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After reading merlyns discussion about skin issues and ascension symptoms I came up with the courage to discuss my current concern with my skin. 

I have a definate skin problem as well but mine is "Acne" all of a sudden. Only within the last year and it seems to be getting worse. Very embarrassing : / I'm 38 yrs old and now have all sorts of wierd "Acne" all over my face neck and chest. I of course had a little here n there in my younger yrs...even off n on since then but this kind of "Acne" is really strange. Some of it is cystic type bumps which of course a big pain in the butt but I also have these tiny little bumps (clear or skin colored) that are all over my face neck and chest as well.  Almost like my skin wants to shed n its piling up or ..I know..gross right?

I really feel like I have pretty much tried everything. I've been to the doctor and tried percriptions....that got old quick...especially since they didn't do anything except make it worse. And of course I'm trying to not take anything pharmacutical at all anyway now. Ive used natural topicals and soaps as well as Witch Hazel. I also do regular detoxs' and have taken Spirulina and Chlorella. This has been hard topic for me to even talk about because as an adult women acne should not be an issue right? Especially since I feel like I am quite healthy (as far as I If I ever had any "acne" before the sun would usually clear it right up and this is not happeneing at all this year. No relief what so ever.

I would LOVE to hear if anyone else is having this same problem and if they have any suggestions.


Much Love,

imready : )

ps. for the past few months we (my boys n I) ONLY use castille soaps, eliminated mosts meats (especially beef n pork) and have tried our best to eliminate processed foods.

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I for got to add that also ffor the past 6 mo r so I have also had this wierd metallic taste in my mouth that I have not been able to get rid of. Been lookin a lot into mercury doctor thinks I'm She said "NO..where would you get Mercury poisoning?" She really blew it off...just like my renct onset of "Acne".  : )

The taste in your mouth is fluid created by your pituary gland, it can be created by meditation, some call it soma... some call it dmt, amrita, nectar of the gods... it's probably a mixture of brain chemicals, there are actually tales of monks having their tongues forcibly turned backwards so that they "swallow their tongue" and are unable to speak or eat, they live in religious ecstacy off of the soma that collects in the back of the throat, it is the "immortality nectar"... I get the odd taste when I am in deep meditation... this site has been really helpful for me to understand this awakening, you may like it too :)

DMT production centre has not been located in the human body, only trace amounts of DMT.  DMT is believed to be produced in the pineal gland, yet you say this taste in this persons mouth comes from the pituitary gland.

Swallowing your own tongue is impossible as it is attached right up to where your bottom jaw and teeth are, common misconception.

Which of the 10 or so chemicals produced by the pituitary gland is causing this bad taste in their mouth, since it cant be DMT because your sources say thats made in the pineal and you are talking about chemicals from the pituitary.

I don't have time to spoon feed you, John, just read the link in full then you will understand the gist of what I am sharing, thank you for caring about my opinions though  :)

I did read the link, My name is not john, and again NO ONE HAS LOCATED THE PRODUCTION CENTRE FOR DMT. also you said its is pituitary gland causing the taste and that DMT comes from it then you post something saying DMT comes from pineal.

Make up your mind.

I have heard of this as well Kelly...Thank You...I'm excited to check out this link. : )

Yes this has happened to me to. 

Weird taste in mouth (used to get this before a migraine but no migraine). I also take Chlorella and Spirulina every morning, and have been to see the Dr. She told me that modern medicine cannot help me and to carry on with what i am doing. I give my self a lot of healing and plenty of water. I don't eat meat, and i have to be careful what i put into my system as i have coeliac.

Shedding yes! I have this now and again, all i can do is to get an sponge or something with an abrasive side ( not too abrasive) and wash my self down with it either in the bath with Epsom salts added to the water or in the shower. At the moment i do this every day and i don't seem to get much acne as i did before. This is really weird for me as i didn't have any thing like this when i was a teenager. Well at 38 i suppose i am being recycled again lol 

 Much love to all,


In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)

acne is a sign of toxic body, regardless of age. Every junk food and animal eater goes throu that.

only raw/vegan diet can cure that forever

and ascending has nothing to do with that

Actually it has been proven again and again that acne has nothing to do with a crappy diet, what it ACTUALLY is from is dirt cloggin pores and covered in natural body oils.  The crud stuck in your pores gets infected if you have a weak immunity.

If people stop touching their faces with dirty hands and keep their faces and other body parts clean acne isnt a problem.  People with ACTUAL sever acne issues have other problems that need medication.

Most of the new acne I have comes from under the pores....and actually...I don't want to be rude but my doctor/doctors and much research I have done does state that a poor diet can cause acne. This is mainly because insufficient nutrients and an excess of processed/crap foods can cause hormone levels to fluctuate. I'm sorry but I am offended that you feel you can tell people that acne is MAINLY caused by people touching their faces with dirty fingers. Yes it can be caused by that as we all know but it can also be from the NATURAL oils we all have on our fingers as well as just a poor environmental air quality, etc.... I do know most of the causes as I am a nurse and have also done much research. I just wanted to see if there seems to be any rising cases of new onset "Adult Acne" and if anyone has found any relief. I cringe sometimes at how we can all come across unintentionally when writing/typing/posting because we can not always get a good feel for someones personality but you my friend seem bitter. I apoligize if that sounds harsh but I've seen some of your posts/discussions/responses and you seem to ENJOY giving people a hard time. Only because I want to help....I recommend you check out "The 12 Laws of Karma". I go by this as much as I possibly can as well as my children. one knows all...not even you.....I tend to think words can pretty hurtful even if that intention is not there.

Much love to you sir...and all my friends....genuinely : )


no longer offended after i vented ; )

I do not care what your opinion of me is.  The fact is that eating junk food like chocolate and sugar o far have no links to acne

I have already read what you suggested, just because you like some set of rules doesnt mean everyone else should follow them.

I amready, you should listen to your doctors ( fortunately for you he's telling the truth ) that acne is a resoult of nutrient deprived body. For once someone got it right and only way to fix that is a diet rich in fruits, veggies and nothing cooked 'couse cooking destroys vitamins, minerals and nutrients.........

@One.......I am aware of studies done for and by consumers of meat,pharmacuticals,diary and skin creams. All are misleading consumers for the sake of keep buying their products. Countless millions of vegans, raw foodies and fruitarians are laughing at them; they are living proof that humanity is lied to...........


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