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Hello all, I just joined this website because I almost had an OBE and it was the most exciting this i've felt since my first big spiritual experience. Hello all my names Tony, i'm big on chakra balancing and third eye awakening as well as astral travel, I was looking for some wise people on the astral subject to enlighten me, or just give me some hints, tips, and tricks, and tell me of some experiences you've had. I just greatly felt like I had to tell someone of this momentous occassion. I've never felt like that before. I felt as though I was about to leave the body, I was feeling like less and less of a body by the second, indescribable. I was breathing extremely hard and I believe the angels I called on were in the room overlooking my development, but I got a little too into it and decided I was out of my body and stood up. I was not pleased to see I was still in my body, but I could feel the stiffness in my fingers and hands, I was about to be. These isochronic tones I was listening to made it automatic to enter the pre-OBE state, I didn't quiet my mind at all lol. If anything my thoughts were going crazy the whole time as to what i'd see, multiple pangs of fear arose due to the possibility of bad things possibly showing themselves and what not. Apparently though I can have a light-saber so that makes me feel a tad better, and the angels are what really make me feel safe, apparently they're all-powerful and ALWAYS show when you call :D. Anyways I just had to share that, if anyone here is big on astral projection, please share some valuable information with me and add me as a friend, but anyone can add me if they like. 


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Thanks, i've noticed.

Who is april? maybe you could introduce me? lol.

Welcome Tony!! One word for ya! "Love" Two words for ya!! "Just Believe" Three words for ya!!! "Follow your heart" and anything is possible sir. We are well on our way, are we not?


Love and Light



Thank you, yes we are.

Really? What's it help me do? I didn't know I needed fuel at all lol

Be free of fear. It is a mind killer.  Be in your heart at all times with childlike happiness.  I have gone different places back in the day before we have this awesome internet access to learn better and get help from others.  Many things can happen when your mind is set on where you want to go.  Be careful of where you are going.  You will get sent back to your body real fast quick and in a hurry. 

Welcome to the group.  

Love is the way home.

Okay good advice but it seems to be harder than that, my brain for some reason when I become aware of how happy i'm feeling will somehow go what if I have a neg thought, and *splat* there goes the good feelings, unless I can bring it back, it's beyond annoying and the one that's not gone away is the Satan/demon thought. Super annoying....  I guess it's  an anxiety of what I might see.

This is what I get too. it sucks iI know


You might learn more at this site, devoted to lucid dreaming... some very experienced travelers here.


  You may want to read, 'My Astral Projection Dream Log', Posted under the Discussion, 'Astral Projection & Soul Travel'.  It recounts My several OBE's!

  I will Post a simple 'Tecnique for Astral Projection' under, 'Astral Projection & Soul Travel'.

  Welcome to Ashtar Command!

I AM Siddhi!!



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