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***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)



***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Must Hear Phone Recording

This one is a Deal Breaker!


If you haven’t yet, you all need to hear this cc call from 11/29/11.

Talks about Nesara, White Dragons, Basel III, Arrests of the bad guys,
including Trump, Gates, Soros, etc.

RV and Prosperity Packages too.


All expected to go down by December 31, if not before.

Sounds to me like the White Dragons, Hats and NESARA all got together
and realized there was power in numbers.

And wait til you hear about Obama. I’m still having serious problems
with that one!

You don’t have to believe it all in order to gain a great deal of info
from it.

This phone call is going viral.


It provides a lot of backup to everything Ben Fulford has been saying. Go Ben!!!

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i havent listened yet, but uhh what if ya dont have tv?, i guess the net too?

their a transcript around. .

Hey Ed,
Would it be possible for you to condense the main points of the call and write them up here? Something like a simple bulleted list that covers the most important elements of the call?
I'm sure most of us would be appreciative of your time to do this. Any advance info about NESARA will be of great benefit.
Just an idea...

Nice Ed, condescending!

Are they registering phone numbers for FEMA camps?

it sorta seems that way but the conference call is from like a call in show or something.

i tried to call it through an online telephon service, but it rejects the oh what are they called, you know when internet phone call#'s show on call display as 000-000-0000 or 123-456-7890 so if you do not have an actual true phone # it doesnt let you in to put in the passwrd.

it is also too long for me to afford the long distance charges, i skipped through for about 5 minutes lintening to 20 second bits, typical nesara nonsense from "thepoofness" its gonna be next week, well it has been set up to go in place "next" week for about a decade now.

i agree with the nesara terms, they are wonderful, although i just dont think it will be, not yet at least, i would love to be proved incorrect in this though.  i shoudl be out in the stars charting new worlds and phenomina, not building parts for cars that destroy the earth or serving meat not taken in reverence of nature.

i can only present informations i have learned, the informations available to us ARE conflicting, one says this another says that, how are we to knoew? there are certain things we CAN know but most are so shrouded in other stories and out right lies we have to just show what we know and like you say see what happens, and yes we will find this is all al lie or not . i have already given up on nesara, but if they wish to predict in 30 days this will happen so be it, if they fail another prediction more will drop from the belief.

if i am sitting on the fence it is because there is a fence to sit on, some proofs would remove those fences and borders and remove the need for the bickering, also when some see me question them i care not what they beleive i seek for those to question thier blind faith, if you wanna believe in purple flying monkeys go ahead, but you should ask why everyday, and if the purple flying monkeys told you in your head every day that they will show up next week for 20-30 years how long would you continue to believe them.  we MUST question what is being fed to us and why otherwise we still are only slaves to the desires of others

agreed, people dont realize the difference between questioning facts and questioning beliefs, when the world was flat and someone said it was round, they were pointing out"hey i see things here that indicate the world is actually round not flat"  they did not say "you must not believe your belief because my belief is right"

the onyl way we can truly know if things are true or not is to dismantle them piece by piece, this is a fundamental exercise when using philosophy, when things dont add up it is time to discard those ideas.  but since people have attachments to their belief they detract from the search for truth by insisting what they beleive is truth,

i believe in bigfoot, totally, but i also acknowledge there isnt much evidence for them and until we catch one or have a body we have to BELIEVE it not KNOW it, people dont realise things like 25% of america has not been surveryed by land only by the air, so we dont know whats out there, but if we go out there and scour every inch and do not find any i will have to admit that bigfoot isnt there.  THIS is where faith becomes an issue of not faith but of attachment to a particular belief.  :) happy sunday

when the world was flat and someone said it was round

like saying if the hierarchy could be round (or rather spherical actually), not a topdown system, chain of command system etc, hehe

although yes I do not profess to know how it really is, though some humans claim to know, hehe, funny, anyhow, I think what I was commenting on is the way it is viewed, and that we can begin to SEE things in a spherical manner as the base or backbone to how it really works, besides always seeing a higher lower mentality

This is the hot link to download the conference call. Enjoy.

That was my thought too Gooty...Not about to call this number, I think it is a trick.  If there was someone I disliked I would call from their number, haha.....only kidding, but seriously I do not trust this, I think it is bogus.....probably some number in a foreign country where you will get billed a zillion dollars for the call.  Am checking on the origin of the phone number and will get back to you all.

to dial internationally you must enter country codes, this # was easily callable from north america, and the only reason there will be fema camps is because the americans do not stand up for thier rights in their country, the new "USA is a battleground" resolution was passed with 93%, those the gvot suspects of terrorism will now be detained with no rights and tortured, 93% of the USA senators voted for torture and illegal incarceration,  i doubt this is representative of the public.  so it matters not if you call the # they have put in place a system to detain you anyways, simply bieng on this site could be considered terrorism because of the dislike of how to govt is run, if you want the people out then you speak treason, and therefore are detainable.  this resolution being passed has really brought down my faith in humanity. there is one more opportunity for people to stop this, but it will create martial law, so the stage is set, we have chosen to deal with this change through war as we always have.  tell every child that dies or person who starves or person who is tortured and executed that it is their fault for not raising their vibrations, go aead and tell them that they deserve what they got for remaiining asleep if you can stomach that.i cannot blame them for not doing something they have no idea about. and i am sorry this isnt directed at you personally, i am very unhappy with this current situation down here



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