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is Ascension, E.T Disclosure, indigo, starseeds, Ashtar, Pleidians etc real? or nonsense/BS/b******* only??

I'm from Indonesia.

is this all Ascension, E.T Disclosure, starseeds, indigo, Ashtar, Pleidians etc stuff really real? or nonsense/BS only?
or just merely another human's vivid fantasy/imagination/beautiful wishful thinking, but that are NOT based in everyday's real reality??

honestly, this is why I seriously turned into a skeptic. there are too much of irresponsible mere hopeful fantasy stories/theories here in this forum that are NOT based in everyday's real reality..! 
very typical of human beings...!

where is the hard, real, & undeniable PROOF ?

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sometimes it's really hard to talk with "new-agey/spiritual" type:

1) they think they know-it-all and they're the best, and then they easily/quickly (and even ignorantly) judge the rest of humans population as less than them, just simply because they never *heard* all these stuff before (how could they? Nobody told them like all those "new-agey" probably had some told them before!)

2) for those who consider or see themselves as "positive" (all the time), please understand this very important principle (for your OWN GOOD): "Some people seem to mistake objectivity for negativity and wishful thinking for positivity."
So the next time there are people here who are being "realistic" and "honest as they are", please don't so quickly/simply/prematurely/irrationally judge & bash them as "negative". that is very ignorant, and immature.

hope these 2 points of mine can at least help *some* of you who do really want to read, know, and Open-minded to learn.

- from Indonesia-

@niki wonoto  
Spirituality cannot be placed in A square box. But some people try alot to do that =)
We live in "duality", and things will collide with eachother, but you can become aware of this
and become better and better on how to handle these situations, by knowing that You are
the source of what is created. To be able to create what we want, we need to aknowledge
or inner Power by saying "YES, I CREATED THIS". Its like training your muscles. I dont know
exactly how it works, but it works for me, in my life. Thats all I can say. The power of thought
combined with Emotion, are our tools, and yes we can master them.
I understand you. Yes people think they know alot sometimes
but I know I dont know everything and that my Inner "Being" is
what is important, not some external "words" or "truth" in the world.
You niki wonoto are truth itself, not what you do or believe.

Yes, people tend to "use their imagination" and believe its true, thats
why you have to know that truth isnt what someone else choose to believe. 
We all create our lifes from our "OWN INNER BELIEFS". 
What we choose to believe, its different for everyone.
As for me, I choose to PRACTICE what I BELIEVE in. Not just write about it.
I live my life by Feeling it, and this feeling tells me things that my Logic mind will
never understand, or be able to show as proof. I have choosen to believe in My
"Gut Feeling - Heart knowing" as you say. Its a process that is never ending.

Truth is beyond the logic mind, it simply is. As for myself, im not that interested in all the
details, as the mind love details. The "WHOLE" truth can only be felt within you.

The "truth out there" isnt as important as the truth WITHIN YOU.
Everything will come from that....which is not complex at all. This is
where we all come from, but human beings love Drama and complexity,
As you probably have seen and experienced. Dont fall for these "complex mind distractions".

Maybe youve heard the saying "seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you". This means, focus on your Life and live it to the best of your ability and
work on "choosing your thoughts" that makes you feel good, right NOW.
And from there, the universe will deliver, as it cannot "NOT" deliver what it should.

PS! Listen to the message, not the messenger, 


or a stubborn you to ignore that we are heavily manipulated in

our thoughts are handled in our beliefs and we handled
in all of our choices is aware that unconscious-
those who manipulate us familiar with human behavior and we
manipulate to get them more occult-benefits
anything we do: preghire, meditations, good thoughts, good deeds
everything is upside down without our knowledge and manipulated in favor of the manipulators-
then there is nothing to do, nothing .... and God knows these things
by 1987 meeting in Milan ... ....
Hi all

YOU YOURSELF must seek that hard undeniable proof you've been craving for. Don't expect someone else to seek those and serve them before you, ain't nobody got time to please you for very own curiosity.

> where is the hard, real, & undeniable PROOF ?

Do you have a religion? If yes, do you seek that "hard, real, & undeniable PROOF " for the existence of your god that you've been worshiping? Or you just follow the fad? What the mass people believe in, you believe without question?

> honestly, this is why I seriously turned into a skeptic.

Don't worry,  nobody cares at all.

Well for me, I believe in them, solely because I want them to be real. Angels, spirit guides, extraterrestrials (beings from other planets and dimensions), psychic prowess and abilities, I believe in them all.

This is where faith comes in...

Full Definition of FAITH

a :  allegiance to duty or a person :  loyalty
b (1) :  fidelity to one's promises (2) :  sincerity of intentions
a (1) :  belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) :  belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion
b (1) :  firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) :  complete trust
:  something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially :  a system of religious beliefs <the Protestant faith>

When I hear something I ask myself some this fear based or motivated by love? Do these things sound like they could be true? Is this info coming from a reliable source? Does this info resonate with my heart center or as some say, gut?

Niki, it really doesn't matter what other's think but it only matters what you think. If it serves your beliefs then you can believe it but if it does not serve what you believe then release it, let it go and do not worry about it.

I think this thread needs to be closed immediately. reading some/ a lotof responces brings kinda the worst in you so called Lightworkers..........pointless arguments, senseless name calling . Quite childish , again.  


The voice of reason speaks. ;)

Yes, I can find moments in my posting history where this thread have easily shaved about 30 years off my mental and expressive life. Too bad I am allregic to deleting my own posts (history reasons). Otherwise I'd be doing some serious cleaning right now. ;)

Maybe, maybe not.  I think the question is:  Untill we find out, one way or the other, what are we to do in the meantime?

Oh yes. Its all very real. They are there.

Why is there no "proof?" Because very powerful people spent a lot of money to program you not to see it.

The "proof" is all over this planet and above it. It circles this world. The moon itself is proof, but you can't see it.

The ancient buildings and laser cut stones are proof, but you can't see it.

The ships circle this planet, but you can't see.

They come to you in the night, in your dreams, and speak to you, but you do not hear or remember.

Because you have been taught not to see.

The worse the world gets, the more delusions that it's going to be better then ever seem to abound. Why?

Are you all just trying to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, until there's only evil and you can't see at all?

If the people would stop worshiping celebrities, gods, and demons we might actually stand a chance. History

is full of the same story over and over, a bunch of rich elitist thugs being worshiped as gods, celebrities, or otherwise shining in the spot light.

History SHOULD be full of cases where the poor people group together, kill the rich, and divide the spoils. Okay f*** Jesus, F*** Buddha, F*** God, F*** Muhammed, The only savior I would ever worship at this point IS ROBIN HOOD. And Robin hood is the only one of them who isn't worthless. Yeah, you heard me Jesus is worthless. You have all the wisdom of the ages and you can't f****** teach your pitiful Apostles some Shaolin martial arts? Turn the other cheek, forsake the world; except you return anyway, so its ultimately worthless.

So there you have it people. Get away from the new age crack addition and awaken to the reality of ARMAGEDDON. Anyone who has told you that you are going to ascend, be raptured, or not have to reincarnate back into this Shithole is A GODDAMN LIAR!



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