*Note: these messages were given to our Prepare For Change Glendale, AZ group and even though they were meant for our group, much of what was said pertains to all Light Workers.

(channeled by James McConnell)


This was a great day for us who watched you step forward in a big way to be of service, knowing in your three dimensional understanding that it may not be so. Believe it! Believe that even a small group such as this with the right intention, with the right love, can bring about miracles.

You, each one has been chosen for this. In many respects you have chosen yourselves. So it is certainly not by happenstance that you find yourselves here today working in this manner, bringing about these types of changes. And changes you HAVE done this day! Please understand that. For even though it seems that the forces of darkness are still all around you, that everywhere you look, there is chaos, hatred and fear. Know that is just a moment in time.

Just as a drop of water into the ocean becomes that entire ocean, it creates that entire ocean. Know that all of the drops that you are, the human races, that all of the civilizations within the Universe are, you are all drops in this sea of consciousness in the Universe. And all of your drops make up this sea. Without just one drop the sea, as you know it, ceases to be as it was. For it takes all to make the One.

So although there are those that appear wayward, appear to be as your enemies, know that they are not your enemies. They are your brothers and sisters in the life to come. Know that at one time, one day, one moment those that were seemingly your enemies now will be your friends, your brothers and your sisters. They will clasp hands with you. Share a hug.

For even the darkest force at one time eventually becomes a force of Light. As shown in those ones who have been in what has been called the Ancharra Alliance and the Annunaki who were once enemies of the Earth but now have moved into the Light, many of them, and are now forces for the Light. And just as they were seeming foes within the Darkness, they now bring that same power into the Light. And so too, will these ones that you battled this day.

And just as you have been battling these same ones each night in your dream state from a different vantage point, know that now you have battled them within this three dimensional consciousness. Within the illusion itself we can tell you our brothers and sisters, you have won, and not only the battles but you have won the war. This War of Love. Not a war of hate or fear but a War of Love. Creation of Light and Love upon this planet once again. For at one time all was of the Light here. And at one time soon all will be of the Light here again.

I as Yeshua, wish to thank you again for what you have accomplished this day. And know that as you continue to move along in your daily lives, other opportunities will arise and you will be asked once again to be a part of this higher level of knowing and expression. And to bring that knowing and Light into those that are without it at this time.

All of my peace and love be with each of you as you continue on to wage this war of Love and Light for all of your brethren. Peace and love to you all.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Good to be here again with you in this way.

How do you all feel here? Feeling like you actually did something? You question this often. You see all of those things happening around the planet and you see those ones saying, “If we could only do this and do this. Everything would be wonderful.” And your response is always, “But what can we do?”

“What can we do in this little world we are in?” And we have shown you this day what you can do, what you can accomplish. Just as the Yeshua said, we want you to understand the enormity of what you have done here. For even though it seems as though it is just your imagination, it is just your visualization process that you have done, it is much more than that. For as you can visualize, as you can imagine, it becomes that.

You must come to understand that as you were working with this light in this fashion piercing through the darkness, as was given the James to work with, just as you were doing that, it was being done. And even though those there on that island were not aware of anything happening around them those within that base were completely aware of what you were doing.

And we must tell you now that they are now aware of you. That is not to spread fear amongst you, for you are well-protected. This is why you have been given access to your Merkaba Light Vehicle as a force of protection. They know who you are now. Not necessarily by name or your address or anything of this nature. They know you be vibration. And in some ways it might bring about a fearful type of reaction but it is exactly the opposite my brothers and sisters. You want them to know of you.

We want them to fear your Light. Not in the same way of fear that they are creating but to know that you have power and to know that you together with all those in this group and all of those in other groups around the world have power together. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are the Lightbearers, the Lightworkers; you are a force to be reckoned with. A force of Light. A force of Love as you are swept up in this Tsunami of Love as it sweeps across the land, across the planet itself.

You can see now if you but look with eyes to see. You can see the waters of the Tsunami washing over the area you just found yourselves. And see the waters of love and light moving into those areas even now as we sit here now, as you sit here now. And that water flows into those areas. Once the water has flowed into those areas that you have now opened up that is what you need to look at, that is what you need to understand. You have opened these areas so this Water of Light, this Water of Love can spread into them and fill these nooks and crannies, fill these dark wells with this Water of Life.  He said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” So too, are you “The Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Great accomplishments you have performed this day. We are proud to be brothers and sisters alongside of you as we work together.

Would there be any questions here?

Question: Are there organizations and people we can support to bring in the Love and Light?

Yes. There are many processes in the works now you might say. Many levels of expressions that are happening and all of this will culminate at one point. For now it is all of these facets that are coming together, pushing toward the “Event”. A little bit over here, a little bit over there, a little bit here and all of these things are coming together, pushing and pushing until the final grand “Event’ occurs. All of this is a part of the Tsunami of Love. As this washes over the land it brings about change of consciousness in many different places and in many different ways.

So where as before one individual or one group or one company or one part of the government has not been on board, has not been part of the light, as this level of love washes over them they cannot be anything but. It is as if you are standing in front of the ocean and you put your feet in the ocean. Your feet get wet but the rest of your body is not yet.

