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To Dream the Impossible Dream


That which is Cosmic Awareness is available at this time please proceed with the questions. Thank you Awareness for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of September 25, 2013. The Interpreter is Will Berlinghof, Joan Mills is energizer and questioner. The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Is there an opening message or current event you would like to discuss please?

That this Awareness has a general opening message. That, that which was the Equinox energies, that which was the date of September 21st and the weekend of the 21st - 22nd has now been completed. That this marked not the actual moment when great change would occur but it did indeed mark the completion of the nine-month period that this Awareness has often talked about and described. That many have had an experience upon the completion, of great weariness, great tiredness and that many are wondering what this is about, why they are feeling so exhausted and so tired.

This Awareness would quickly state here that the reason for this is because you have gone through a high energy event of the internal nature, and that this high energy event, this birthing, if you will, has caused many to feel weariness, to feel aches and pains, to feel unsettled. That if one were again to use the analogy of a birth – that when the child is born, that often that newborn child needs time to rest, for the actual birth process itself is strenuous, is exhausting. Therefore, for all that feel exhausted and weary, this Awareness would say: simply rest now, take it easy, do not exert or force yourself into activities when you have the opportunity to rest. The need for activity is something that has been bred deeply into the human psyche; the need to do, and to do, and to do again. However at this time after the expenditure of such high volumes of energy, the energy needed to complete the birthing process into the new energies of the new realities, is such that it simply requires your patience, your understanding and your willingness to let things go, to be in the moment, to relax if this is what is needed; even to sleep, for sleep is a way of going through the temporal time energies that humankind are immersed in. This being of course the linear expression of time and the experiencing of that linear process that always seems to suggest there is not enough time or that one must use their time wisely, must do things so that one is prepared or ready.

Very few understand that time is illusionary and that it is more an inbred sense of doing, of the need to do, that is pushing and forcing one into a state of anxiety if they do not feel they are doing enough. These are the early days, the beginning of a new way. They are not the completion of that new way, they are simply the completion of that time frame that this Awareness has spoken of: the nine-month period of time where much occurred on the internal level of one's being. Now that this is complete, there will be abundant time to actualize that which is the inner state of knowing, but for this to be accomplished one must still go through the present reality of experience that each and every one is experiencing. No two sets of experiences will be exactly the same, will be identical to one another. There will always be personal differences and personal interpretations that will make one's own personal experience different from others. Even if one partakes in mass events with many others, each will still have their own personal journey through the experiences that are shared on that mass level.

That many have reached the point where that which is unfolding is undesirable to them, uncomfortable, and even difficult to the extreme. That the Interpreter and his wife this day experienced the loss of power, the loss of electricity for several hours due to extreme wind storms that were sweeping through the local area that the Interpreter and his wife live in now. That the loss of electricity did mean that which is normally held as the working state, the normal state, was not available to them for several hours. While this in itself was not a great difficulty, the Interpreter did have a sense of the desperation that will occur if many go through such an experience.

This Awareness would even say, when many go through such an experience, when suddenly the electricity has gone, the telecommunication devices no longer functioning, the computers crashed and the state of existence being one of hardship suddenly. This will be what will happen for many as they go through the mass experiences that are ready to occur. Even those who have long listened to the words of this Awareness have been open to understanding or attempting at least to understand how it may be that one can create a different reality, will still be going through the mass experiencing of the breakdown of the system, of its collapse and will find themselves in such apprehension and such fear.

That while this Awareness says that it is what is needed, that there will be new realities formulating and being available, still many will go through the upheaval, that the loss of that which is considered normal and available every day is suddenly unavailable, not there to be taken advantage of. Such is the nature of reality in the modern world that most do not know what to do when the power goes down. Luckily for many this is but a temporary situation and will be normally restored after a period of time. But imagine, if you will, a situation where the electricity that was once always available simply is no longer available. A majority will go into fear reaction. Many will not be able to cope and many will pass at that time because of the seriousness of the situation over a prolonged period. This Awareness is not simply talking about several hours without electricity.

Yet this Awareness will also say that this is what is required for the world to shift from that which is the standard way of living to a new way of living. Remember always that electricity is produced through fuels that are used: oil, coal, nuclear energy, all are those energy fuels that are needed to run the power plants. That if it is to be that this form of fuel that produces electricity is no longer available, no longer used, many will not be able to see a solution. Yet there are indeed solutions, and that this Awareness does say that the Powers That Be know that the solutions that are available will change the planet.

