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I've read an articule stating that Ireland has a principal role in our ascension, the discussion title is a book I'm trying to get.

I would like to know more about, as far as I know, the magnetic field of Ireland is (or was) the strongest in Earth altogether wiht the island Isla del Hierro in the Canary archipelago.

I also know that Master Adama from Telos told a story about the lasts priest of Lemuria, who kept in place during the last cataclism of this continent, to soften the fear and the pain of people singing "Auld Lang Syne", and he added that many of that brave priests who sacrificed themselves are among us, Light Warriors nowadays. In this message he spoke of the folklore of this emerald island, that has kept some of the energies of the sunk continent.

I'd be very grateful if some of you can enlighten us a bit about the relation between Egypt and Ireland.

Thank you very much for your time, and for sharing the knowledge.


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Kelly-Ann, I'd love to see your face, don't know why...

Thanks a lot to you all. It's really wierd that stuff about  red hair, mine is also reddish, but since I turned 14, I put henna on it from time to time to make it more red, it has always been my favourite hair color. I also have remembrances of that land that I've never visited in this life. I remember the Nile flowing along exuberant vegetation, palm trees and papyrus...the Pyramids and over all, Gold reflecting the sacred Light of the Sun...when I meditate I go there many times and feel a calm that is not of this world.

Curious thing, I attended Saint Patrick's English School at my hometown, (San Sebastian).

The day we put all the pieces together, we'll open our mouths in amazement!!!

Love you all very, very much my brothers and sisters

WOW!!! I've just remember one thing. When I was 16, I passed sometime in Georgia as an exchange student, and I was taken to visit a Cherokee indian reserve, when we were walking the tour in there, an old Indian lady came to my side and told me I had the sacred colour on my head, and I answered her that it was an arab mud called henna, that made it more red. She shook her head with a gentle smile and said "No, it's not that" and went away, that puzzled me for a while, but as I've said before, I was 16 and quickly my attention found other new things to fix in.

This chat has made me remember, so I think there's a relation...

I was taught at school that St. Patrick had erradicated the serpents from Ireland, and I thought that in that latitude there could not be many serpents, not us much to be a plague. Growing adult I've always thought it was a metaphore of getting rid of the Druids, who had serpent tatoos in blue color.

(The video is very interesting, but there are too many noises and I haven't understood many things)

We'll keep investigating!

An'Anasha for sharing it.


Firstly look at the news

Ireland has told the cabal and the vatican to stick their banks where the sun don't shine

Also Ireland has told the Vatican by Lein orders to change their policy in the Catholic Church and cease and desist all child crimes in Irish Churches or THEY WILL CLOSE THEM DOWN ONE BY ONE ON THE 15th September

Here is the link to that article

Back to your heritage 

Graham Hancock covers Ireland a lot

So if you youtube that i have one on my harddrive and cannot post it on here

I will give you the link when I find it



Thanks for the info Lightworkersxm, I'm gonna read that article.

Montague Keen sends messages to his wife from the other side of the veil and has mentioned often that Irelands heritage was stolen and moved to Egypt.Says that saveing earth could start with Ireland kicking the Vatican out of their country and taking back their heritage . You may be able to contract her for more info . Love Bob The right side of the screen has montague updates to his wife. Love Bob

This is great news! I'm a bit late of this thread, but Greetings from County Cork folks :)


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