Every day now, I can see them. Everyone mistakes them as shooting stars and planes or satellites, but I know better.

The time is getting closer and closer. I have indeed found my purpose, my mission, and I will start it.

Here's the plan I want you all to adopt:

A revolutionary peace walk. I am currently residing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I myself, in AUGUST, will start a peace walk to raise the awareness of Ascension. As I walk, others will join me and others will be against me, but the majority of people together will raise the vibrations. I will take nothing except for the clothes on my back, and a backpack of water and/or other necessities. Food and water will be provided along the way, TRUST. I will make signs that refer or direct to anything relating to Ascension.   BUT I CAN'T DO IT ALONE.


I will do my part here, but you must do it with me, in whatever city, state, country, ect.

Let's pick a date. Who's with me? This march of peace, harmony, and parade of LOVE.


I can already feel my body changing, and my friends who are not yet aware are complaining of it, but don't understand. The animals know as well, listen to the birds that chirp at 2 or 3 in the morning because the Sun (which is almost completely white now) rises at 4 or 5 AM now (at least where I am). The hours of the day are growing shorter, the weather is out of wack to the locals here, but I see it in beauty. Not many people go online and come to media nets like this. I have tried giving people answers, not in force, but in choice of freedom. And out the many I have called, only two are aware, but not so openly. They are confused, but that is the first step. We must reach out to eachother and join OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET.


Before, when I was young, I was completely lost.

People made me to believe I suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar-disorder, ADD, autism, and multiple anxiety disorders.

In the end, I’m just different, like everyone else.

Only, I am just a little more “aware” than others.

My abilities aren’t just feeling other people’s emotions from a by-stander’s perspective through vibes or wave frequencies (ex-: I feel what you feel in a crisis; powerful positively or negatively).

As an idealist, I live in an ideal world of love, peace, and harmony. I have always lived in a 5th dimensional world of my own. . .

I glimpse the future, I communicate with other life forms such as plants, animals, and other galactic beings that reside in the universe. I have visited other dimensions and have seen some of my past lives.

Because of Ascension, which is this year, my abilities are becoming stronger, but it doesn’t mean without pain. Everyone will “awaken” like me. My purpose here on Earth was to be born at this time to help others “awaken” as I am now.

 The 3rd dimension will be over, and we will all rise into the 5th. But you can’t reach there with hatred, wars, and weapons. You can’t make others happy, only yourselves. Understand that you yourselves are creators as gods.


Thank you, I am Caroline and I am a starseed. Let's speak of a date in August to begin.



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  • Thank you both :] Namaste~ love and light to all!

  • Adonai hello friend, wishing you the best of love, light and luck on your journey. Will be with you in spirit from England. Peace.


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