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It's time to start separating beliefs from truth. I see basically everyone spout out something like they know it's the truth, when it's only a belief at best. And I've been there too, I've made that mistake. Where I would think my beliefs are true, because they make sense to me. But as we grow further in integrity, we come to realize that, they were simply beliefs. Unless we truly know something, or present something that is clearly demonstratable, they exist as a belief, an opinion, an idea.

And I've seen in my life, and on this site, and according to my research into history...that conflicting belief systems are source of alot of conflict that doesn't need to happen. Like on this site even, people get trashed, and insulted, and made to feel low, because they simply hold a different belief system than someone else. And egos like to think their beliefs are true. And anyone who doesn't share that belief, in some way, must be wrong.

I think to stay in true integrity, we need to acknowledge to ourselves...that our beliefs are just beliefs, prone to changes, prone to mistakes. And most of our beliefs are gleaned from second hand information at best. The only thing we TRULY know, is what we discover and come to understand within us, what we can clearly demonstrate is real and true, and what we experience and observe. Everything else, exists as a belief system, that may not be true.

And in order to stay true, and stay real, and stay in integrity...we need to acknowledge that. If we don't truly KNOW something....we need to acknowledge that this is just my opinion...and other people have a right to have a different opinion. It's okay to have beliefs, and opinions...most things are a belief system. I have many things that I believe based on years of research. Do I know what I believe is true, no. My beliefs are my beliefs. My knowing is knowing. And there's a difference and we need to be able to distinguish the difference. I think that would end alot of conflict, not just on this site, but in the world....and it would allow people to have true freedom of speech and expression, without other people jumping on them saying they're wrong.

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Slow down there Jancar, LoL. I half way agree with you this time around. I do think that our beliefs can change from time to time. However Jancar, there is a difference between, Facts, Reality, Truth. You see the Facts, Reality, Evidences, anything like that are real and they are happening in front of your eyes. It is there in the open and you have to at some point face the fact that there is proof in something you had felt for a while, and there it is in front of your eyes. For an example. If you thought that there was a person in your life that wasn't a really good person, and they had just been caught robbing a Bank or caught rapping a female. You then have to face the fact this person is guilty and there it is your proof that this person wasn't a real honest person to start things off with.

Letting go of Beliefs is different though. Sure we can say we don't know something wwe we don't know. Of course we aren't always going to be right about something either. We all make mistakes Jancar, and not everyone of us will be right, but when we are wrong we have to say to we are wrong as well.

Our Beliefs change as we grow, and we learn so much through what other people go through in life, and we also know that there is a real world out there as well

Jancar I don't know what you are huffing and puffing about this time around, but really make sure that you know your facts in life.

LoL, people get judged Jancar based upon there actions in life. If someone is posting under age teens online, that are naked and the man is in his late 40's or 50's they are going to get judged. Just using that for an example 

If you are doing good though Jancar in this life time, don't worry about it, it isn't you who is making the mistake in this life

It is other people who do really stupid things to get there a**** in trouble 

Bless the Nite


Well the example you used of the man who got caught raping a woman, which I put in a different category than robbing a bank lol But if he was caught in the act, then yes, that is a demonstratable fact. That is beyond reasonable doubt, it's beyond doubt at all. So it would be safe to state, as truth, that this man raped this woman.

Most things, though, don't lend themselves to such obvious fact. Especially when it comes to history, or what's going to happen in the future. It's especially applicable when it comes to stating universal truths lol In terms of, what other planets, other species, other dimensions, are like. Unless you've been there, you have no idea if it's truth or not. We don't have craft to fly to other places, we don't have a time machine to go back into the future, or back into history, or have technology that can bring up past events to replay in holographic form.

So especially history, I think, lends itself almost purely to interpretation, and it's hard to say something is absolute truth. Most of the things we know about history, especially ancient history, have been sussed based on archeological digs. People literally digging in the ground, and finding artefacts and studying ruins, and from that, we are supposed to glean how a civilization was. Or we'll read information from books or texts that very well might be a factual representation, but at the same time, could be influenced by opinion, or have assertions that turned out to be false.

The future is even less certain, we have no gauge to measure what the future will bring, it's purely ideas and beliefs. So I'm very wary now, of saying anything is true, unless it's clearly demonstratable, or I know it and understand it within. Same thing with others. I think that's keeping it truly real. I don't discard peoples opinions or beliefs, and I have many opinions and beliefs that I will even defend. But I will not say it's the truth, and that's the difference between me and others, and I'd like to see others be more intellectually and spiritually honest.

