April 6

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i am training to be a medium and clairvoyant,i do healing reiki 1&2 i like helping people i feel i am a light worker,iam a carer to my kids which have autism and adhd and the other has one hand missing,i love this site keeps me going if i need info i come here first,i want to spread love and light across the world and help as many people as a i can.

mystichelle commented on Karma's Helper's blog post Celia Fenn: Why We Feel So Tired So Often - July 19, 2011
"ive been feeling exhausted and sleeping alot for a few weeks,i dont know whether im coming or going half the time be glad when we all ascend, it will be worth it,we,ve come so far nearly at the finish line."
Jul 20, 2011
mystichelle replied to Charles Magus's discussion GLOBAL STRIKE! 2011 FOR ONE WEEK! CAN YOU HELP?
"Food that is full of salt and sugar also carbohydrates are very addictive,the scientists know this that's why they do it to make people obese but people don't realise what they're eating."
Jul 17, 2011
mystichelle replied to Barron's discussion Starpeople, walkins, Indigo, crystal
"I think I'm from andromeda"
Jul 13, 2011
mystichelle replied to Drome's discussion From Starship Athabantian: "Responses"
"You are right drome about when u are thinking about stuff and it's exactly what you've been thinking and get shivers up your spine,usually I get words and and wisdom from nowhere then next thong it's on this site word for word nearly so I know it's…"
Jul 13, 2011

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"😊And now back to the important topic of the US midterms:

John Jancar made some accusations about Trump's relationship with his daughter, which were completely unfounded....BUT we can state CLEARLY WITH PROOF, that Biden is a PEDOPHILE....Watch this…"
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"There is more evidence than possible to present, that Iranian women were so much happier, being themselves, free, before the revolution of 1979...
" A picture is worth a thousand words "

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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
The planet’s appearance in a video appears to be the result of being observed via an instrument designed to look at less bright cosmic phenomena, one space physicist told media.A peculiar sight of one of the objects in our Solar System transitioning…
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"When moslem women were free to choose, before the extremists dictated to them, this is a then and now, comparison....

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"Once Upon A Timeline-funny mandella effects;
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"And they want to be free of Islamic Thought Police, with their "moral code" applications upon women, especially..."

It is a lots ignorant about Muslims to say that in a country with 95% Muslims, they will want to see women dressing in…"
41 minutes ago
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"And why should we think otherwise, if not due to some ignorance about Islam? Shiism's core believe is that leaders in Islamic world are NOT elected as in a republic, but must be descendants of Muhammad! So how can you say an overwemingly Shia…"
1 hour ago