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IT'S OFFICIAL..President Trump Declares His Allegiance To Israel And Zionism With Strike On Syria Over ISIS-Initiated Chemical Attack On Syrians


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questions are answered when mysteries satisfactorily rewarded this demands living.....;-0 solutions are a buzz

bdt=bulk data transfer.....while back, rumours of 'nk missile strike.' but event was actually about nsa server in hawai accessed by trump and white hats in military intel to extract tarmac chat between hillbilly and ambitious l.l.........defcon enabled data dump back to conu.s....things are not always what they seem and potus is not a mere journalist, like some jumping ship...aj and pjw are not insiders.......

Do NOT!!!! trust Q.

His updates are perspective related and not True intel. His Sec updates are purely posturing.

Q has been the most reliable informant to the public since the 70s and with the use of the internet playing a dangerous game.

The reason his reliability and accuracy is by design. Lead up to the false claim which will throw America under the bus.

q-anon is u.s. army intel, affiliated with can access all devices and post accurate reports, online.....a collective of patriots close to the plan

Your call Drekx.

Understand the cross between NSA and Army Int. when you do you will see the contradiction

example; 201st military intelligence battalion, u.s. army signal intel.....wake up,

Sorry to see my faith in you recently has now diminished. Good luck.

plus i thought the name calling was a time past.

get focussed on real issues if you seek respect....;-0

respect is far from. Though i know now your intel is still star based not earth as i mentioned previously.

my star kin are earth aware..

example; 513th military intelligence know little about this, android



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