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Junk Food In Stores Is Creating Junk Humans.. Unfit And Third Class Humans ...The Shift : Eat Healthy...Live Healthy And Live Longer

If you look in stores big and small you will find mostly junk food full of chemicals, preservatives, flavourings and other. You are what you eat and most beings are really eating junk food which is also hindering their spiritual development.

In most stores big and small if you remove all the junk food there would be nearly empty shelves.

Now if all towns and cities had stores like Planet Organic  ) it would make a big difference. 

  • Eat healthy .. Live Healthy .. Live Longer. 

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  Its expensive to buy organic food and natural vitamins and people who on are on fixed incomes cannot afford to buy organic food and rent is expensive not just food.

If you shop around lots of organic stores do special offers and also in London we have an organic market one day of the week near Alexandra Palace.

Also stores like Aldi, Lidl and Costco wholesaler are introducing a lot more organic foods at reasonable prices.

   I live in Canada and the food is quite expensive here specially organic food i live in the northern part of Canada and the food is expensive here. i guess if one saves  on coupons it does help save if one is on a budget and there is always the flyers and internet to search for bargains and planning ahead can save time. if one is living in a small town   they  would have to travel to the nearest town or city. 

You have two options  ..grow your own organic food ...or move where organic food is available at reasonable price 


  Organic is the best and I enjoy creating an organic garden 

But humans are junk, act like junk, eat junk and produce junk. It's all a perfect reflection. Not without consequences, of course. But this consequences are part of the learning process, much like a child getting closer to the flame, or a moth for that matter.

Also, I would replace the word "junk" it has a negative connotation, if we perceive everything in creation as a perfect aspect serving a greater purpose. But humanity denigrates aspects of reality as much as they do themselves, which tells how "enlightened" they are.

After all, reality IS but an aspect of one.

You are what you eat says it all . the shift is for people to eat healthy food ...again you need rehabilitation centres where junk food addicts must be taught what to eat and if they continue then ..they have a choice SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT ...really this planet can do away with junk people as they only cause problems to others ...these junk people are mainly those that constantly use abusive language and are violent natured ...they drink alcohol, smoke and some drugs, eat meat and  all this adds up in making them junk people 

Junk is very addictive and ruins one's health and makes one look much older and eventually robs all the energy and physical death is the end result. Some people do not eat any type of food they are very ill caused by trauma and abuse. Rehabilitation is important to get well and recover from these toxic substances in food and starting healing again  

Yes the hardened junk food addicts need to shift their ways as the junk they eat is not only affecting them but their behaviour and mannerism is out of order ...they tend to be violent natured and use a lot of abusive language because of all the junk they eat so junk language comes out of their mouths ...they need to change their ways or they will not qualify for accession but be left behind and reborn in a hellish planet 

Really there should be no junk food joints like McDonalds etc and there should be no junk food in stores and supermarkets . .if it's not healthy natural food that you eat then it's junk food you are eating and the result is you are what you eat 

On the opening ceremony of Planet Organic the owner invited Prince Charles and he liked the store so much that later he started his own organic farm called duchy organic and now it's expanded to a lot more organic products . . If you live in London then Canary Wharf Waitrose one of the biggest in UK stocks a lot of duchy organic products  



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