i want to share with you all this story... 

A story by Hans Christian Andersen. An emperor hires two tailors who promise to make him a set of remarkable new clothes that will be invisible to anyone who is either incompetent or stupid. When the emperor goes to see his new clothes, he sees nothing at all — for the tailors are swindlers and there aren't any clothes. Afraid of being judged incompetent or stupid, the emperor pretends to be delighted with the new clothes and “wears” them in a grand parade through the town. Everyone else also pretends to see them, until a child yells out, “He hasn't got any clothes on!”

Now replace the Tailors with Reptilians and replace the emperor with a channeller and replace the towns people with light workers and star seeds. But who will the child be? 

Does anyone else have any old fairy tales which they think have great meaning to share? xXx

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  • sure there are meanings and truth to fairy tales it seems like childs play but really there are things at play.....for instance the snow white and the evil step mother.....who is jelouse and cruel.......I believe that those fairy tales tell the tale of women and how we can be with each other.....I also read that Venus has something to do with a development of a relationship like that, one woman pitted against another.....fairy tales, folklore and myth and legend...

    • Why label the child as a light warrior? he took a stand on his own so why do people need to group or label someone for everything they do? why not just let them be them. x 

      To be a real true free spirit one needs no label or group. as they only put up walls around you again placing you into yet a  other box. Everyone is special EVERYONE!!! no name is gonna make you anything more than you already are. apart from in your ego and head.   

    • Yep. i love Myths. 

      i do often wonder if all these creatures in Myths and folklore actually exist or not. My mum's old friend who's past over now but she was such a beautiful magical soul. in her house in the spare room when people stop over to sleep in there. have witness a hairy troll like creature which seems to walk outside from the wall in the conner and comes and jumps on you when your in the bed. it's never hurt anyone just freak's out people. even a grown man who doesn't believe in anything like that. when they came to decorative a few years ago where he comes outta the wall behind the wall paper was a tiny little door.  :o lol how cool is that   

      • I think they exist. I saw a wee person once it wore a red hat and everything, dissappeared into the wall.....

        • oh cool and cute. i remember having a little girl living in my room as a child when i was going thru a really bad time in my childhood at school. i made her a bed and saw her fast asleep in it. we left out food and drink for her and it would always disappear. i also played with fairies and earth spirit's as a child. i was told i just had a very active imagination. lol


  • Adults do and its breaking outta the habit we need to do so we can "SEE" the light for what really it is. and maybe it's not that the child is smarter, but the younger a person is the less bullshit they have had to put up with! and children are "FREE" spirits they say things as they see it. and don't hold back. xXx 

    • LoL, that was a good one, and I got that right off the bat with what happens in society. They say that not all Reptilians are bad, and some are actually pretty good. It all depends on where they come from I guess.

      In many cases that is what we are taught at when it comes to School, we are taught that you have to hold back things, even though you can see something that isn't right, and the popular kids get away with murder pretty much, because they know they are so right about things, and the other people are always wrong, and it even gets to the point where the teachers themselves go along right with the program of the popular ones

      We learn these things in Highschool, you would think that by now it would all be different, but it starts all over again when we enter the work field as well. Different people same shit basically heheehehehhehe

      Bless the Nite


      • so true, and yes there's good and bad in all which is common knowledge, and i know many people who go along with that but then if a certain type comes into contact. e.g passing them in the streets or comes nattering to them in a bar. i see them react instantly either with the look on their face or the comments they come out with. and i would be lying if i said I've never done it myself. It's getting beyond looks and giving anyone a chance. as i say judge by actions not looks. and i think its a hard hurdle for anyone to get over. i have my days. and i dislike myself for it.

        If people can't get over this though why would different looking ET's introduce themselves as a whole? the world is just not ready. if this was meant to be happening this year. 

        It's a hard one. and for the popular kids i know where your coming from. i had a teacher who came over that she was more interested in being in with the popular students more than actually being a good teacher. (in my opinion) she let them get away with anything . even if it was kicking the shit outta a other student. and she would blame the other student even if she witnessed with her own eyes. makes me sick.     

  • Hi Hannah-here's a list of 209 Grimm fairy tales-that's a good analogy-somebody's always trying to fool us-lovely picture of you

    Sincerely, Mark


    • Cheer's Mark i shall be checking this out later. ^_^ x 

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