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Is This A New Escalation? BLACK Chemtrails Reported Around The World!

Is This A New Escalation? BLACK Chemtrails Reported Around The World!

For many years there have been theories floating around about the potential dangers of chemtrails, the white stripes with a cloudlike appearance that can often be seen in the skies. Some have suggested that these chemtrails are not as innocent as most people tend to think and some people have even gone so far as to say that they may be biological and chemical agents.

This kind of theory has often been dismissed in the past as faulty reasoning and paranoid thinking. The phenomenon that believers identify as chemtrails are nothing more than the perfectly innocent condensation trials left behind by all kind of air vehicles. However, recent sightings of highly unusual chemtrails might well challenge this particular line of thinking.

Black chemtrails in the sky stump sceptics

According to many witnesses from all across the world, the chemtrails or ‘condensation trials’ appearing in their local areas are not white anymore – they’re black. No scientific body or government has chosen to offer an explanation about the sudden change in the appearance of numerous trails in the sky, but many believe that it is irrefutable evidence that chemtrails are being utilised for chemical or biological testing on civilian populations.

Sceptics have suggested that these unusual black trails might be nothing more than a shadows of a typical white condensation trail left by a plane. However, this theory has been robustly dismissed by others who have pointed out that clouds leave no shadows in the sky and therefore it would be impossible for a condensation trail left by a plane to do the same thing.

Not all of the people who believe that chemtrails are a real phenomenon believe that they are used to covertly test chemical and biological weapons. Others have suggested that they are part of a weather modification technology, often referred to as HAARP. The chemtrails are being used to electrify portions of the sky so that they can be used for testing by scientists working in this field.

Whatever the truth of the matter is, one thing is for sure; these black chemtrails cannot be easily explained away.

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The idea that the month a person was born in can predict what their destiny will be has been a mainstay of numerological and astrological practice for thousands of years. While a large segment of the population believe that there is little evidence for supporting these ideas, scientists and statisticians beg to differ. It has been suggested that there is some truth in the idea that the month a person is born it can affect every aspect of their lives from their career path to their general personality.

Here is a run-down of what this could mean for everyone.


According to the scientists, January children are more likely to suffer from disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease and epilepsy. It has been theorized that this is because January children are exposed to inadequate sunlight in utero and in the first few months of their life which could make their body chemistry incapable of resisting this debilitating diseases.


February children, according to experts are more likely than any other to grow up to have artistic abilities. Unfortunately, they are also more prone to sleep disorders which mean that they are unlikely to be able to cope with a typical nine to five job. They are also said to be more likely to become incredibly stressed if they cannot find a partner to spend their life with. However, if they do manage to find a special someone they are very caring people and tend to be excellent parents.


Children born in March are more likely to get asthma than most other people. It is assumed that this happens because they receive poor amounts of Vitamin D in utero. This lack of vitamin D can also lead to poor development at school. However, March children are known to be exceptionally lucky and tend to fall on their feet despite these disadvantages.


April children are more prone to alcoholism than other people and have also demonstrated a high incidence of autism, depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Despite all of this, April children are known to be creative, intelligent and very ambitious and tend to succeed in life.


According to Russell Foster of Oxford University, May babies are susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and glaucoma, probably due to a lack of sunlight exposure during the mother’s pregnancy. This lack of natural sunlight also leads to a reduction in IQs for most May children which they will tend to compensate for by an unusually high adherence to authority and the sanctity of marriage.


June children are known for being the most intelligent and successful adults. Of all the months of the year, June has produced the most Nobel Prize winners and CEOs. However, because they were not exposed to adequate sunlight during the first few months of gestation, they are vulnerable to vision problems in later life.


July babies are also known for their incredibly capacity for intelligence but this gift comes with a downside – they are also very sensitive and prone to spells of depression. July children are known to suffer often from dieting problems as well as other issues with their mental health.


August children suffer far more in school than any other children. According to the UK Institute for Fiscal Studies, they are 30% more likely to be labeled as problem students than those born in September. It is often assumed that this is because they are the youngest children in the class which puts them at a disadvantage. However, as they grow older, they prove themselves to be hard workers and often succeed in their chosen path.


September children tend to be the oldest in their class and therefore are at a unique advantage when it comes to learning new concepts. For this reason, these children tend to go on to pursue university educations and enter professional careers.


According to a presentation at the Cheltenham Science Festival, October babies receive the optimum amount of sunlight in the womb and in early development. This means that they do not suffer as frequently from the kind of diseases associated with insufficient vitamin D and also that they live longer than anyone else. On average, an October child will live one hundred and sixty days longer than a person born in the spring.


In 2005, a Swedish research study found that November children were prone to pessimism, possibly because they are deprived of dopamine shortly after birth owing to the low levels of sunlight in the month of their birth. The survey found the November children are the least likely to think of themselves as being lucky.


December children are prone to developing asthma and allergies. This is attributed to the fact that they are born during peak cold and flu season. Contacting a respiratory disease in the first months of life can result in permanent health problems that can dog December children throughout their lives. December babies are also vulnerable from mental health issues such as bipolar disorder.

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the skies always are polluted in Chicago , I look up.................but blacktrails ?...that's new !........

OMG - another way to poison us!

The black part of it is not a trail, it's a shadow of the trail.




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