But as you wade more and more into the water or if the water were to suddenly rise up and come over you, can you avoid getting wet? No! For as the Waters of Life touch you and move over you, you become wet with this. So too do all who come in contact with this. You must understand that all will come in contact with this. They cannot avoid it. But there will be those that might become wet and then dry themselves off very quickly. They do not want to be wet. They do not want to have this Light. There will be those who shy away from this. And are already doing so. All you can do is send more Light, send forgiveness to them. Will all forgive them? No, they will not. But you are the examples, you are the Wayshowers. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” If Yeshua, himself, could pronounce those words, even if he could do that and forgive all those who were persecuting him can you do less than that?

Send them forgiveness. Send them love. Send them light and let it do what it will. And know that all is being orchestrated at many different levels and you are a part of this orchestration. Does this answer your question?

Question: My son seems to have separation anxiety. Can you shed some light on this?

As we are searching for this solution here, yes, another one of us has stepped in to answer this question here, because it is necessary that you have a look here at the truth. Are you ready to handle the truth? We want you to search yourself to see if you really want to hear the truth. 

We would tell you to put aside the question of “Antares” or anything of this nature now because it is a sense of nurturing here. Not so much nature, although there is nature involved here too, in the sense that he came in with some of this. But he is at a certain age now that he is beyond much of this. He is at the point that he is at his own free will making his decisions. He needs to do that. And because of a sense of nurturing, this one has not been free to make those decisions on his own or at least he believes he cannot do this.

Because in many respects there has been a sense of you might say of over-nurturing in some respects here. What has been called, and we do not necessarily like the terminology but it is what we are finding through the James here that is a sense of holding on to much, a sense of babying in some ways. And this is what you need to look at here, what has been created by this situation here with you and your help mate, not so much anymore, but the way you have raised this one to be in many respects. That he is not able to fend for himself and to know that he can do so. He is not able to go out and experience the world because he has not done it yet. You see?

It is time to let go. Let this one out of the nest and fly or fall. Whatever the case but that is the way in many respects when birds have their young and they push them out of the nest and they do this. They push them out! They do not wait until they are ready. They push them out. If they fly they fly and if they fall they fall. And if they fall, usually it is not too far and they can pick themselves up and try again. You see?

It is time to push this one out of the nest. Do it gently. Do it with love but do it, because otherwise you will have this one clinging on to you for the next several years. You see?

There is a two letter word that you can begin to use. NO. NO. but with love. Knowing that this expression is going to lead to a newer expression for this one.

Statement: I hope I didn’t take up too much time!

There is no time here. We could go like this all day. It is the James here that has energy exhaustion at times.

Statement: I am happy that we could consciously be of service together.

We wish for you to know that as you continue on in this group you will be asked to do more of these types of things, if you are ready for it, if you are accepting of it. This was somewhat of an experiment, you might say, to see if you were ready and you WERE!

Question: Can you tell me anything about the woman I connected with during this meditation?

This is one that you particularly made contact with because of this one’s readiness to begin the awakening process you might say. This is mainly all it was. That one was doing this. In many respects this was symbolic here. There were many that were aware at a deeper level within themselves so that it could be triggered, that which would be considered the alarm clock that has been ready to go off in many across the planet. You had to go in there first. Just as we, so called Ascended Masters, could not do it on our own as well.

Question:  I had an experience of the Archangels. Their wings were rolled out. I realized that their wings were not for transportation, for flying,  but to cleanse and purify the atmosphere. That was exactly what they were doing there and I saw a lot of “them” rising up to the light as I spread the love.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Question: I have been having these dreams of men representing love in my life. I am missing some great love? Why am I having these dreams of seeking great love?

Yes. What is the idea of the opposite sex in terms of the search for that person in reality here? Your other half, the portion of you that creates the whole that you are. And when that is missing, and it could be missing in your physical expression, in your relationships and it is missing in most instances as we find it across the entire planet, it is very difficult to find that other half of yourself because what is it? It is your Twin Soul. And you are not going to find, in most respects, that Twin Soul on this planet at this time. It is coming. But it is not yet.

So you are constantly searching for that. In your dream state if you are searching for that aspect in yourself that is showing up in the male aspect here, then you are searching for that other portion of you to pull yourself together. You see?

We will release channel here.

AS you continue on in these continuing journeys that you are having, know that it is just that, a journey. It is not the destination that is the most important here. Will you get to that destination here? Yes. You will get there. No sooner that you get to your destination then another one opens up in front of you. So you will never finally get to that final destination.

It is as if you are traveling in a train and you are moving along, looking out the windows seeing the various sites you see: the animals, the plants and trees, as things pass by. The rivers as you pass over them. You see all of this, you most of all will finally get to a certain destination and see that it constantly outdistances you because there is no final designation. It is all the journey along the way. Know that as you are traveling along in this train, looking out those windows, see through your Third Eye and see the vistas that are opening in front of you and marvel at all that is there in life as you continue on in this journey.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell
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