True to a lot of those things Jancar, we don't have the honest truth in things that have happened over time, and that is something we are all looking for, when it comes to Spiritual things. We are looking for solid proof that this is real or that this happened and this is what the Angels would be saying or that this is what the Ascended Masters are saying, but often times this leads into arguments as well. I get where you are coming from on this one here, but the sad part in all of this, we are all still human beings yet that have to understand that we can know something is real, but it isn't real at all

That is why it is hard to take a Channeling serious on here, and say that it is real, because we really don't know that it is real at all. Some people like to escape though. I think that some like to think these things are real and solid proof of it, because look at how important it makes them look when they think this way? It is giving them a huge pay off for thinking this way, because others are following them around thinking the same way they are thinking as well 

This is how we tend to get caught up in the whole Cult mind situations. 

That is why I had given you a hard time for, when it came to the whole Heart and Brain situation, because we don't for sure that feeling with the Heart more is better then thinking with the Mind. It is good to have both in place, and both in balanced. We can't say that we should be thinking more, with the Left Brain then the Right Brian, because that isn't a fact that is proven. That is just a belief system 

You don't like to be limited into thinking one certain way, so neither do they Jancar

To say that all men don't like S** would be incorrect as well, because that isn't true either lol. I mean we have a lot of men that wouldn't think the way you are thinking when it comes to S** and a lot of them would have there own views on it, so to say that would be the honest truth would be incorrect as well.

Same thing goes for attractions in life as well. Not everyone is attracted to the same things, not every man out there is attracted to the prettiest flower, or the prettiest female in the popular crowd. Some men like a female that has a mind of her own. 

All of these things are beliefs.

At some point though, we learn to let go of what we feel could be right and just allow others to have there own there as well. We don't always have to change our beliefs for anyone, but sometimes when we hear something different we change our mind set in thinking yeah what if this could be a certain way instead of the other way

There is a difference though Jancar, between changing Beliefs and thought patterns, as to things like 

Loyalty, Respect, for others that you care about in your life 

Bless the Nite


i don't think what he says here is telling that it limits anyone into thinking one certain way. it does the opposites in my understanding it tells you to just be open-minded to endless possibilities without believe anything is a truth? or am i wrong? 

I think its one of the best advice post's I've seen on here since joining. well apart from my advice post of course!! "joke" ;-p  

While I agree that this was one of his best postings on here, you have to remember something Hannah when it comes to Jancar on here heheheehehhehee

Jancar will make you believe something the way he fits to seeing it on here, even if you don't want to believe him, because you know what he is saying is bogas 

This is a surprise posting from Jancar, but honestly right now with him saying that God does exist and all, that is the Jancar way on here lol. He will say one thing and then flip from another thing

He has been doing this for a really long time on here, he will be with one group on here, and switch back and forth until one group will believe something he is saying on here. Trust me I know and so does Reiz as well when it comes to Jancar on here

You don't have to take my word for it, but now lets say if you tell Jancar that you don't believe in God, and see what he does from there. That is only if you don't believe there is a God

You will find how rude and crude he can get when you don't agree with him on something and how nasty he can be when you don't think like he is thinking 

Yeah this posting of his was good, but then wait until he nails you with something like left brain and right brain thinking or that we only have to think with the heart exct lol

I thought for sure he was huffing and puffing tonite lol with something, but looks like he overcome that whole thing with talking about what it is like to be an Empath 

Bless the Nite


i don't think and i hope that no-one will ever have that power over me ever!!! and Jancer definitely hasn't this time around. i have been saying this myself in my own words for the last few weeks. and the few months i have been on this site i have disagree with Jancer a couple but i can't remember it ever getting nasty- as yet of anyway. if there is a time in the future when this does encore i shall deal with it then but until then were cool ^_^ oh and when i disagree or agree with anyone i never hold back unless i can't work out why i do.  

I do care about what happens to other people, and I know and realize when people are being hurt in the 3D world. It isn't that I don't care at all, it's more less that some can't understand the fact that there are facts of life, and there is a reason that we have to at times say alright this is a fact

It's like this now days anyone can trace IP addresses when there computer has been hacked into. When a person gets there computer up and running again and can see who has hacked them, then that would be solid evidence that someone has there computer and they can say that they weren't using there account name while this was being said or so forth

To me Jancar is someone on here that will run his motor for hours on end about something he believes and yeah he won't dis own you for disagreeing with him, but he will be little you at you at times

He has with me a lot of different times on certain issues, but so have I, and I'm no angel when it comes to this 

I don't doubt at all that you don't have your own mind on things which is good 

Bless the Nite


Well that was before lol I've grown alot in the last few weeks. I had my intelligence basically blocked, I had many things blocked, and it really gave me a good reality check. It also helped me understand many things that I needed to understand, particularly, about beliefs. And now that time seems to have passed, and I'm back, more intelligent and real than ever before. So, I won't go down the path of belittling people for not believing the same things I do, I've learned my lesson on that. I wish other people would too.

