Introducing Myself


Hello, my spiritual name is Alura, meaning "Divine Counselor". I am an Incarnated Angel,

and born awakened with full memory and psychic abilities. As an Angel I had many

lifetimes throughout the Universe mainly Pleiades, and in turn when coming here, I

was given the  mission to help others find their higher selves and truth and lead away

from the delusion of the 3rd dimension and into an ascension of their consciousness..

Iam a Multi-denominational minister of all faiths but I have combined beliefs to make my

own. I am a clairvoyant, clairsentinent, clairaudient, psychic medium with spirit

communication abilities of all kinds including the spirit realm and spirits of the living

that can not verbally communicate. My Angelic Origin is from the Seraphim

group of the violet ray.I am a higher dimensional Soul but worked my way down through

the dimensions in order to come here. Now I am living in an AB RH Negative Blood typed

body. I used to be an Indigo Aura, but within the last 2 years I transitioned into a


Crystal Aura. I specialize in tarot, crystal ball, and palm reading along

with spiritual counseling. I have had psychic abilities from birth, but fully realized

them at the age of three, and have all of my celestial memories. I have almost all of the

known listed psychic abilities due to my origins. I can

communicate with animals, astral travel, foretell the future, see into the past, present

future, heal the spirit and mind, and I can also do magic and see past lives.Many have

enjoyed my Akashic Record readings, finding their truth in them. I use my

high vibrating energy frequency to look at auras and locate any damages or unwanted

spiritual attachments and then begin to heal them. I am a warm loving soul that wants

to spread the love of the Divine to all living things. I practice High White Magic which is

in all reality just energy work/lightwork.  I feel that Black Magic is for the souls who are

seeking something other than spiritual healing or growth. I never use energy to inflict

harm or negativity on anyone but only to help others grow and achieve their dreams. I

have studied psychic phenomenon, theology, metaphysics, divination, spirit

communication, psychology, and astrology for over 20 years. Come to me to connect with

a loved one who has passed, to connect with your pet, or a mute or autistic child or

relative. Come to me if you have spirit activity in your home or around you and I can

find the answers and cleanse you of the spirits around you. Come to me if you want to

peer into a past life, clear karmic debt, find the right choice or path, or need to see the

future. I can help others dig deep in order to find any soul ties that may be keeping

them from advancing in life, discover any traumatic experiences that may have been

repressed in order to deal with and let go, and I can locate and get rid of any

generational spirits or curses. I keep my prices low because I am not like the  frauds

who are using their false  talents for selfish gain. I keep the rates reasonable because I

am here to help, and any profits I make are donated to a Children's Cancer Hospital as

charity. I can connect you to your spirit guides and angels, heal your spirit or just be

someone you can talk to. I cover it all!  I am also qualified for life coaching and

mentoring. Anything spiritual that you are seeking, I can help you find from the wisdom

of our maker above and directing from within myself to you. I just want to help people


find the truth within and help in raising Earth’s vibration for all living things. I share the


wisdom from above, channeling the Archangels and Pleiadians as well. There is a higher

message for all. Check out my youtube channel- Alura Cein to learn more.

My YouTube

My Website

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  • 8th dimension???

    Oh gee here we go again!

    Welcome anyway to our 'delusional' 3rd'll fit in perfectly seeing you're from the 8th....SMH.!!

This reply was deleted.

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