You all have within you the ability to do amazing things.  You are, each one, created from the same cash of Divine energy.  If you would reconnect with nature and Mother Earth and the way of life that has served the Native cultures so well, you would find abilities you have deemed impossible.  For when you are in touch with the natural world and learn to understand its vibrations and cycles, all things become possible.

This kind of understanding is something that cannot be obtained by any scientific study or measure because it requires stillness of mind and listening with only the heart.  To close your eyes in the heart of the forest and feel all that is around you with calm and purpose and intent is the only way to see.  To stand in the ocean, watch the waves as they thrust against you and listen with purity of spirit, and allow yourself to be guided by the rhythm of the waves, only then will you feel.  To stand atop a mountain at the line where the wind stops and see the immense difference between the valley and the vast expanse of land on the other side and listen to the echoes in the caves, only then will you know.

You must find your way back to Mother’s heart so you can understand her and hear her guidance.  You have forsaken her and so she weeps.  You have lost your connection with her and so with each other.  This has made you open to manipulation and indoctrination of those ways which do not serve you well.  You have in power many who are greed driven and have you believing you are powerless to intervene on behalf of Mother Earth.

This will be rectified soon as all Mothers must eventually discipline their children.  Waves of grief and despair will soon wash over many parts of the world.  You will soon see the fullness of Mother’s hand.  I have been hesitant in saying this because I had hoped the picture would fade, but it has only intensified.  On June 26th, a healing room opened on the astral plane and I had expected to enter and find the room full of healing energy and love, but each time I entered, I was first shown a tsunami crashing upon the shores of the gulf.  Three times I went in, and three times I was greeted by this before I could find the love.

There is also an imminent threat of many rising up against the ones who hold power in the United States.

It used to be so easy to reach you humans, but the channels are blocked by doubt and a general disbelief in the old ways.  You seem to discount them as ways you have evolved beyond.  You seem to think that your rationalizations of the spiritual equal higher intelligence, but that is backwards.  Do the animals not sense when harm is imminent?   That is because they are connected to the Divine energy that flows through all life.

You have put your faith in doctrine instead of the purity of Divine Spirit.  You need to put away the books and rituals for a time and listen to Divinity with nothing more than faith.  Break the routine and let faith be your guide.  You have become deluded in the idea that Divine Spirit is structured and routine.  Is nature not wild and unpredictable?  What do you think instinct is?  It is the physical manifestation of Intuition.  It flows as does water, and you have polluted your intuitive flow just as you have polluted the gulf.  You have lost the ability to run on instinct and so the pollution flows out of control.

The gulf is a manifestation of this.  Fix your natural instinct, and you will find how to fix the gulf.  Do not pray to Divinity to fix it for you.  Instead, let faith guide you and let the collective consciousness that flows through all of you be active.  Find Unity in Humanity and come together for the good of all.  What purpose will riches serve you if your world is destroyed by the pollution you create?

You all have the ability to come together without argument, for that is true maturity.  Maturity discusses and holds no offense to differences of opinion.  Maturity compromises and finds the most harmonious mix of viewpoints and plays that song.  Immaturity beats haphazardly out of rhythm, trying to be louder than the other drummers.

Please harmonize your song.  The dissonance serves no one.


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"💚 Hellen 💚

Marker, I understand where you're coming from...the point here is that there are endless things that can compromise people's energy fields and impact body health...trauma, depression, terror, alcohol, drugs, EMFs, misaligned vibrations…"
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"We won't ascend if we accept nontruths. Re: Energy field holes: Source? Shouldn't be hard for you to prove since it's indisputable."
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"If a persons energy field has a hole and the color turns gray like a drug addict, that is relevant to healing. This is indisputable."
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"Thank You Joanna."
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"My comment was about the effect on the aura and toroidal energy field. I think that is relevant"
5 hours ago

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