I've been enjoying alcohol and some occasional pot for most of my adult life.  About 2 months ago, I quit a horrendously stressful job, due to the stress.  I'm living a much more healthy lifestyle now and am finding that I just have no desire to drink or smoke anymore.  Those desires are just gone.  We even went to some wineries last weekend, which I've thoroughly enjoyed in the past, and I was basically bored and disinterested.  


I just don't know if this is due to my personal changes or if anyone else is feeling this - does this have anything to do with the new energies that are here now? 


I'll take it but am just surprised.

Thanks with love -


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  • hi all! apologize for errors in spelling, I'm using a translator and I hope I understand.
    be surprised to see this article that for days he was drinking beer and I had a feelingof rejection to leave the beer, it took more than two glasses, which usually drank more than 8 or more, depending on the occasion.
    but if they were more than twice those feelings, the first time I thought I had eatensomething bad, but other times it was not like he was aware that he had eaten before,but I spend the same in the two vessels felt that rejection as a kind disgust. does nottake much importance, I thought it was a natural part of the body.
    until I saw this article struck me much, I'm glad to be a spiritual purification if nothingunhealthy vices. and be aware of our health to have a healthy life and eternal.
    I hope this helps more people.
    Greetings to all.

  • I haven't wanted a drink of alcohol for a long time.  I did drink a beer with my guy friend about a month ago and a rash that appeared on my head around January 2011 got worse.  Yeah this rash thing is weird!  It just popped up the beginning of this year.  Anyone have any input on that?
  • Hi folks, Hi schwadda.

    I have experienced this also. I used to be a weekend drinker and would drink till I was pretty sauced.

    Though about five years ago, within a few month period, I simply had no desire to drink and actually I am repulsed by even the smell of alcohol now.

    It's as if I went through rehab, though I did not.

    Also, these days, I am desiring more vegetables and fruits, I love fruits for some reason now. And it seems I am desiring meat less and less, especially if i have an alternative.

    peace love light


  • i also have virtually stopped drinking alcohol,and eating meat,stopped having caffeine coz give me stomach ache and have got allergies to cows milk and yeast,dont think this is a bad thing seems to me it is getting all the crap out of my body.must be to do with the energy coz alcohol dont seem to be having same effect.i like to try and stay as healthy as i can.


  • Hello Schwadda;


    I feel that these things are unnecessary as well. It seems that life is becoming more and of a heightened experience without substances. When your chakras start opening, and you become aligned with your true nature; these things become irrelevant. Going vegetarian has made all the difference to me, as well. It seems if you live simply; then you truly are living.

    The more unblocked you become; the more you realize what is relevant in life, and what is not.  Old habits are left behind; sometimes with the people associated with those habits. It is amazing what kind of true at heart people are out there.

  • My tolerance for everything has gone to almost zero, food included. Even the tiniest meal makes me feel bloated and puffed up, especially in the head region, and in the solar plexus. I can't even imagine drinking an entire glass of wine anymore, even though 6 months ago I was enjoying my evening cocktail wine and dinner wine with full relish. Pot smoking the same thing, just doesn't seen like any fun anymore. No judgement either, I still think it is OK to do those things, but just can't take the way the body is reacting to them.
  • So sorry to hear you are hurting. Remember that as you become more and more full of light that some of your old friends/relationships will no longer be the same. Other people do not know how to respond to your energy. Yes it can be lonely but remember that there is always that saying reason, season or lifetime for relationships. Some simply are only here for us to learn from. It can be hard. I had to leave a friendship with someone I was friends with since I was 10 years old when I turned 39. It was hard but I realized that person was just toxic to me anyway. You are much better off finding people that are the same wavelength/energy field that you are. It is time for us lightworkers to come together.
  • I no longer drink alcohol after I started doing my Reiki healing. I found out what alcohol can do to the energy field and I decided it just was no longer worth muddying up my energy. I found out that alcohol and drugs can put holes in your energy field and then you are more likely to let darker entities/energies in. If I try to take a drink now, half a glass makes me tipsy. I also no longer like the feeling that I am not in control.
    • Lols!!!  I think I want to become a breatharian : )
  • I haven't felt like eating much either, it feels so forced, and part of the many rituals of mundane existence. I think this might be very normal at this point. I think  that digestion uses much energy and maybe our system just needs a break. :-)
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