                That is just to magnify some incoherence in the general 'only a guru can see' nonsense! So spirituality to be relevant, it must have an impact in the world. This impact must be observable, not just by the 'gurus'. If meditation in Taiwan can bring peace, we can obviously see the 'inexplicable' peace that accompanied the meditation!! We can see that something is moving the head of the 'guru' while in meditation, or otherwise the meditation cannot possibly have any impact in the world!

                The following then is where it gets tricky abit:

                As long as a phenomenon can affect the observable world, we can always form a usefull theoretical model of the phenomenon, whether or not, the phenomenon ACTUALLY works that way! Nobody, for instance, can know that space time is ACTUALLY curved!! I call it 'a mock up theory'. We can 'mock up' a quantum spin using ordinary spin. We can 'mock up' gravity by using a converging fluid etc. We can also 'mock up' even Moses's miracle by saying that 'moses was surmoning the wind'. Interestingly, the bible itself often offer such explanations! The ancient bible writers did not think like new age Christians, where a 'miracle' is an antithesis to science!

                The 'new ager' claims they took photographs of ETs, the ETs have impacts on our politics, yes, the ETs even intervenes to stop nukes etc. But latter, especially when conered, insists 'an ET presence can only be discerned by going within', meaning it is all subjective!! Realy? Can't a physicist notice an effect in a photographic plate? Can't he see that something strange happened in the nuke site to stop nukes? Can only gurus discern ETs, if the 'ETs' have a relevant impact in our world?
                • Sometimes, offworlders prefer to deal with Earth humans of a more spiritual development and character...Many feel more comfortable interacting with those Earth humans who are not struggling to comprehend life, from a lower light quotient, perspective...Many Earth scientists and politicians, think they KNOW IT ALL....So ETs tend to avoid them and instead, deal with the less famous, but more developed, souls incarnated...

                  Of course, there are many Earth scientists who come under the evolutionary ashrams of Masters such as Hilarion and may not even know it. They are being aided in hidden ways, but until they grow to a suitable consciousness, it may not be a direct way..Some get impressioning, some get an idea, or solution, planted in their minds and assume that it was their own exclusive idea, so patent it and make a fortune...This is not what it is all about. A eureka moment, is not always the sole possession of a person who prides himself in genius...It may be a collective ashramic moment and the nose-in-air scientist, may not even know it....Many need to evolve, to get higher and closer teachings...Not unlike the one-on-one tutoring of a child, at home, as opposed to a classroom of greater numbers of children and consequently, a teacher with a more diluted focus.

                  Even the 4th density dark orientated offworlders, who have made deals with various governments, find it difficult to trust their Earth official counterparts. Most Earth politicians are simply untrustworthy and that perspective is even noted by ETs such as the Bellatrixians, of the former Anchara Alliance, who dealt with the US in the 1950s and 60s...

                  And sometimes the intelligence services get involved when ET photos are taken, by such persons as Billy Meier...They then spend much time and effort, trashing reputations, for their control agenda...

                  There are some improvements in Earth officialdom, over the decades. Certain contrary parts of the establishment, that oppose the cabal. But, nevertheless, many ETs and Ascended Masters on Earth, tend to much prefer garnering ashramic contacts and those based upon their star origins (star seeds,) and avoid the "officials" with their noses in the air and their; "I AM SCIENCE," type mindsets...
              • 'New agers' also mis-represent science to conveniently exempt themselves the need to be factual and truthful! They say things like 'we use the heart and scientists use the mind'. This a false teaching! What they want to impress on pple is that 'a scientist reject his claim just because of something in the scientist's own skull' rather than because of a genuine lack of evidence and/or coherence on the part of new ager's claims! It demot science into something 'mental' and 'subjective', hence illegitimate!!

                Well, while some scientists have opted to rely on their minds (as if they now know everything (everything is now in their minds)'. This is not a feature of science. Infact, it is antithetical to science. It is an attitude that returds scientific knowledge. True scientist is alway open minded and allows only the 'lab' to speak, not 'the mind'.
                • No, it's not that we "mis-represent science," to exempt ourselves. It is because many of our contact sources, for information, wisdom, knowledge and high understanding, our freely providing us with data, with kind affections and feel a benign need to assist our understanding, FROM OUTSIDE OF THE BOX or MATRIX. In other words, the sources many of us use are beings, fellow beings, who have taken our journey, already and are offering a hand up the ladder, as it were...For example, the Ascended Masters and certain offworlders...
                  I prefer to deal directly with these highly evolved and experienced sources, when obtaining my understanding of reality. They have a "higher" vantage point, than Earth scientists, many of whom are too proud of their status, in their fields of discipline and in practice, not open-minded, but rather, many appear closed to certain truths outside of their norms.....
                  Not all scientists are closed. Many want to be open to these possibilities, but then get blacklisted by their peers.
                  SO, I prefer to avoid Earth scientists, when obtaining my information and going straight to those highly experienced
                  esoteric scientists, who inhabit the higher realms of reality...And freely visit us, using multiple methods, and teach us, so we can float above a "maze" and see, rather than being in a maze, with all those plodders, called scientists, with their absurd closed minds and assumptions, or dubious finances, holding them back from truth...
                  • Great discussion! 🙂

                    I believe that both heart people and mind people can look at the same thing and learn to understand what it is and how it works, but they see it from a different angle and may take a different approach when trying to understand it.

                    They both can assume that they figured it all out and are “experts”. Both guru types and science guys can get carried away by their assumptions and subjectivity.

                    Gurus don’t necessarily know more, nor do scientists. But if they know themselves well enough they can kind of guess how much they really (don’t) know 😄
                    • Mind and heart use different methods of understanding. We should learn to use and refine both methods.

                      Also, when a scientist or “mind person” meets an ET and is invited to take a tour on his ship, to look around and ask questions, the scientist will probably receive more information that can be proven, than a guru in meditation. Unless the guru is very intuitively evolved.

                      I think that real life experience (meeting an ET or a tour on the ship) has a stronger impact that only seeing things in meditation. Seeing a UFO or meeting an ET helps to develop a realistic view on off-world technology and off-world civilizations.

                      Some people “need” a real life experience for their personal development, while many others aren’t able to handle this and will find it easier to receive information in their dreams and meditations.
  • A method often used in ashrams is impressioning...A chela receives a download in the dream state and is then awake to new thoughtforms, the next day...Thoughtforms impressed by the Hierarchy...It could also be a musical composition, inspired by the ashram..Or a science breakthrough...etc..
    • Very true! Impressioning can also be done in the awake state.. When an idea pops into your head but was actually projected through your third eye or crown chakra by an ascended being.. This is the way that our Pleiadian contact, Taljida recently communicated with me..
      Drekx and I were doing ground-crew work, in relation to an analysis of a possible collaboration. The ideas came to me in images, words, visions and felt like my own, I was also able to observe an event remotely.. Yet I still had space and free will to come to my own conclusion.. However, Taljida and I agreed on the outcome of course..
      • Oh and don't forget your fabulous ashramic Master Kuthumi and his special methods of communicating with you...??
        Yes, Taljida and you get on very well..

        Yes I get the awakened method a lot from Master R and the various ET contacts...The dream method does seem to allow much compression of data, however...It comes out in dribs and drabs, the next day, or days....lol
        • Yep, Master Kuthumi much prefers communicating through symbols and synchronicity's... ;)
          This allows the initiate to apply wisdom and figure things out for themselves.. A true expression of the 2nd Ray love-wisdom..
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