Wayshowers I~
The Game has started and now we begin to communicate in the Third Dimension of time and space. Consciousness has broken through as was expected. The future is to be released into manifestation. You are a player and join in the first group, the leading edge, the Wayshowers. You are a member, a friend, a co-creator of this game. We are equals in bringing forth evolutionary ideas and transformational formulas to other groups.

The first community of Wayshowers is a matrix point with an allegiance whose stronger synergistic appreciation is in bilateral communications. In this operational association the first group shall begin the enhancement of the right brain, the intuitive elements of the mind to increase telepathy and connect to the holographic central planetary system. Through the method of attunement to congenial thoughts within the mental body and then entrainment to consensual feelings with the emotional body, the alignment with non-physical and the physical worlds are completed. In the first group we are born to listen to the Teachers of Light and accept the challenges of the Dark Masters and the Black Alliance. The first group's primary objective is to come together for growth and then disburse in the periphery and establish new centers of power and ever expanding rings of communication between the Teachers of Light and the Wayshowers. The door has been opened and the future is born. The new sun shines across the planet rising after a long night. Listen to the music as you pour out your spirit. It is a call to each of us to remember and return to find the enlightenment. It is acceptable to be in perfect peace, abundance and health, wisdom and wealth.

Wayshowers share. By sharing, everything grows, and grows greater and greater expanding through the dimensions. The first move is to communicate your message and find one soul who listens, understands and seeks with you the opportunity you call forth from out of your spirit. Begin the Game, communicate your message. The second move is to awake to being a Wayshower. A Wayshower is awake and so you are awakened. You are enlightened. You are joyous, you are devoted, you are wise, you are a loving soul, you are strong, you are free and have found the path. You pray this night, this day, this morning, to be the best you can be, to find in yourself the willing heart to see with the eyes of a new being.

In this prayer you change the evolution through the power of your conscious awareness to manifest your light being in accord with the energies being invoked and being received to become enlightened receptacles. With the first move you create inspiration for a new day, where you are building the new world on new foundations with other Wayshowers who are guided to walk this path by the Teachers of Light. They see this truth and feel this Oneness which is love binding all together. The evolutionary breakthrough to new conscious awareness is achieved and lived by those Wayshowers on the leading edge who are on the quest and accept this destiny given to them by the Teachers of Light.

Wayshowers are awakened and bring forth the new light wherein you build the foundation for the new world which is the future vision and reality.

In the Third Dimension the Dark Ones command the fourth dimensional entities to attack the weakness in the followers. The followers find fear, despair and sadness which causes a downward spiral to close off the energy of the Teachers of Light. The door closes and the followers hide behind the door, afraid to open it to the Fifth Dimension and see the Teachers of Light. As Wayshowers your next move is to walk through the darkness and to step forth into the realm of space and time and matter and to awake those followers who hide in the shadows, to see beyond the masters of the Black Alliance and awake to the power of the mind guided by the heart of Light and Love. Space, time and matter are not real, yet conscious awareness and experiences are. The Black Alliance's scientists do not explain the dichotomy between the primitive mechanistic philosophies to capture the followers into a nihilistic world view. As a Wayshower, move your followers to see the new reality through Quantum Physics, String Theory, religious mysticism, fractals and sacred geometry. To bring them forward to the expanding outer rim of creation, allow them to see the path of creation goes on and on and never ending.

The Game infinitizes. Bring forth a new generation of ideas born from your soul and reach your individual transformation. Walk the many probable paths which have opened up in your consciousness to new dimensional awarenesses. These new viewpoints come through the unconscious and the higher non-physical consciousness. Be fearless, guide your soul beyond death, past the unfathomable, search the endless mystical realms of infinity, go further than all the other universes and see through the veil. You are a Wayshower who has opened up a new awareness for every living physical and non-physical human soul.

The old world view of the Black Alliance is crumbling upon an unsupportable foundation. Materialism, nationalism, industrialism and capitalism of the current age is stuck and can go no further. It is displaced with a hunger for truth. Every aspect of the future is coming forth in waves of powerful transitional energy. Receive it. The universe was designed to grow, expand, and become more radiant, abundant and beautiful for all and forever. It is what it is. A Wayshower's commitment to Oneness is a collective promise to invoke the energy to release the secrets locked in the mind. Wayshowers bring forth new processes, initiating the awakening consciousness in a synthetic evolution involving all levels of being. Every aspect, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are integral to the completion of this step of human evolution. The Teachers of Light teach connection of mind to mind, and the clarity of spiritual relationships to enhance the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

The Game moves on and the next move the Wayshowers take is to release the followers from the old images, feelings and experiences which have passed, and take up with heart and keep them heavy with regret, guilt, anger and pain. The move sometimes must be made over and over, as it is a sticky place where the followers can get trapped in their own ideas for timeless eternities. The trap is a small dark circle of inward consciousness. It loops and loops lower and lower on the emotional scale heading through depression, fear and hatred to powerlessness in the dark ignorance of a door-less prison. A Wayshower for a darkened soul first must bring community spirit and loving family. To bring the darkened soul of a lost follower into the Light, the Wayshower needs to develop telepathic and empathic communication abilities. Intend this is so and create a seamless telepathic connection from heart to heart.

