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Yes I know the subject is intiesing. Well I am very educated(maybe not so much on spelling). We bought the kids some water to drink and I read the label as you should (with everything) even if you are drinking NESTLE PURE LIFE water. I quote "enchanced with a balance of minerals for taste. Well lol How does rock salt help the taste. O.k. three ingriendts to question on the label and I will put the dictionary defintion for all the minerals for taste.

1. Calcium Chloride: A white deliquescent compound, CaCl2, used chiefly as a drying agent, refrigerant, and preservative and for controlling dust and ice on roads.

2. Sodium Bicarbonate: a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, in powder or granules, NaHCO3, usually prepared by the reaction of soda ash with carbon dioxide or obtained from the intermediate product of the Solvay process by purification: used chiefly in the manufacture of sodium salts, baking powder, and beverages, as a laboratory reagent, as a fire extinguisher, and in medicine as an antacid.

3. Magnesium Sulfate: A colorless, crystalline compound, MgSO4, used in
fireproofing, ceramics, matches, explosives, and fertilizers.

I stopped one of my customers from drinking this crap, and feeding it to their kids to boot. Ok I was drinking a bottle of this garbage a half hour ago and now a tummy ache. LOL. I am going to pour the rest of this junk on sale out down the drain actually into some plants. I want to see if they can live on it.

O.k. answer me where into the support of this human form does my body need this. How does water from a spring in Maine using reverse osmosis need to be enhanced with these minerals. First lets add something as a drying agent so your actually more thirsty. You want to drink more of this garbage. Than lets add a fertilizer, matches, explosives( that totally blew my mind).Than lets add an antacid incase you get a tummy ache. And you probably will if you drink enough of it.

Take a one gallon container and set it aside for 3 days and drink it . It will feel better than this junk.

My kids have been suffering from brocheal infections as many kids have. I believe it is directly connected to all the high altitude planes doing cloud seeding. LOL!!!!Funny I just went upstairs to the Garden room and got my own bottle of water to fight off this stomach ache. I stopped to look out the sunroof and their was a high altitude plane going over head and its chem trail highlighted under the moon light. Honestly why would our air we breath that this planet provided us with for breathing need foreign
particles in it. Here are some recent articles I have read. Getting pissed off is the first step to actually WAKING UP.

Sorry but some of this stuff is fear based not by me. All I am is saying think, feel with your heart for truth. Than " meditate and let your soul gravitate to the love". Black eyed peas.
Cause in this world, that we decided to come here for. She is needing our love and support. Your base chakra is connected to mother earth, if you would like some free marigold seeds for planting let me know.
I find it to be one of the greatest pleasures. To get dirty with my hands burried in my mother. Here is some good viewing and reading.

Re education

And second is right on msn.
where does fermaldihide come into the picture.

I had to put something awesome out here as well :)

Take an evaluation how much good news do you see on the front page of your newspaper. Write your own Newspaper, make every moment wonderful. The INFINITE NOW is all their is.

Like I said get pissed off and wake up. We need to find new leaders. Ones with world kinddness in their mind. We are all one . Namaste. ROB V

Feel free to Post this anywhere!!!!

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Calcium Chloride: a form of calcium that is actually needed by the body
Sodium Bicarbonate: Baking Soda. Plain and simple
Magnesium Sulfate: another mineral needed by the body
Some things SOUND bad when they're not. For example. Di-hydrogen Oxide There was a study where people were told it was an ingredient in things like shampoo, bug killers etc and did these people think it should be banned... 98% said YES! Trouble is, no one knew what they were being told about. Di-hydrogen Oxide is H2O, WATER... Just because something is used in something else does not make "it" bad. now... If you happen to see Fluoride on the label of your drinking water, dump it...
Hes right, Fluoride is a poison, and it accumulates in the body.
But most of us are pretty fluorinated already..
Yes I do know about flourine. Here is what I noticed Last night I drank two pint sized bottles of this water. I was still thirsty and than major tummy ache, so bad I went to meditate in bed. Woke up this morning check out the plant I poured some this water onto. The plant was a little dry so I knew it would act quickly to the water well it was dryed out even more. LOL And as far as the chem trails they have been going all day. I woke up to them and now it is 10:14 with x's every where.
i dont ever see chem trails here in Japan, glad i chose to migrate here.
nice info:) I am already pissed off since years, its time to kick ass on the cabal,

about water, just use normal water and put an raw amathyst crystal into it for few minutes,
makes great water quality. For extra quality you can also put in a silver piece, coin or spoon
into water overnight, silver in water is good for a strong immune system, gold does similar
things too in water, also good for you :)
this exactly what I am saying we need to start uniting I have been searching for meet up groups on meet and other networks. thank you so much for the info with water. Be well all. Namaste.
Hi there
best thingis to boykot and stop buying all of the Nestle products....
Greenpeace has them on their black-list of food-companies because they also use gen-manipulated untested stuff in their products. Here you can search yourself in diverse articles about that subject:

Not only the genetic topic, also the functional Food ingredients....Loads of chemicals additives, colourants and so on....
Yes I know there are also other companies usin that stuff but N are the worst!

-We here in Germany have one good company here with ready-to-eat- food that is named Frosta
They do not use chemicals at all. All Ingredients are natural and biologically grown.It ist really tasty and good food!!!

And yes you can of course energeticize all of your food and water you buy and also clean it with your prayers.....
Thats a really good way, if you do not have a different option :-)
but if we all stop buying that stuff and start searching for alternatives....companies will also have to change !



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