That is one of the reasons why those Powers That Be have tried so hard to keep this planet engaged in the production of oil and coal, so that they can stay in charge providing electricity to the many, but only to the degree that it suits them. They do know that the events that are coming, that are already underway, will finally destroy even their capacity to keep people imprisoned in the mentality of need for power, the power they have controlled, the power that they hold. When this is gone and unavailable, it is their desire, wish and plan to ensure their own needs are met. Hence their efforts to create underground bases and places of safety for themselves which will have their own power supplies. They are not concerned with what will happen to those on the surface, those who will go through the upheaval of a loss of energy available to run one's refrigerator, one's stove, to heat one's house, to watch one's television, to sit in front of one's computer.

That the Powers That Be are aware of what is coming and they have kept humanity in the dark on this matter. Not only have they kept them in dark, they have also kept secret the alternative sources of energies that are available. Tesla did indeed create apparatus that would allow people to tap into free energy, orgone energies available in the very sky above, in the air around, and that these devices have long been known of by the Powers That Be. But in their manipulation of world events, in their control of fuel for the production of electricity, that they have held this back, they have not allowed such information to come to the forward understanding and perception of humanity itself.

That this Awareness will say here, that should it be that the world energy grid does go down, there are forces that are ready to bring forward the advanced technology that is already available, and to restore power and electricity to ensure survival. But many will be in a state of panic during this time, many will simply not believe that such a thing is possible, many will tie themselves into their fears to such a degree and such an extent that they go into panic reaction.That the times ahead are such that this Awareness yet again proclaims that all must be calm, all must understand there are alternative realities that are ready to come online, that are ready to be initiated, but this can only happen once the old structures are collapsed.

Those new structures, including new banking systems, new economic realities, new levels of human compassion and cooperation, can only come to be when those who have such tight grip on such matters are removed. It may take time, it may indeed require that some go through the upheaval, the death throes of the planet’s old system, the old regimes collapsing. But do not lose heart, for this Awareness has always seen and always expressed that there are other ways, a new way of being, a new way of cooperation, not only in the world of man and woman, but also in the world of Mother Earth, planetary consciousness.

That the planet is indeed also starting afresh and while it is that there may be certain geophysical events that occur, this is part of the clearing, for that is what needs to happen, a clearing of the old so that the new can formulate and proceed. That if it is so, that one is experiencing the death throes, is in the midst of panic and stress over what is occurring – that this is the very time to go within, to allow oneself to move toward in trust and belief that while one regime, one way of reality is ending, it is not the ending of all. It is simply the sweeping away of what has been the corruption and the insanity that has been prevalent for the new light of reason to dawn, the new comprehension and understanding of the higher truths.

That for those who have an awareness of this already but are still in need of the experience, understand that the experience of upheaval and discord, the experience of collapse and even calamity, are simply the old energies being cleared out. Do not panic but to remain calm, to remain positive, to go deeply within to find the inner connections, to find the trust and faith necessary to go through the events that are ready to occur and are already underway.This Awareness is seeking here to present a message of hope and not despair. That even though one may still be going through their personal interpretation of reality, one may still be going through hardships and discomfort. That this is a passing event and that it is imperative that one and all remember this, that one and all hold to the new formation of the realities of the Divine that are ready to suffuse civilization itself, humanity itself, Mother Earth herself.

That this time is indeed the most important of times and that which could lead one astray is the falling into fear and panic, into action that is not necessary but is often pushed because of the breeding of humanity towards their survival, towards the need to do something to survive. There are many who are ready to assist and to help in these times but they too understand that each individual has the right to the experience of their choice, and if that choice is made in ignorance and blindness, still it is a choice. The need to go deeper, the need to trust that all will be well is fundamental to the experiencing of realities where the events that have occurred are but the events of sweeping clean the slate of that which is undesirable and no longer of service to humanity or to the individual.

It always starts at the individual level and although many perceive these events as mass events they have no control over, not understanding or appreciating their own power to create a different reality for themselves, that this Awareness will still say to those many who are hearing the words of this Awareness, reading the message of this Awareness, that you must focus on your own reality first and foremost. You must hold that all will be well, that this is part of a much greater event, a Divine event that has always been planned and that has always been that towards which civilization and humanity has been moving.

That this event and the many events involved in this great event of sweeping change are events that are needed at this time, that have been prayed for by the many for so long. Now you stand in the ebb and flow of the waters of change and the winds of change. When events occur around you, do not be misled, do not abandon hope, do not forget that you are spiritual beings who have chosen to be available for these very events, to experience them to the degree that the soul is ready and prepared to experience them too. Many will have no great understanding perhaps of the unfolding events and will be herded along like sheep towards an ultimate conclusion that is their soul's purpose to experience.

But many are awake, you are awake and it is your responsibility now to remember the inner truth, the inner promise of the Divine that you are immortal beings. That despite the actual circumstances that may be unfolding around you, that you can direct your lives, that you can create a different reality that you can tie in to the Divine plan that is now unfolding. Live in hope, hold that life will continue, your life will continue, the lives of loved ones will continue, a new world will be formed and is indeed even now forming.