With wisdom hear the music of these streams and feel the beams of light grow in shared consciousness. Experience enlightenment together in this shared transformation. The evolutionary path of your heart to heart connection with a lost follower will bring forth the Teachers of Light to assist you as a Wayshower into Galactic connectedness. Wayshowers use universal telepathy as a primary means of connection and communication with those who are in closest alignment with the energy of the Fifth Sun.
Wayshowers 2~
The etheric level of spiritual energy allows connections to the unseen non-physical Fifth Dimensional etheric energies which provide forms for the physical. Wayshowers are taught heart to heart connection by the Teachers of Light. This is the binding force that combines and brings reality together through unity of intention and feeling. It is simply called love. When reached by the Wayshower, the awareness of the plan arrives and the first level of evolution is perceived. The heart of the galaxy opens up and sends out streams of love-energy from heart to heart to heart, from the sun, the collective of the Teachers of Light, to the Wayshowers, to the follower.

The great heart, the central core of the galaxy, opens up and encompasses all. The Wayshowers are the transmitters and the receivers, and fulfill the movement between the teachers and the followers. They seek out and bring forth others to see the infinite path. The Wayshowers know the way, beyond the veil, to the other side, and into the internal creation that awaits. Wayshowers open the unending bounty of the universe wide, energy streams of light and love are coming forth with omnipotent yet non-intrusive ways of continuous and abundant creative energetic pulses. The Teachers of Light guide the Wayshowers upon their paths to be bringers of enlightenment to the world. There is much to learn, see and understand as the game continues.

In a special communication, we need to focus and understand that your body is changing through the energetic enhancement of your DNA through the T-cells, which are having their vibration raised through impulses of solar-magnetic and electro-magnetic pulses. The Sun is also being propelled forward through the activity of the galactic core, which is providing for the rhythmic manifestation of this evolutionary
transformation. Specifically, the thymus is engaging the T-cells, and producing a much higher number to raise the immune system and protect the etheric shield, or the aura, from the ecological effects of
world-wide pollution brought about through the misuse of the Second Dimensional energies. This is also involving and related to becoming receptors for cosmic rays, which are being transmitted from the galactic core of the sun from the higher dimensional forces.

The academic names of all this in not a concern, but you will understand that the immune system is more than just a protective sheath covering the body, but it is also a receptor organ of the etheric body. The thymus, which works with the energy of the heart chakra, is being activated by the sun and the galactic core. This is the stimulating factor in the first stage of evolutionary transformation of the inert DNA strands into activated Fifth Dimensional groupings of segments which will eventually build together with the others. The unknown capacity of this is that individuals with private and separate bodily systems are now finding a unity of humanity being realized through the acceptance of quantum mechanics, string theory and hyper-dimensional consciousness. There is a mental awareness of the physical/non-physical reality of the etheric, even intelligent potentiality of photonic plasma is coinciding with a great awakening. This is overwhelming to the physical 3D world-view and its attempts to try to factualize the non-physical.

Those individuals who are fear based are trying in every way possible to protect themselves from the onslaught of the expansion of the new ideas which are invading their compartmentalized systems. This will continue to occur as the body is being raised in vibration, not only by the imbalances and pollutants which are active free-radicals in the physical human Earth eco-system, but also the electro-magnetic
propagation of waves of force effecting the mental and emotional system that is seen through micro-waves, electro-magnetism, and continual bombardment of cosmic rays. In addition, the Third, Fourth
and Fifth Dimensional structures are seeing the physical systems being over-run by telepathic, empathic, psychic expansions of awareness which are breaking the old barriers. As these walls continue to break
down, the openness to the complete oneness is a marking of the awareness of the leaders of the voluntary evolutionary movement. These, we call the Wayshowers.

