After reading merlyns discussion about skin issues and ascension symptoms I came up with the courage to discuss my current concern with my skin. 

I have a definate skin problem as well but mine is "Acne" all of a sudden. Only within the last year and it seems to be getting worse. Very embarrassing : / I'm 38 yrs old and now have all sorts of wierd "Acne" all over my face neck and chest. I of course had a little here n there in my younger yrs...even off n on since then but this kind of "Acne" is really strange. Some of it is cystic type bumps which of course a big pain in the butt but I also have these tiny little bumps (clear or skin colored) that are all over my face neck and chest as well.  Almost like my skin wants to shed n its piling up or ..I know..gross right?

I really feel like I have pretty much tried everything. I've been to the doctor and tried percriptions....that got old quick...especially since they didn't do anything except make it worse. And of course I'm trying to not take anything pharmacutical at all anyway now. Ive used natural topicals and soaps as well as Witch Hazel. I also do regular detoxs' and have taken Spirulina and Chlorella. This has been hard topic for me to even talk about because as an adult women acne should not be an issue right? Especially since I feel like I am quite healthy (as far as I If I ever had any "acne" before the sun would usually clear it right up and this is not happeneing at all this year. No relief what so ever.

I would LOVE to hear if anyone else is having this same problem and if they have any suggestions.


Much Love,

imready : )

ps. for the past few months we (my boys n I) ONLY use castille soaps, eliminated mosts meats (especially beef n pork) and have tried our best to eliminate processed foods.

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  • keep it up smartass, you are digging yourself a deeper hole. I know what you are doing, you are hoping to bother me enough to explode into a tirade that gets me banned from this site.  No such thing will happen.  You can keep on being contradictory all you like you are only wasting your own time.

    This is exactly the same stuff drex taught others in his flock to do, but you see we have defectors who have told us the game.  We know how you operate, WE will not be exploding on you in angry verbal tirades.

    You just keep on being the way you are, it shows everyone here with eyes to see that you are trying to start a fight.  Typical of someone stuck in duality and old world 3d thinking :)

  • I really dont think you wanna go down this road sylvain, I can go around all day and night and comment on everyone of your posts and just negate them and laugh and them and call you names and insult you too.  But you see I AM the better person so I do not.

  • I have asked you to stop talking to me and you still parade around commenting on most of my comments.  Do you not respect the freewill of others when they ask to be left alone by you? do you not have compassion to stop harassing someone when they tell you that you are harassing them. 

    Leave me alone  you are a cling on because you are like the piece of shit stuck to my ass that i cannot get rid of.

  • and you remind me of a cling-on.

  • Acne has many causes, but i know of one real solution for acne that is not common, Look for plain, unsweetened yogurt with active cultures when choosing a brand to use on your skin.

    Fingers crossed that will clear away your skin after a few days, it is natural and great for your skin :D It will feel like a babys bum in no time :D

    Hope you feel better. 


    • wow ambereyes ....I like that idea...thank you! : ) Lots of awesome ideas thanks so much guys. Hope I havent stirred too much neg energy with this discussion...I feel kinda bad it went so drastically off the subject....Life I guess ; ) Keep yr chin up boys....blowin off some steam may be a relief sometimes but I sometimes see it taking a snowball effect. Lets stay we all know we are all ONE...aren't we?  : ) more attacks.... especially not on me  ; )

      • :D you are welcome

        my much younger brother who is now 21 started off doing it every day for 1 week until they pretty much disappeared, and now does it once a week on his face and back and he has not had a problem with acne since he started! :D I suggest you rub it on about half an hr before you have a shower/bath that way it fits into your routine!! :

        lots of love. 

  • I have actually had rather clear skin as of late, but then again I was never too prone to acne in the first place. It might be the way your body is adjusting to new energies. Either way, check out this natural face wash. It has awapuhi and Tea Tree Oil which works wonders. The scent is a tad strong but just think of it as being all natural and you'll get over it :) 


  • I was prescribed accutane after having bad acne scars form. It saved my face but lost my night vision. It is also not allowed with pregnancy because it causes birth defects. The other stuff they prescribed me never really worked. If nothing else works and you don't mind not driving well at night later in life, I would try it. I would take accutane again when I was 15 if I could. I didn't start until I was 18 when it was already too late. You have to stay away from sunlight too. But when it is out of control and diet does not help and it is terrible consider it if you are on the verge of getting scars (I understand the generics are still available in the US). Here is more about it

    • omygosh....I almost agreed to put my son on Accutane until they shoved a bunch of wavers in front of me to sign and tried to rush me through them while I read em. WAY to many warnings....this is a very dangerous drug. I've researched it and I have seen a 60 min/20/20/dateline type of show about it and it actually KILLS people. Well...thats if you believe its not just fear mongering but, too much of risk for me take a chance like that on my own child. They also forewarned him that it makes your skins severely sensitive and dry not just on your face but all over your body. But only for 3 mo then you never have to worry about Acne again. I think that drug needs a little tweeking and it's a wonderful idea to have it cured for ever.. didn't seem worth it to him either and he was feeling pretty desperate.

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