Many channelings from the Ashtar Command lately are not only decreasing in number, but have a different sort of point comming from each channeler.For example, I recently noticed that August Stahr had been channeling the 'Solar Star Command' formelly known as the Ashtar Command, while of course the main being who is being contacted is of course Ashtar himself. But they suspiciously have said things which many Lightworkers like myself 'do not like to hear'. Not that I am implying to be the truth teller or saviour etc. But it has said promises such as new president of the USA, Barack Obama, to be a hope for humanity, and the best which could happen, despite alot of political backfire lately (yet this was said in a channeling in 2008).And Here is another one, it now states from the same website that the recent plans for 2012 will NOT HAPPEN because of the large new comming control of the Lightworkers. Not only that but that all Lightworkers will be awakening more this year and loosing doubt.Sadly that isn't working for me, This year at the beggining I slowly gained some doubt (which is normal at times) and suddenly got more into casual 3D activites and a common lifestyle (wow and im still at school lol). Then after a while there was just too much different channelings saying too much different things (yet still very beautful indeed) and very 'choking' on the mind and heart. Barack Obama at first seemed to me like the right guy for the job, but i found out more about all the coming leaders of the United states and all over the Globe and how they all lead to this New World Order (i am aware of this being a buzz-word, but try to bare with me lol). Films like 'The Obama deception' helped and also Zeitgeist, debates, documentaries, and so on... To someone like me, The Ashtar would not approve of a political leader in this way, and call him the Hope for humanity, To someone like me i would expect them to refer more to 'Us as ONE' or 'Love' being not only our hope but our key towards the path forward.Times are changing, and it may get slightly irritating to remember, but after October 14th last year, very few have trusted much channelings the same way, it was to me a test of our belief, so maybe these 'obsurd' channelings could be of similar value. Time shall tell, and i would LOVE to hear what you all have to say about my point i have brought up here, maybe some can help as i struggle recently and sometimes even want to get away from it all, Feels like i "just want to go home" to my higher self and back to my home galaxy with my Crew and Family.Lately so much bad negativity has happened with me and family and friends. Deaths, break ups, divorces, suicide attempts, and well so far no change really from 2008. Yet we still need patience, i won't judge too quickly, but It sort of jumps from one point to another recently (forgive me as this could be my former aetheist self critisizing beliefs again lol)Hopefully i shall have more time to reply to comments and write to you all more often, but as i keep saying i have exams at school, and have had to research over my holidays (holidays yeah right lol) but i do my best in Love and hope, it's not a thing to play with.With Love, Light and Harmony.. ~*Namaste *xxOen~*

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  • I enjoyed reading the comments here. I have no personal experience with channeling, but I just want to add a few comments.

    It was warned in the Bible to beware of idolatry/worshiping false idols. Whether Obama has good intentions or not, don't make an "idol" out of him. Don't expect or look to him to "save you." Sure, send him positive energy and support, but don't treat him like a savior.

    This warning could also apply to channelings. I have heard of people getting tricked into thinking they were channeling someone/something they were not. I'm not saying that some channelings are not valid, but I think it may be too easy for some people to be too trusting and be misled, possibly by some entity masquerading as a higher being of light. This may be contributing to some of the conflicting, misleading, or time-proven incorrect information being spread around. Not everyone or everything has our best intentions in mind and they may be working to confuse or misinform us. Beware of trickery.

    Just something to think about...
  • Hi Bro!

    I recognise and appreciate your post as well as many of the answers you have received, so I wont regurgigate all of that :)

    To boil it down, what is it about? To me it is about responsibility, responsibility for self, for the choises we make, for our actions, what we say, what we mean...heh he...responsibility for everything, thus you shouldn't need to rely on anything/one else, or at least you should get used to the idea. Coz this is the future, where everyone is accountable and no "leader" can hide behind...well anything, take your pick.

    And in regards to channelings, the only sensible way of looking at it, is people channeling their own higher self (in the "real" channelings)....and mix in some 3D assertions/hopes/beliefs of the channeler and you have a pretty good xplanation of "what it is". This doesn't negotiate that there are no truth's in them, but it does mean you should use your own discernment in reading them.

    Must I throw out a reminder that there are more relieble ways of communicating than "channeling" (which can not be said to be reliable), ever heard of telepathy?
    Telepathy is void of the "mind" noise of the receiver, it is boundless and instant. Now it would be wise if you (the reader) would contemplate this question : "Why would a more developed society use channelings over telepathy"?

    To compare the two would be like comparing today's 3G mobilephone with communication based on hearsay

    Obama, well I have my opinions, which no Obamiate has thus far managed to disprove or change. It is a bit cute, my other selves are at best in a state of denial, which is good, or completly disconnected, which is not so good he he he. But there's hope for everyone, y'know, since we're all one :D

    Be Blessed Bro...and Be Good...and Go With the Flow
  • One need to remind oneself from time to time: "WHO DO I REALLY FOLLOW?". If I follow anyone "out there" then I have given away my power and I am but a sheep "hoping" that my leader know what he/she is doing and that their intentions are noble. Remember that many so-called leaders are only leaders because they LOVE the idea of having people following them. In my opinion there are extremely few how know what they are talking about. Most of them are fake.

