Is anyone else feeling this way?

I would consider myself spiritually "awakened." I know that there is much more going on on this planet than meets the eye, and I strive to be a better version of me. When I meditate and talk with like-minded friends, I feel like I know exactly what I should be doing to help the Earth through this transition. 


I feel like there is a gap between what I know I should be doing and thinking and what I actually do and think. I feel overwhelmed by college life and at times, overpowered by the ignorance around me. I try to feel love towards the people I see, but sometimes they just look so closed off to the truth. It makes me feel alone. On a bad day, I wonder, why do I even bother? The people around me aren't trying.


I know that's not true. I know there is good in all people. There are who are lightworkers who are not aware, and I seek them out. But I still feel alone. this website is consoling, but I don't actually encounter any of these people in my life. 


Does any one else feel separated from their true potential? I know I am capable of very powerful energetic healing, but these days it drains me when the world around me is unresponsive. I get very depressed a few times a month because I just want this to be over with. 


I hope that this is just a phase!! I look forward to any responses you may have



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  • Never feel small, never feel insignificant, never feel that you have no purpose or cannot make a difference because I will tell you that everyone of you serves a greater purpose than you can ever realise. You are a God within God, a micro part of the larger whole and you have at your disposal all the power and might that you could possibly wish for.

    No life on earth is ever wasted – each serves a purpose whether it is realised during that lifetime or not. Do not dwell on insignificance – instead look to become the best that you can possibly be in your self. This does not mean searching and seeking for means of serving your fellow travellers – on the contrary, you are more likely to miss what is happening around you. Instead, concentrate on the small differences you can make to yourself and those around you. Each brief moment of joy, each kind word, each little action helps to raise the vibrations of all ever higher until it becomes self-sustaining, a small wave joined by other small waves becomes a giant tsunami which sweeps the planet and carries all into Ascension – together.

  • also would consider myself spiritually ‘awakened’ been working diligently for most of my 76..anything is possible..predictions may or may not be true..or if so..not perhaps for we here make every intention to believe..yet the daily realities are worsening..disasters globally increasing..BELIEVE THAT WHOEVER HAS ACCESS TO LIGHT IS DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLY CAN TO KEEP IT SHINING..TRUSTING..HAVING FAITH THAT ‘GOODNESS/HARMONY/PEACE/JOY..WILL PREVAIL..THAT MIRACLE CAN MANIFEST..  predict if you must..share what you experience as sign of hope…WHY ARE WE ARGUING..OR DEFENDING THAT PRINCIPAL??????


    CAN WE ALL JUST STAY OPEN..BE TRUSTING & PATIENT AND LET IT UNFOLD AS IT SURELY WILL.  IF WE DON’T STAY OPEN..WE WILL BLOCK ANY KIND OF SALVATION..IF I KNOW ANYTHING..IF NOTHING ELSE IT IS COMMON SENSE..beyond fantasy..imagination..or illusions of some sort of ‘deserved’ grandeur..spiritual superiority or knowledge~


    we are here..on Planet this very moment..that’s all I can say for sure~  joysuwati



    • hope my message gets keeps saying i have 15 minutes left to edit it..that was 30 minutes ago and still counting that it will be posted~ hope..pray that it will…with love and respect for everyone here on Ashtar..joyana suwati
  • Dalla, there's nothing wrong with partying. I know I've done a hell of a lot. Though lately I've not felt like doing that. I haven't smoked pot in years and now only rarely drink alcohol. But I'm not striving for purity either. My motto is, "an excess of purity can lead to an excess of self-righteousness". But sometimes we do those things just because they are there, not because they are really making us happy. I would suggest maybe taking a break once in a while just to give some contrast.
  • Hey Dalla2010


    I am not new to the website since i have been reading what others have been posting for a while. But i set up a profile because what you write is exactly how i feel. 

    I am in University which is about to start again in a few days but i am having mixed feelings about going back. I do feel frustrated at times because when i look at whats happening compared to members of my family and other people it seems like they are not aware and that makes me lonely at times but i don't dwell on it.  