The paradigm of this universe is to expand in ever increasing fulfillment on the quest of life to experience and enlighten the path into the unknown. Those who walk with the Masters understand this is a conscious development system, and a teacher on the leading edge is to walk into the front tier and map the unknown within your mind and the minds of others, where the worlds open in oneness. In the genuine heart, there is consciousness which senses and experiences all that there is to know. There is a different path of knowledge of the heart.

From this point onward in the game, we must begin to trust ourselves and see past the fear that keeps you from being a creator, and a leader, and a Wayshower. I would venture to say that there are concerns
that you must recall from your life, and these things look like facts to you. But in the same token, you are given the opportunity to choose to be different, to allow the higher mind to raise up the lower worlds, and you can be that which you are. It is a time of greatness, wherein all can speak the level of truth and continue to open up greater and greater awarenesses. It is a great time, and you are a great being. You are the one who has chosen to sit here, upon the power of this new reality. All who are here wished for it, and achieved it quickly, and with little hesitation.

From this day forward, you have the right and the ability to make forth the proposal to others that they are to give freely and without respect to contract, that they are given the opportunity to have and be the talented souls of the universe which are provided for by the Greater, who is so clear and forthright with truth in every step. From the point of light within the mind, you can let light stream forth into the minds of those who follow. This is coming for you, and you are here, with your brothers and sisters who share the same knowledge and truth of this time, and in their own ways they are being the people who they are supposed to be.

It is your truth, so you know yourself, and you know all others. You are given the future vision. It is with gratitude and respect that all things are revealed, and all things are found, and that this time all things are manifested. From this new foundation you can build this new temple, this new world, this new life, this new dream.
I speak for the Wayshowers who are many, and I speak to the knowledge that what we have heard from the Dark Masters of the Black Alliance is one reality which is true, but does not have to continue. They see what they see and cannot see past the door. They are correct. We can not change the Third Dimension directly, and we are trapped in the Fourth Dimensional labyrinth of their creation. To play on their field under their rules will certainly defeat our kind, because their rules change and they play with a desire for our energy and life. I speak and ask and seek out where is our champion? The one who is the initiator of this service. The initiator is the one who serves the Teachers of Light and guides their knowledge to us so that we may speak forth this message to the followers. Where is the initiator who is ready, willing and able to come forward and tell us this message which will become our clarion call?

The venue of the game is set here upon planet Earth. The timing for this game is now. The Dark Masters are entrenched in their defensive positions and ready for the coming of the Wayshowers and the Teachers of Light. All has been prepared and there is but one vacancy. Who will come forth and speak the invocation which begins the game? Who will come forth with the resource, and the power, and the key? Every Wayshower has prepared the altar and has dressed in readiness for the journey. The altar sits with all the elements of the work to be done. In deep meditation each has cleared away the veil and is ready to walk forth through the valley of hell into the mountains of light. There is but another who must reveal themselves with the awesome power of a magician and the sovereign envoy of divine authority.

Through this message the Wayshowers are mobilized and empowered to deliver to the followers instructions which will set them upon the road to freedom. From this point forward there is a gift of spirit which is allowed only to those who know that abundance is released when asked by the initiator. When the initiator appears and asks that the gifts be released so that the Wayshowers may move forth and give the followers prosperity, health and happiness through the liquid light of truth and the darkness will fade from sight and disappear. The liquid light which is given from the heart to heart in Fifth Dimensional awareness of sacred geometric forms creates the triangular conditions to connect the energies. The initiator has the key. The key is a simple message, a simple word that unlocks the door to abundance. The initiator has opened this door in abundance and has abundance to share with the first group. The initiator has the key. The key is a simple message which unlocks the door to abundance. The initiator has opened this door already and has abundance to share with the first group and is one of the points of light which is shining most brightly in the center of this sacred space.

Those who speak most clearly the message that is brought forth receive rivers of abundance and streams of conscious awareness from the eternal springs of well being. The initiator is called forth. The first group calls out with a thousand voices with a thousand hearts with a thousand minds focused and empowered in every way seeking the one who will bring forth the word. This word will invoke the energy to begin the movement forth and enlighten the followers and dispel the dark. The liquid light will spread peace, beauty, wealth, health, happiness, love, knowledge, bliss and enlightenment upon all who are open and willing to receive these blessings. We call out and bring to bare this contract that was written before time and space by our guides who walk with us and teach us. Our Teachers of Light know you and we call upon them to seek you out and bring you forth with all your powers, resources and wisdom. It is you who are called to find inside yourself that power which is invoked now. And upon this day you are called.