As for God, I know God is there. I've said why I know, and for me, it's not really a thing I doubt. From the level of experience, heart understanding, and intellectual understanding, I can understand that God is there. And if you don't want to believe that, that's your choice...we have free will after all. But, I'm willing to wager, that one will come to know the existence of God too. After all...that's the whole point of life, come to know God within you.

Well again, from understanding the workings of myself, I understand the nuances between mind and heart. I also understand, from the workings of self, that my true core essence, is heart. That is my real true self. The mind, is important, and it's part of our being...but I think the mind is a tool to use. And consciousness is important, intellect and intelligence is important. Trust me, I understand that now lol Ultimately though, I think it's a tool for the heart and soul to use, in order to expand it's being.

Do I know this is know, I'm about 90% sure. I still have self-discovery left in that department, but everyday, I learn more. I do know, for sure, that for me....I am being my realest, truest, most pure and authentic self...when I'm being true to what's in my heart. That's my core, that's my true being. The mind, isn't. And I know that.

I know my mind sometimes thinks things, my heart would never think. Usually negative things lol And it's not being true to what I truly feel in my heart. Or even my real serious thoughts, what I seriously think about something, alot of times, is alot different than the negative thought I'm thinking. And I think it's that way for everyone.

I think, although I'm not sure, that we are all inherently the same. So what's true for within me, will be true for you. But I'm learning now to differentiate between what I know as true from within, and what I think and believe. And I think that's important to do to stay in true integrity.

April i totally disagree, from experience, there's people out there that can make you feel something, and you take it has your own feeling, even UN seen beings can do this. just like what Mr D (sorry I've forgotten his name but i think it begins with a D) Jim told me that becz I've up-set him be prepared for him spreading lies about you and turning people against you (or something like that) People like him "if in fact he does what Jim told me he does" has that devious side to him, that he has to make people feel they way he feels about someone. and i'm sure people like that can rub off their feelings onto other weak minded people , there for those weak minded people feeling dislike/hate or whatever to the person which has been spoke about to them. I've been there. when a friend told me about someone and what they did and without me even knowing the person in question personally i believed my friend and felt that same hated my friend felt becz i was too weak at the time to disregard this information and found how my own feelings for this person. It happens... 

Also i know for a fact that not everything you see and read in news papers and on tv are/can be fully the truth. A Family member of mine went thru a court case and the papers wrote so many lies (person involved aunty worked for the local papers) and then when it went onto TV news they just go off on what's been reported elsewhere and its gets further away from the truth. Thankfully we got all chargers drop against us. it took the jury only 15 mins to come up with the verdict! sometimes these things you are talking about become belief's in their own rights and i'm 100% with John on this on... on his first posting anyway i haven't read his reply to you yet lol       

I'm glad that the charges were dropped for you, and yeah sometimes the stories be taken out of line, and taken to far in things, but honestly though I was talking about when simple facts are shown to you in front of you, and something you have physical evidence or proof that you know someone was guilty of doing something and there are different aspects of this Hannah I know that'

I know all there is about Empathy lol, trust me I could tell you some pretty gory stories when it comes to feelings another persons feeling on things and what they were going through heheheehhehee.

IT isn't real pretty though while you are going through it, but I know what Empathy and picking up another persons emotions can do to you, and even at long distance range I know what that is like as well

I have picked up emotions from a Prostitute before, and know what they go through and know how they can be as well, I know the works of it, and I'm not proud of the fact that I had picked this emotion up, but I did learn a lot from it as well, and I didn't even have to leave the home here to pick this emotion up either 

Do i have physical evidence of this. No of course not, but it would be nice to have some proof that this was taking place, because that way I could help anyone that is looking for the truth in it. this is when Proof and Evidence comes in handy though, when you can prove that something really did happen and have physical evidence that you were picking up on these emotions, otherwise people will just think you are plain crazy if you go on and on about the emotions and feelings you pick up on lol

You know how it is though 

Bless the Nite


i take your word on your experience's April i have this happen to me very often myself. i've seen awful stuff thru the eyes of others, some so disturbing in the past I've been admitted or someone had to ring the crisis team (which is are metal health out of hours service) I've had talking therapies and drugs pile down my throat which never helped. but i don't think the doctors ever understood what they were dealing with. Now i personally understand it and with the things i see day to day i can cope so much better, i've found a place within me where i can find peace. but i can't stay in it all the time, otherwise i'm scared that i will forget why i am here, and forgot that others here are finding life very hard.

Me and my sister came to blows the over day. becz she turned around to me and said why does the world need to change, just get on with your own life. i like my life the way as it is.... i asked what about others here. she replied others don't effect you. and i was like actually they do i can't sit back and do sweet fa all for others while i know people and animals out there are being beaten, torture, staved etc,and its not just becz i know of it happening but i see it thru their eyes and i feel that pain and suffering. it really hurts it does. so i totally understand. We need to put a stop to this crap from happening. once and for all.             



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