Israeli Death Squads Sent to Egypt

Israeli Death Squads Sent to Egypt


The office of israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered their counterpart in the Egyptian government, Omar Suleiman, also head of Egyptian intelligence, to send death squad units, the groups of militant zionist murderers who wear Arab civilian clothes also known as “mistaaravim”, to infiltrate the protesters in Egypt in order to assassinate the leaders of the opposition and the revolutionary movement who take part in the protests against the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak and his thugs.

The israeli hebrew newspaper “Maariv” revealed yesterday that high-level officials in the office of Benjamin Netanyahu carried out in recent days a series of phone calls with Suleiman and advised him about the urgent necessity of “security” coordination on several issues between Israel and Egypt. The newspaper added that the prevention of smuggling weapons through the tunnels on Egypt’s border to the Gaza Strip was only one issue among others which the officials discussed.

The Quds Press agency, quoting Israeli sources, said that the jewish zionist state had offered General Omar Suleiman, now appointed “vice-President of the Republic of Egypt” by dictator Mubarak, to put “all potential resources” at his disposal to “protect the regime in Egypt”, including the implementation of the “specific operations to pre-empt the popular revolution”, and asked him to work together to prevent what they called “smuggling weapon to the Gaza Strip”.


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  • Love Will Conquer All~8113450675?profile=originalLove is Stronger than death
    • Thank you Esseya!  Love will conquer all!




  • Israel is a law unto itself.  It believes in its own racial supremacy, they actually think that they are the master race!  Where have you heard that before?  They are living in an Apartheid state.  They do not allow refugees into their country!  When did you see a load of Nigerians asking for refugee status in Israel?   You won't because they would make some excuse and call them terrorists or thieves.  Why does not anyone bring this up in politics!  Because Israel controls all the politicians from every country, and if they get out of line, the same fate with befall them as what happen to the Polish President and his entire political party.   That was because they refused the IMF loan and the contaminated vaccines.  Only one of their party wanted to go along with the elite and he was the only one not on that plane, how convenient!
    • Very,very important subject to wake up all sleepers!

      Well done Charles.

      The "Jews" are not really jews , because once upon a time there lived a people called "Khazars" between the black and caspian sea , and when they lost a war many hundreds of years ago , their king adopted the judaism that was in the middle of a crisis.

      He forced his people to join the judaism or die.

      The call themselves "the chosen people" and after much study , I found that they probably got "chosen" by the Annunaki to bear the reptilian bloodline on Earth.



      • That is what I know of the Khazarians (Fake Jews) too.  I only hope that the Jews see the zionists for what they truly are and oppose them through non-compliance, non-support and vocal opposition to everything that the zionists do.

        The reptiles have no etheric body and cannot spiritually evolve, that is because they have learned nothing from us in all that time, they only learned how to use us to their advantage.  If they made the effort and were able to learn more about our spiritual nature, they may make a massive evolutionary jump.    They are just not that smart to begin with, they are cunning, deceptive and manipulative, but that won't help them in the end.

        Thanks Andronover.


        Many Blessings Friend.


  • (Heb. ii. 3-4); "For if the word spoken by angels was steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward, How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?"


  • All the governments of the world are controlled by the Rothschilds, it has taken them hundreds of years to get into the position that they have now.  Take a look at the Protocols of Zion,  a document that is at least 112 years old, it outlines what is in the world today.  The Jews tried to claim it was a hoaxed document, but everything it mentioned is virtually all in place.   Why do they hate so much humanity?  What told the few to control the rest of them to be this way?   The Human race is waking up to what they are doing.   But we need to see real Jews standing against this evil perversion!   The Jews are being used just as much as they are using and killing us.


    They have been taught never to live from the heart.  It is time they turned their back on their evil, twisted and manipulative leaders!   Become part of the Human race not apart from it.

    • A few Jews are protesting agains the zionism , but they are to few.

      They will soon fall , and they will fall heavily!

      It´s very important that we all spread the truth , because the masscounciousness of truth will change this world.





      • I know of these nobel and good Jews who are fighting the Zionist system.  Check out Rabbi Weiss, here is a great man standing up for the truth about Zionism.


        We must see the End of Zionism that will also see the end of all wars worldwide, Monetary control, the end of Big Corporations that are poisoning the human race and the entire planet, we will see the end of corruption in high office, injustice, hatred, violence, mass starvation, chemtrailing, fluoridation of the water and many more of things that are going only because of the zionist's control on the world, they are using the money that they are taking from people all over the world through the corrupt banking control they have over printing the world's currencies and charging interest on it when money should have no debt attached to it because the people get their governments to print their countries money, not private corrupt Zionist family banks.


  • It's about time the Israeli government falls <<>>
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