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IT'S OFFICIAL...People In Washington D.C. Are Seeking Psychotherapy Because They Are Diagnosed With "Trump Derangement Syndrome".....SOME PEOPLE HERE SHOULD TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE

4:33 PM 07/29/2018
Kyle Perisic | Contributor | The Daily Caller
A protester dressed in a Trump mask and gorilla costume stands in a cage, London

Therapists around Washington, D.C., are noticing a sharp increase in patients describing symptoms of what has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“There is a fear of the world ending,” said DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Center founder, Elisabeth LaMotte, referring to some of President Donald Trump’s decisions. “It’s very disorienting and constantly unsettling.”

LaMotte described an uptick in her patients describing what the right refers to as Trump Derangement Syndrome, CBC reported Saturday. “Is he gonna blow us all up?” one of her patients asked.

Urban Dictionary defines Trump Derangement Syndrome as “a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.”

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning calls it “Trump Anxiety Disorder” because “symptoms were specific to the election of Trump and the resultant unpredictable sociopolitical climate.”

Trump himself tweeted about the disorder July 18, saying those on the left “would rather go to war” with Russia than see a peace talk.

LaMotte added that she’s treated some Trump supporters as well, mostly because friends and families have alienated them for publicly supporting the president.

Washington therapist Steven Stosny recounted treating a member of the Trump administration and the toll it took on his family-life. (RELATED: RAND PAUL: ‘TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME’ HAS INFILTRATED T...

“His daughter was starting to hate him,” Stosny said. “It was very hard on his spouse, too. The wife couldn’t take it anymore. It’s tough when one spouse is at war with the children.”

While Stosny’s patient left the administration, the couple divorced.

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I am glad that nobody is listening to psychiatrists nowadays. After the trailer for ´Glass´I think we can pretty much agree that psychiatrists are not going to help solve anybody´s mental issues.

chakra balancing/cleansing the spirit with Light along with verbalizing/analysis

Yup, I know of someone on this site who I was friends with on Facebook and they suffer from SEVERE Trump Derangement Syndrome (and some people on this site too - tee hee hee).

HEY DARKSTAR: check out this individual with VERY SEVERE Trump Derangement Syndrome. LOL!! Click

Malcolm:  Yup, seen the Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome video before - best one.  (I get a LAUGH every time!)

yeah , people of Washington DC sure showed their lunacy when facing sissy , p**** Neo Nazi supremacists today. What happened to your brothers in arms Malcolm , Petboy and that fascist Darkstar ? what mommie didnt let you out of her basement today in fear that youll get your precious tush kicked ? What happened guys ? still gonna blame Antifa ? 

HEY MICHAL: listen to what a real Nazi white supremacist had to say about what defines a Nazi, as opposed to those Antifa basement dwellers loaded with student loans who "believe" they know what defines a Nazi....

good try Malcolm but we all know what that guy did to Europe in the name of socializm.......but dumb a**** like you never really experienced that on your yankee a****. all you know is youtube videos and american imbecile education to deny the horrors he implemented ..............go back to your basement and connect with your brothers in arms and tiki torches.

sometimes I wish we hadn't joined ww2, liberated all those countries with blood and treasure and then paid for the marshall plan(and nato and all the rest)-the American 'peasants' are now considered less than dogshit by this guy and his ilk

Hey Pet...



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