• Now you who have mislead folks here , read this:

    We who have denied that Ison survived maybe don't have low vibrations after all.

    The truth has the highest vibrations.

  • We will know soon enough  if we start getting fireballs in the sky late December /early January when we are to go through the debris  trail.  NASA doesn't want us to believe any of ISON  survived.  I have a tendency to believe they are lying. Why I don't  know because the general mass public has not heard of ison.  Every Joe Smith I run into has never  heard of it nor do they care.

  • Target message from ESU:

    ISON was an ordinary COMET discovered by your scientists in 2011 and then a whole internet collection of false facts being made for new age readers.  There was not ever a ship with it, or a cluster of ships within it, or any other such stories.  Please put to rest all this material out there.  ISON is not more except a traveling group of fragments.  Esu
  • Well Mr Ed , if you didn't understand it - my video gives an explanation to your video.

    Ison as large as the Earth - allow me to LOL

  • soho_c3_timelapse_new_0.jpeg?itok=2GqUrmjR

  • Then why has NASA reinstated the live link to data of its projected location?  Because its debris  trail is widening.  Currently over 42 million miles wide and increasing.  Its projected to pass 41 million miles from earth.  Do the math.  Some of this debr is larger than many known comets.  Massive debris which could cause havoc to earth.  

    • Because Nasa manipulates data to fit their agenda.

      My video above were downloaded Before they could manipulate it.

  • Starfleet has had a LOT of huge ships around the sun the last years  , and my video can prove this to you.

  • This is great teaching:

    Candace Teachings on GLP: " There is NO Nibiru and more topics ", Pdf - Update.
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