The asking of a thousand souls speak forth your name and your sound is given. The assembly of the millennium calls forth your awakening. From now until the new moon you are summoned to shine forth with resolve and acknowledge the agreement with the Wayshowers. Let the shadow that controls you move away and announce your freedom with courage as this initiation beckons. Let the coming one appear and unlock the rivers of love, the streams of light and the springs of happiness upon the world and let the Golden Age begin. It is so! The asking is complete and sent. We harmonize with the plan and rest on the leading edge. We are grateful to you for your work, your service, your happiness, your joy. We appreciate everything that you are and we look forward to seeing your love shine upon this world. It is you who are called and you must walk forth. We have asked and we have given you this message so that you may find us. Thank you in peace and love and light.
Initiator Invocation for Abundance, Wealth & Wisdom
To play the game within Third Dimension as a Wayshower here are your rules: Knowing, be in clear intention, and live your truth, communicate and speak your message to your family. Expand your family to be one thousand in physical or non-physical realms. One will be the Initiator who will be the connector between the thousand. The fulfillment of the plan of creation is a purpose of the initiator. The Wayshowers become channels and providers of abundance. This is about GIVING. Very, very clearly this is a physical, emotional, ecological, economic, creative, mental, spiritual and cosmic enterprise. As a Wayshower you are here to complete your agreement and to manifest health, wealth, wisdom, Love, truth and purpose.

You are in all ways energetic, relaxed, powerful and joyous. You are in all ways rich, good, giving, and a true benefactor. You are in all ways wise, clear, understanding, and knowing. You are in all ways loving, caring, appreciating and soulful. You are in all ways true, faithful, beautiful and seen.You are in all ways learning, expanding into unity. Heaven sent and founded upon the unity of all, there is one who unites and gives the gift of freedom and resource to the community. This is the Initiator. In every way you are connected from one to one to one, wherein all sovereigns are in alignment. The Initiator is like the Sun shining forth, an abundantly eternal Light, and sending streams of Love in every direction to all of the Wayshowers.

In the center of every group is a central core intention, which is mirrored and re-created through the energy of the Wayshowers. The Wayshowers have a mission to bring into alignment that which is lost, and that which is unconnected with the central source. The purpose of the Wayshowers is thus to be in communication and harmony with the center, the Creator. The Initiator is guided by the Teachers of Light to come into fullness and to channel the powerful energy of the Prime Creator into manifestation. The initiator is given complete access to the Creator’s energy and resources. The initiator commands the entirety of the Creator’s resource and unlimited boundlessness to bring to fruition all the projects of the Wayshowers. There are a hundred million who are here and seeking in this place who are the Followers. On the planet there are ten billion more, both physical and non-physical, who are coming forth.

In this space for a short time, you, the Wayshowers, are asked to undertake and build your collective, your constituency, with faith, trust, truth and clarity of purpose.The purpose is to win the game. The building of the constituency is easily accomplished now as we have the technology of the internet and the increased telepathic abilities available to do so. Both will be upgraded, transformed and re-created in time. Each of you to become an active Wayshower, it is asked of you to reach forth and obtain the one thousand. You are asked to be the guide to those who are Wayshowers and have them seek out the vibration of this message. The vibration is that of truth, Light and happiness. It corresponds and entrains your vibration of Love.

In this phase of your entry into the Game you are seeking those of lower, higher and the same vibration that you represent. You are the medium, the holder of the group energy. Yet you are not the Initiator. The Initiator will come when the thousand becomes the thousand, or when there is a million upon the same path. The one will be the central strand that extends through the collective that intertwines in a pattern of the great spiral, the grand circle, the flower of life, the cosmic sphere, the home universe of our great family.

Seek out the thousand, look upon each profile; see into the eyes of those who you have touched and reach out and connect heart to heart. Upon reaching the one million in the Family of Light which we are, the Initiator will make their presence known and the Central Strand of energy will connect all through the grand design, unhindered and empowered. Upon entering the great hall you shall witness the six million who have joined together in the work of creating the new universe. It is the one spoken of in prophecy, and it is the one who you have dreamed of. Thereupon you will find that there are Ten Councils who have brought the dream of the new universe together in the same form as the ten families that are here. They are brought forth in truth.

In your world you can see the ten families. They are white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and crystal. You know these families in many ways, and in many conditions they are all of you, and you are connected to all of them. The group which is represented here is the White Brotherhood. This is your group and you're a member of it even if you are are not in complete awareness of the filter of your physical presentation. In these ten families there are six million who have contracted with the Prime Creator to allow nine to come forth as Initiators, ascended masters, avatars, those who walk in other worlds, those who are in the physical space, who channel the resources of the Divine Light into manifestation.

