I know I'm not the only one with this issue. How many, as time passes, are finding it more difficult to keep electronic devices operating correctly?

Personally, I'm going so crazy I find myself wishing for an EMP pulse. I find life in an electronically geared society difficult when my presence at times kills the ability of the devices to operate correctly.

LOL I have the only apartment in my building with flickering lights, which has stumped the electrician. My co-workers laugh at me then get annoyed because I have a knack for freezing and crashing multiple cash registers by interaction alone, effectively shutting down the store. I'm on my third reboot of the computer this morning.  It's not controlled or a noticeable internal energy change/spike.

Please share your story. I'm sure others are starting to get that X-Men mutant feeling also, not that I care since "To be considered different in a profoundly sick society is a measure of health"

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  • I have lights flicker a lot too. But over the years I have developed a knack to make electronics work better, rather than worse. I fix computers for a (sort of) living. Computers always run better when I am around. But sometimes I have to focus on it.

    What bothers me is that I HEAR microwaves and radio waves. I live with a constant whine and pain, esp from cell phones.

  • MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE MOTION PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Electronics break down. Read this interpretation by Carol Barbeau:


    Mercury is the planet in the sky which to us here in  ASTROLOGY land represents communications and ideas. Mercury is the planet which  we use every moment of our lives, waking, dreaming, talking, planning and it is  the planet which helps us create our lives and our opinions and even our moods.

    What is a Mercury retrograde cycle? Well, I often in classes  ask "Have you ever been sitting in an auto, looked over at someone beside  you in a train, bus or another car and thought you were rolling, and it was  them moving" This is the phenomena of Mercury Retrograde.

    In a bit more complex language. When looking in the sky at  the planet Mercury we usually perceive it as moving in a forward motion through  the heavens, this is called "MERCURY DIRECT" ..but approximately  every 4 months or so, it appears to go backwards in the sky due to our earthly  orbit operating in tandem with Mercury's orbit around the Sun.

    This apparent backwards motion and I say  "Apparent" because it is not really going backwards but appears so  here on earth.. Lasts for about 3 weeks .....3 or 4 times yearly. When the  planet Mercury is engaged in DIRECT motion we are busy thinking we control our  universe or really attempting to do so. We engage in OUR plans, communications,  ideas and thoughts in a very forward way and often times do not overanalyze  actions or these plans. When Mercury is moving direct we are more driven by the  ego and personality during this time of "I CAN DO IT IF I MAKE MY MIND UP  TO DOING IT".

    During Mercury direct often we do not allow ourselves time  for prayer, introspection and generally speaking our minds are thinking that we  run the show and can control it all in a way which Gives US personally what we  want. I say tries, because there is a plan, there is a map, and oftentimes we  do not have that document showing us the path and are trying for door A when  our path is door number C.

    During Mercury direct we resist via our ego and when Mercury  the messenger of the Gods of heavens shows up and moves RETROGRADE we are given  a 3 week opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate our choices, our plans, our  ideas, our ways of communicating, thinking, and look at our direction options.

    The Mercury retrograde cycle to me personally is a time  which allows me a more informed (INNER CONNECTION) time. This allows my inner  wisdom which is more informed than that Little Engine that could philosophy of  life to rule and to lead my way. So when Mercury is retrograde we are asked to  slow down a bit, think, reconfigure and catch up with uncompleted plans, tasks  and all things in our life which we began and did not bring to completion.

    What you often read about during Mercury retrograde is the  negatives. Electronics break down (so we can figure new ways to do it) Computers  miss function (to give us time to think without so much input?) accidents (to  slow us down), miscommunication (so we will listen more carefully) and since  Mercury often represents in mythology the Trickster, expect what you did not  think to happen to happen. AND that can be a good thing. So think outside the  box, slow down, and recommunicate if you are not sure of what you are hearing  or feeling. During this time questions are good as they will give you more  information which is probably much right now.

    As usual in a Mercury retrograde period we are being asked  by spirit to operate on an inner rather than outer level of thinking and  connecting. So, this time is not favorable for signing contracts and making  major purchases but I always say, the worst thing that normally happens During  a Mercury retrograde cycle is probably that you will have to redo some of the  plans or contracts made during this time.

    Do back up your computer, and if you can avoid a new project  do so please.  And, Like you, I myself am  open to the whims of the universe, others assist me at the time which they are  available, contracts expire, rates go up, whatever. So like you, I must do  things at times which are not the best. So, I keep an open mind and often do  major things when Mercury is retrograde …and realize that when Mercury moves  direct I shall tweak the plan a bit and have a lot more knowledge at the end of  Mercury retrograde than I did at the beginning. DIVINE and since REDO is the  theme of Mercury retrograde I am prepared for this also.

    Patience is the key to this time of greater connection to  our own inner processes. Remember each year Mercury retrograde is a powerful  opportunity to connect to your source, To reconfigure your own mind and since  what you THINK IS OFTEN WHO YOU ARE:: You, like me will come through this time  much wiser, kinder, sweeter and more loved than when You went into Mercury  retrograde.

    Have a wonderful retrograde and reconnect with your inner  wise and ancient soul as well as Recognize yourself as a MAGNIFICENT person and  becoming more so each day.   Mercury is a personal Planet and has to do  with the most important thing we do in our life. HOW WE think. So, This is a  wonderful time to get reconnected if you feel you are not in your own Personal  groove.

    • It is an interesting observation but 7-10 years of electro-issues falls out of the description some. I do always love your input. Huge difference between observations and "I'm right" opinions, thanks.

      • WHAT? NO GIGGLES? You must not be an athiest, worker for the government, and/or one who gives out incorrect addresses to this website.

        • LOLOLOL I've seen too much to be athiest, gave up govt work long ago, umm...does routing through from another's computer qualify as "wrong address" LOLOL JK

          • BTW, wouldn't I look like a fool bad mouthing numerology being I've posted several pics of "beings" by way of crystal scrying and a ufo. I use my own form of numerology, 720p at 16.2MP We are two "odd" peas in the pod brother! To our unique to ourself methods of divination!! *hear, hear!*
            • I was playing with frequencies yesterday. A realm I will most likely steer clear of in the future! "I don't wanna be a pie!!!"8116351253?profile=original

    • Every day someone somewhere has a malfunctioning computer. That's why there are computer help lines that get multiple phone calls every day.

      Astrology, you never fail to give me a giggle.


      Now if there's enough people with computer problems who complain about it on the internet, enough to cause an article about it... at least on social media... then maybe I'll go, "hmm, maybe it is that mercury retrograde thing"... but other than that... most astrology is like the Forer effect. But thank you for the information none the less Malcolm.

      • "Millionaires don't use astrology but billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan

        • Exactly! It hasn't survived thousands of years of oppression because it doesn't work for those "in the know"

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