That this is that which is necessary during times of upheaval, for if one submits to panic, to fear, to calamity then one will indeed have those as their experiences in the fullest measure. If one can be the observer, be detached from the unfolding events, hold that this too will pass, and that the upheaval and discord will finally be completed and the new world will commence, that these ones will hold it and experience it. You will hold it and experience it. But these are only words even if it is indeed the words of this Awareness. In the end this Awareness can only offer you hope, can only offer you the insight and awareness of how things can be. One must do it still for themselves, you must do it for yourself. The energies of the Divine are with you, the energies of your spiritual brothers and sisters are with you. The angelic realm, the ascended ones, the extraterrestrial brothers and sisters are all waiting for these events to sweep through so that they may finally become more involved with the formation of the reality that awaits, and that is now unfolding.

Remember that even though you may be experiencing events where you think it is impossible to survive or to continue – this too is but a belief, and that it is imperative to hold that this is not your reality even if you are observer to the unfolding events, even if you see the many panicking and failing, still you are the one who is controlling your destiny, controlling your future. Hold that the future you choose will not be the future that others choose. Hold that that which seems so impossible is simply that which has never been done before and a new reality is forming where the possible is indeed very possible and indeed the way of things to come.

That this Awareness at this time sends Its energies, Its love, Its support and Its belief in humanity and its destiny to one and all. This Awareness sends to the individual the energy to continue, to hold strongly to the inner knowing of one's being and to the trust and faith that all will be well, for it indeed will be well. That this Awareness has seen this, that the Divine knows this. It is simply that you as an individual must hold it to be so and be open to live the impossible dream, the dream of a New World, a new reality, new states of consciousness that are the destiny and the future of humanity and of Mother Earth. That this completes this opening message at this time. Thank you Awareness. A lot of food for thought. Thank you. May I ask a quick question concerning the opening message please? It is related to that which you have just said. I’m wondering: will all of the timelines be affected by the upcoming events that were related to us?

This Awareness is not quite following what you are asking of It. Okay, the opening message was discussing the various events that would be upcoming shortly so that there can be a change. Now what I am wondering is: will that involve all of the timelines, for all of the people, or will those who do not choose that particular timeline still be affected by these upcoming events?

That this is an interesting and important question. This Awareness reminds one and all that It sees all timelines, the billions and billions of individual timelines, and timelines that could be if alternative choices are made. It is why this Awareness is aware that there are many timelines where negative events will take place and that it is possible to tune into those negative timelines. Yet it is also possible not to tune into them, not to energize them, but choose rather to create new timelines to have experiences other than the predicted events that are experienced or prophesied and predicted.

That this does not mean that even though one has chosen to believe a new possible future that they will not indeed still experience the upheaval of other timelines. Indeed it may well be that their soul destination, their soul’s plan is to experience upheaval in order to shake one up, in order to challenge one, in order to force one even into decisions that are clearly arrived at, and not simply the product of panic and fear. To the degree one can separate themselves from their own fear and panic, to rise above the fear and the panic one may feel, is how indeed one will choose alternative timelines. This Awareness would present now an analogy. The analogy is of a drowning person and that that individual while they are drowning, does go into great panic and great stress. Another may come out to save them. There is great danger in trying to save one who is in such panic and often the rescuer themselves drown because the power of the one in panic is so great that they grab hold of their rescuer and the two drown. That rescuers, lifeguards are taught first and foremost, not to simply go into the situation, to reach to the person and let themselves be dragged down. They are taught to stand a distance or be apart from the individual, either trying to talk the individual out of their panic or to find a way to grab them so that they cannot be themselves dragged down.

One could understand this to represent an observer to a situation, and rather than moving into that negative energy, that crazed energy, one holds back, one observes the best way to deal with the situation. That even once the rescuer has grabbed hold safely of the individual, the individual in their panic may still struggle and it may still be difficult for the rescuer to complete their task, but they who are experienced will be able to handle the situation even though there is turbulence and danger, and they will manage the situation, they will rescue the individual. Such it will be if one is experiencing the upheaval, the panic, the absolute chaos of the situations around them. Many will be in blind panic, one may wish to go in to try to help others only to be dragged down themselves. It is why this Awareness does say time and time again: to be the observer, to be discerning, to not give into panic and fear, for when one is in panic or fear, a fear state, that one may indeed do the wrong things, may submit to the chaotic energy and thus be taken down by it.

If one during times of upheaval, during times of extraordinary events, destructive events can maintain their composure, can hold their thoughts together, their fear in check, that they will be able to negotiate the difficult situations, even if they are somewhat affected by them, even if they are somewhat challenged by them, they will succeed whereas those who are in absolute raw panic may not survive.

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