    YOU discern what is true or false. It is YOUR job. I say; follow none but yourself. If you are a fragment of God/Light then stop acting helpless, act accordingly to what you are!

  • I seen these flicks.. was obsessed with esoteric knowledge.. the whole thing is so fucking twisted up, its rediculous..

    1st thing you need to know is, life is buisness.. its nothing personal..

    2nd thing you need to know is, every person who doesnt know you has no reason to like you, and they actually want to see you fail, because that pushes their rank..

    as long as there is money, life will be a game of survival... wait... as long as food and shelter cost money, life will revolve around natural selection..

    you have every much of a chance to live every moment as a whole vivid entity as every other soul out there..

    remember this, "we want you looking strong, not depressed !"
  • Johnny.. a friend once said something to me which changed my outlook on communication..

    "dude.. tuck it in.."

    it goes on, but i think you get the point ;)
  • we are to stay the course and never weaver from our mission time is growing short as the vibrational energies rise
    let go of the fear you hold so dear,Shine your light let the owrd of the heveans be your sword od strength in thiese trying times,many will come to discredit us with thier own false claims of hope , we have gone silent to many becasue thier egos have cause them to become very arrogant.mind your ways and mind your thoughts . Love those who need it most in these trying times
    Namaste and Amen
    Channeled by Seraph Ereinion
  • Hi Oen, politics is a touchy subject especially if people have invested their time and effort in their chosen candidates in this case Obama. There are some who approve of him and some who don’t, mainly because he went back on his promises to end the war in the Middle East as he plans for more war-funding and troops in Afghanistan. He seems to have no plans anytime soon to pull out of the ME thereby continuing the trail of misery and destruction left by Bush.

    But I don’t want to approach this in a divisive manner and put it in a pro-Obama/anti-Obama context. It is who is behind the scenes which is the problem. The mainstream media is currently not showing this hidden problem but presenting the deceptive left-right paradigm to the public instead. This is the main gist of the Obama Deception that people need to break out of this paradigm. Nevertheless, no matter what people think about Obama and whether they see the truth or not, we are still all one and connected through God/source. We’re all in this together, as the saying goes.

    I too have been noticing the channeled messages mentioning Obama as the solution to today’s problems. It does raise some questions because his actions don’t match what he says. I figured maybe the channels are not receiving the right entity or maybe they’re adding their own interpretation to the message. Or maybe, just maybe they could be right which I think would surprise most people. Whether they’re right or wrong, I still believe though that we need to send love to Obama and all leaders for that matter, and light to expose all things hidden.

    I find inspiration in messages but I rely more on being my own channel, so to speak, and try to gain understanding from what I know and what is made known to me by intuition through prayer and meditation. No matter how psychically-evolved one is, he or she can do it and ultimately it will be their truth. By doing this, one wouldn’t have to depend too much on channels, walk-ins or other off-world entities because we would have resolve and know that we have the innate ability to save ourselves.

    By the way, good luck in your exams and do stay positive despite the times. There’s indeed new energy coming in. Stay tuned and alert :)
    • The reason why Obama seems to sometimes say one thing and do another has indeed
      to do with the -unseen ones-, they lean on Obama sometimes and try to influence him,
      thats the reason why. Those dragons have now been caught to the largest part, but still some
      remain inside earth. As to channelings, as they come from the spiritworld and some sprits lie just like
      we do here in 3D too, its best to use your own inner judgement first and foremost.
    • Very interesting this discussion..... many people are feeling anxious and fearful, also having all sorts of physical affects.... I have been reading the last few days the Sedona magazine and I noticed that much has been said there about Ascention and the symptoms thereof and how we are adjusting to higher frequencies ...also physically...
      The one sure advice is always to remember that we are all ONE and ALL are equally loved and we are all here at his time to play our roles...We should love, especially those in our governments (...who work for We The People), its the most important thing we can do for them right now and specially Obama, to help him to execute the promises he made, he needs to feel our love and support for the changes he promised to bring do the right thing..if he is 'allowed'......and live!....then lets spread it all around, to our amazing earth, into war zones,into polluted areas, to hunger and pain and suffering......
      Maybe gratitude is the great other thing we should remember that will lift us up and certainly make us all feel better!!! ....and we all have much we can be grateful for!

      Blessings to all of us..:)..;).we are surrounded by a host of loving spiritual family, that's for sure..we are never walking alone! This I am convinced of!!
      Keep trekking and don't believe the News and the Papers, the balanced bad News making us all afraid of how bad it all is and how much worse it is going to get, there are much good happening too....lets live in the NOW...there is a higher Truth playing out....and we are in the play!!

  • I have noticed it increasingly, but tend to keep silent regarding these things on this forum. Everyone wants to believe they are talking to benevolent star people, arch angels and jesus or what have you.. It's time to balance enthusiasm with realism and trust ourselves, what resonates.
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