    I like to share what happens in my meditations with people but its hard to find like minded people who would actually care. i try to tell my sister but she doesn't care.. she's 13. 

    I also feel so restless sometimes like i want to do something but i don't know what it is. 

    • I know what you mean. I was seriously considering not coming back to school this fall. I lived and worked on an organic sustainable farm this summer and coming to school in Dallas was huge culture shock. I got pretty overwhelmed, but I'm glad I came back now, because I'm having fun and learning a lot. 


      All the kids around me are SO concerned with their lives and don't seem aware of anything outside of that spectrum. It was sad, then frustrating, then plain repulsive, and then I realized I was getting involved with that cycle just by observing it. So today I focused on love! And it made me feel great, not to mention I stayed well out of reach of the negative/ confused energy around me. 


      I spoke with an entity called White Eagle this summer, and I was told that I can bring light anywhere I go, that my purpose is simply to spread goodness and love. I was previously searching for some tangible thing to accomplish, but now I feel fulfilled just smiling and laughing :)


      I hope you do go back to school. The possibilities of meeting people who are like-minded are much better if you do!

      • Greetings & Salutations,


        I have a triple play of Bashar for you here, here, and here. If these don't help you to understand the process, I do not know what will. Bashar speaks on The Law of One constantly, just not as technical as the books themselves. Here's an excerpt from The Law of One on the same subject:


        10.11 Questioner: While an entity is incarnate in this third density at this time he may either learn unconsciously without knowing what he is learning, or he may learn after he is consciously aware that he is learning in the ways of the Law of One. By the second way of learning consciously, it is possible for the entity to greatly accelerate his growth. Is this correct?

        Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

        10.12 Questioner: Then although many entities are not consciously aware of it, what they really desire is to accelerate their growth, and it is their job to discover this while they are incarnate. Is it correct that they can accelerate their growth much more while in the third density than in between incarnations of this density?

        Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We shall attempt to speak upon this concept.

        The Law of One has as one of its primal distortions the free will distortion, thus each entity is free to accept, reject, or ignore the mind/body/spirit complexes about it and ignore the creation itself. There are many among your social memory complex distortion who, at this time/space, engage daily, as you would put it, in the working upon the Law of One in one of its primal distortions; that is, the ways of love. However, if this same entity, being biased from the depths of its mind/body/spirit complex towards love/light, were then to accept the responsibility for each moment of the time/space accumulation of present moments available to it, such an entity can empower its progress in much the same way as we described the empowering of the call of your social complex distortion to the Confederation.

        10.13 Questioner: Could you state this in a little different way … how you empower this call?

        Ra: I am Ra. We understand you to speak now of our previous information. The call begins with one. This call is equal to infinity and is not, as you would say, counted. It is the cornerstone. The second call is added. The third call empowers or doubles the second, and so forth, each additional calling doubling or granting power to all the preceding calls. Thus, the call of many of your peoples is many, many-powered and overwhelmingly heard to the infinite reaches of the One Creation.


        15.14 Questioner: Yesterday you stated that “the harvest is now. There is not at this time any reason to include efforts along this line of longevity, but rather to encourage efforts to seek the heart of self. This which resides clearly in the violet-ray energy field will determine the harvest of the mind/body/spirit complex.” Could you tell us the best way to seek the heart of self?

        Ra: I am Ra. We have given you this information in several wordings. However, we can only say the material for your understanding is the self: the mind/body/spirit complex. You have been given information upon healing, as you call this distortion. This information may be seen in a more general context as ways to understand the self. The understanding, experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and other-self, and finally with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self. In each infinitesimal part of your self resides the One in all of Its power. Therefore, we can only encourage these lines of contemplation or prayer as a means of subjectively/objectively using or combining various understandings to enhance the seeking process. Without such a method of reversing the analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many understandings gained in such seeking.


        18.5 Questioner: Thank you. I have a question here that I will read: “Much of the mystic tradition of seeking on Earth holds the belief that the individual self must be erased or obliterated and the material world ignored for the individual to reach ‘nirvana,’ as it is called, or enlightenment. What is the proper role of the individual self and its worldly activities to aid an individual to grow more into the Law of One?”

