The proposed judiciary reforms in Israel reveals Israel regime to be what it is: an hodge podge of lame bozos unable to deliver anything even remotely like a democratic and just governance. It is just what I (and many pple) have been trying to point out. If Israel were a real democracy and a just regime, there would be not even an hint of such a retrogresive process.

Making judges politicians or subordinate to politicians should remind someone of one incidence: Pilato yielding to the demands to crucify Jesus despite 'knowing' that he did no wrong! It is a well known step to perversion of justice.

'I know that Jesus did no wrong, but well, since the majority are shouting that we crucify him, then well, crucify him, anyway..'!

Such is how the judges of Israel will be issuing verdicts, if the reforms pass through!

But how do competent and just regimes ensure that judges are not biased and that are accountable to the public? This (like merely writing a constitution) boggs Israeli elits. But it is actually very simple. You cannot have the 'majority' to select judges because unlike governance, appeasing to the majority is not what justice is about. This will be like the majority acting like their own referees. Instead, we zoom down to what it is that creates the 'majority' and the 'minority'. Both the 'majority' and the 'minority' should have equal weight in selecting judges. So in U.S., they can, for instance, let each party nominate ten representatives to select the judges etc.

That it doesn't occur to Israelis, especially the rulling parties, that elections can be rigged shows that Israel has never been a democracy to begin with! How can a judiciary resolve a disputed elections if judges are nothing but the servants of the 'rulling party', and to make it worse, the parliament can override the decisions of the court? Remember that any 'present' majority in the parliament indicates how popular the party was during the times of the election, and not at that present. In real democracies, political parties can lose their popularity in a matter of days! Then herein lies the absurdity of saying that 'just because a party is popular in the parliament, then whatever it does is popular amongst masses'. This shows that even if we accepted for argument sake that judiciary is about appeasing the majority of citizens (actually a stupid idea), it still doesn't follow that the parliament should be the one appointing judges or overriding their rullings.

Then notice that the likes of Netanyahu are not even worrying about the future when the other party might be in power and it becomes their turn to seek help from a judiciary, now controled by the other party! Again this indicates people who are not familiar with any real democracy (where rulling parties can change). It shows that Israel has never been a real democracy, and thats why their votings has never brought any changes in their governance! They must have been having a 'controlled opposition' so that whatever party comes to power, it is always the same set of elites that are in control. In short, they have a sham democracy! 

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  • Note that the protest has now began to divided the Israeli army! Israel is heading into a civil war. Watch out!!
  • Now attacking a civilian, nuclear facility is, needless to say, a war crime. But Netanyahu's and other Israelis disregard to laws has been glaring in international laws, and Israeli maases had been largely indifferent to this. After all, it is not them that suffers from this disregard to morals. Now it has boomeranged on themselves! Now it is their turn to experience leaders that rules without regard to any law!
    Nothing can stop Israel from attacking Iran for its own 'security'? I will ask what if Iran had somehow acquired the nukes already? Will they attack it? They won't, as what they weigh in whenever they discuss such hair-brained ideas as 'attacking Iran's nuclear facilities', what comes on table is just whether Israel CAN do it!

    This is the tragic problem with Israel's foreign policy. That is why, instead of creating security for itself, it has only created nightmares such as Hamas, Hezbollah etc. Such statements as those of Netanyahu signals to its 'enemies' that Israel only understands the language of force! The answer to Israel is not a discussion on what is it 'lawful', 'right thing to do' etc. The answer is more missiles, armed groups, nukes etc! This has, in the long run, made Israel more insecure, not the other way round!!
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