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Hello friends at Ashtar, I come with some interesting news. Much debate has been engaged about the true identity of Barack Obama, the United States first "black" president. In reality he actually is not the first so called "black" president, as some of you may know, there were 8 presidents before the formation of the USA and the first true "black" president was John Hanson.

The rabbit h*** has gone a little bit deeper and the light is shinning a little bit brighter on the subject and the true identity of Barack Obama.


Take a look at what the Urantia Book has to say about Abaddon. 


"Abaddon was the chief of the staff of Caligastia. He followed his master into rebellion and has ever since acted as chief executive of the Urantia rebels."

Now you may ask , who is Caligastia,


"The “devil” is none other than Caligastia, the deposed Planetary Prince of Urantia and a Son of the secondary order of Lanonandeks. At the time Michael was on Urantia in the flesh, Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia were leagued together to effect the miscarriage of his bestowal mission. But they signally failed."

-Urantia Book

Coincidence?? or just plain truth??


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not the antichrist just a power hungry fool

a power hungry fool...

I know the Antichrist and I can tell you that he's not present in any human at this time. We need to go far darker and further into the middle age thinking before he'll be able to manifest fully here. :)

Im not sure ACute..did you view the video?

No video can change the reality I know to be true. :)

Acute.. i take that as a no.  and that makes you a fool! you cannot be apart of the conversation if you choose to ignore the video..your just operating on feelings and we all have them..this conversaiton is about facts!!

Excuse me, but are we not the ones who are supposed to be the people who do not take in carefully prepared (by who?) media and gets convinced that the illusion is real?

I am a fool because I listen to my own reason, my own intuition and my own experience of reality and all the mysteries therein (did I not say that I know the Antichrist?), instead of just being convinced through videos published on the internet? ;)

If that is what is means to be a fool, I can take pride in saying that Indeed I Am. :)

no your a fool because your affraid of change. your affraid of truth. your affraid to be challenged. so in my book that makes you foolish!  your speaking on something you have no clue about..your making your assumptions based on the title ANTI-CHRIST and you havent even viewed the video..again your comments would be more appreciated if you watched the video.

the video is not about obama being the anti-christ ...its about much more than that! dont judge the book by the title. fools do that..

Ok ok, I'll watch the damn video before I post anything more in this thread then. :)

@acute..that would be nice..:-)  its a video that takes an acute person to watch.

Yes, I believe he is the anti-Christ.  (DON'T SCREAM AT ME PEOPLE.  MY OPINION).  Also believe Barack's name means "lightning from heaven".  (Original name:  Barry Soetoro(sp)).  I will try to find a video on the meaning of Barack Obama's name and  post it in the video section.

In re to above video:   Boy!  This Obama stuff gets crazier and crazier!  That guy in the video  REALLY DOES resemble Obama!

And Michelle probably being a man - WOW! Stay tuned...

yea Darkstar...i know we all have been over this Barack being the anti-christ before but I had never seen this video. Its very interesting..!!


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