        Ra: I am Ra. The proper role of the entity is in this density to experience all things desired, to then analyze, understand, and accept these experiences, distilling from them the love/light within them. Nothing shall be overcome. That which is not needed falls away.

        The orientation develops due to analysis of desire. These desires become more and more distorted towards conscious application of love/light as the entity furnishes itself with distilled experience. We have found it to be inappropriate in the extreme to encourage the overcoming of any desires, except to suggest the imagination rather than the carrying out in the physical plane, as you call it, of those desires not consonant with the Law of One, thus preserving the primal distortion of free will.

        The reason it is unwise to overcome is that overcoming is an unbalanced action creating difficulties in balancing in the time/space continuum. Overcoming, thus, creates the further environment for holding on to that which apparently has been overcome.

        All things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity, and in experiencing, in understanding, in accepting, in then sharing with other-selves, the appropriate distortion shall be moving away from distortions of one kind to distortions of another which may be more consonant with the Law of One.

        It is, shall we say, a shortcut to simply ignore or overcome any desire. It must instead be understood and accepted. This takes patience and experience which can be analyzed with care, with compassion for self and for other-self.


        Yeah, I know, it's a thick milkshake.... but honestly, after you read through it a few times, you just begin to see what Ra is talking about everywhere you go. It is most definitely worth anyone's read, just have a dictionary handy so you can look up some of the words. The channeler had her Master's Degree in Library Science & the questioner had his Phd in Psychology & taught engineering at the university level so the dialogue is very cerebral. I find it much, much easier to digest now than I did when I started studying in 2004. I guess with all the math & science I had to catch up on, my IQ was raised a few points & I don't need to decipher half of the words & concepts presented in the material..... it's all just familiar to me now. 


        For anyone who wants to check it out you can go here (which is strictly The Law of One sessions) or you can go to the site of the group that channeled the information here (which contains the original books) & just reams of transcriptions from near daily channeling going back to the 70s. Plug in some topics in their search engine & read away. The are, by far and away, some of the most compassionate & loving dialogues I have ever come across & it never ceases to amaze me that I turn to that search box & find just the topic & response I'm looking for every time.


        Enjoy the ride everyone!

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
      • YAY YEE HAAH.........LOVE is GOOOOOOD  0:-D

        LIGHT is GOOOOD

        Smiling is Wonderful

        Laughing is Grrrrrreat

        Sending to you beautiful Heart Pure Divine Unconditional LOVE, LIGHT & Glorious Rainbows from Scotland & from me to you & ALL Around you.

        Keep on Glowing with the Flow beloved Sista 0:-D x

        P.S. No disrespect to any that live there, but I like to play with words & used to call Dallas - Dull Arse ooooops! 


  • Thank you all for your kind words! I feel like I can do this. 


    It's been hard for me to stay motivated but your replies have helped me immensely! It's great knowing there are people out there who support this cause. I have a question for ya'll, though. It it "wrong" to partake in partying behaviors, i.e. drinking, smoking pot, etc.? I know this is a 3D experience, and I want to enjoy it! If I drink and spread light to those I drink with, is it wrong? I know it is impure, but my goal here, now, is not for a saintly experience (this time). Just curious. Thank you!! :)

    • Great to hear our words have proven to be helpful. :)


      About the partying behaviors: Do as you please. If it makes you happy, go for it. I know it makes me happy so.. :) Drinking and smoking pot is not necessarily wrong in my opinion. Just don't overdo it. I drink now and then as well.. also smoke pot.. though rarely. I don't even think it's impure when you don't overdo it. Even though the world is so fcked up, it doesn't mean we can't have fun right? Right now, you actually would want to ''escape'' this reality so you don't feel depressed anymore. So, go out, have fun, do whatever made/makes you happy and keep a smile on your face. :) 


      So again: No it's not wrong or impure to do until you overdo it (which you probably won't, you seem like a really intelligent girl. :). Also know that we don't have to become saints and live like one to spread the truth, the love and the light. Don't you worry.


      Peace out, 



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