I have read that someone in omar ibn khattab group removed a part of his messages , cointaining information such as meditation, selfgodhood, i am presence. I would like to have clarification on this subject.

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        • I too am living in London and have been intimidated by Muslims living in my area. It is becoming very frightening [ and lonely] living here.

          • Oh dear Celina, sorry to hear that. Do you not have friends there?

            • The area I live in has changed to a Muslim area in the last 10 years. I have lived in the same area for 25 years... and so the neighbours have changed. I have tried to reach out and connect but I am met with stone walling.

              There are problems  in many areas of London because of this.

  • The Prophet Muhammad was told to recite from the Archangel Gabriel. The prophet channeled the Archangel Gabriel and was said to have convulsions or seizures upon doing so......the Qu'ran is suppose to be beautiful in arabic, and can't see how anything from Archangel Gabriel could be corrupt. i think it is like any written word it can be corrupted by humans....

  • I think it is corrupt, I remember reading through the Qu'ran back in high school, and even back then, when I wasn't into new age stuff, I could tell that clearly this is not the word of God lol How it became corrupted, who knows. Well for a long time, the Qu'ran was handed down orally...so there's a huge margin for error there. Does a story stay the same when you pass it through 10 people, not really. Now imagine 100s of people, for 100s of years...so yea clearly there's a huge margin for error there. I also think, like all religions, the dark side came and corrupted it once they understood the threat that it posed. So, if indeed the Qu'ran, at one time, talked about things like meditation, selfgodhood, i am presence....well it's not there anymore lol So who else to thank for that, besides the dark side.

  • The true teachings were taken out of the Bible and left with some truths and the same could be the fate of the Quran.

    Anyway any religion that allows killing of animals is corrupted as one must not harm any living entities...ALSO you should not worry too much about the QURAN or ISLAM or any other religions as they are all dying off and soon there will be no such think as religion...ALL WILL BE CHRIST CONSCIOUS BEINGS

    • Hi Krishna,

      Here itself you are showing dualism ...

      You said there will be no religions then how can you say Christ Conscious ????

      Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL ...........................

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