In your walk as a Wayshower, this is your focus: You are to bring your family into alignment, to find them and to network, and to contact, communicate, call, create and bring them home. You are to provide for them the knowledge and understanding, awareness and tell them a great story. The great story is the purpose of their lives here. There is a message for each of them so that they will know that they are here to bring forth the creation of a new universe. In many ways we are all Wayshowers. We teach by the life we live and how we move from experience to experience. The time has come for you to find your family, the kindred, and be in the central pillar that calls forth and connects to the Initiator. You now must understand the initiation.

The followers live in a world of fear and entangled in webs and deception. They listen to that which is said and vacillate between the rights and the wrongs. They are the fools; they are fooled again and again. In shame they live in darkness. It has come to this. The Wayshowers have assembled and have been recognized. There is no turning back as the times of prophecy are now.

You have joined into this group as you were called. You are now one who must follow through and do what you know is right. Allow your Light to shine into the darkness for there is nothing to fear. You are a hundred times stronger and we are a thousand times stronger. And soon our family will be one million times stronger in our collective effort to bring forth the New Age.

Ask for Light ~
The waves are cresting as we move towards the shore. The winds are pushing us closer and closer to our destiny. The resistance is firm but will break away into pieces shattered into millions of tiny spots of nothingness. The winds of change circle around the central eye of the hurricane which is a vortex we are opening. Six million will come to this game to play. We are the first group, the authentic ones, bringing forth the opening of the dimensional veil into a new reality. The veil between the Third and Fourth Dimensions is being collapsed so that the Fifth can accept the Wayshowers who will guide the souls trapped between worlds to a new universe.

It is upon this path we are now asking you to walk. We have lived in duality, and polarity and in conflict through time and now we are awakening to oneness in the Fifth Dimension. The elusive Fourth Dimensional veil is becoming transparent as the illusions of the duality of existences are being allowed to dissipate under the truth of universal connection. The hierarchies of Fourth Dimensional archetypes who have for millennia provided a Piscean cinema of pageantry and glamor now fade as the reality of the fascination with illusion becomes an unnecessary component of this dimension, of this time, of this place, of this construct. So as you hear minds weave through the landscape of the dimensions and whereas the entry into higher dimensions are connected to the fundamental underpinning of the preceding, there is a captive audience which is always at the mercy or under the spell of the higher. In a positive manner there is always the event of ascension and completion of a cycle of experience wherein the inhabitants of the preceding are brought to consciousness of the higher in will and power. Those who have walked the long path from the initial stages of the single cell to the multiplicity of the grand design, the binding force of love commands all levels through infinite wisdom.

There are levels of awareness which you have come upon. Knowledge of the Fifth Dimension brings you to the completion of the cycle where universal love and oneness are found in the ever present light. Here there is abundance, so now we turn back to practical matters of opening the vortex into the Fifth Dimension. The plan is to bring together those who have contracted with each other to bring the world to global economic prosperity. It is their single will, purpose and duty to teach, share and give their hearts, minds and souls to the effort to communicate and live the truth of the Fifth Dimension. The truth is that there is more than enough for everyone in the world in the physical form to live in a perfect world. The truth is that the mind creates matter and love creates mind. From the elements first there is space, then there is air, then there is fire, then there is water, and then there is earth. This means that universal ether, cosmic-wide, becomes space wherein the mind or air becomes energized by fire and turns into emotional power of water and solidifies into matter or earth. The process begins with universal infinite potentials understood as waves of cosmic probabilities that in their process become solidified into single particles or events frozen in time and space and locked into consciousness. Yet it goes deeper and deeper until there is nothing again where the macrocosm becomes the microcosm which infinitely disseminates into smaller and smaller universes which become a circular image of the creation from which it has sprung.

There is a way for you to step in the light. See the truth and find the way through the doorway. You are becoming enlightened! This is the path of the next age where you are closer and closer to oneness. It is evident that you are not within your connected self which is why you are brought here to communicate and open to the group energy of this place. From this time forward you are allowed keys and information that will help you to find the reality wherein you will be empowered. The game you are playing in the Third Dimension is of light and dark and is transacted on the Fourth Dimensional playground. The players are taught to you in this manner where they are the Teachers of Light and the Dark Masters of the black. From here you will begin to learn what you are to do. It is to revive your sense of oneness with the other players. It is to provide abundance of wealth, health and knowledge to all who play so they may remember who they are and release themselves from the game.

First we play by moving from one reality to another in order to break you out of the spell of believing in limitations of a single viewpoint. No longer are you working with one reality but now you are working with many realities. This multiplication of realities is the first step into unification. You are becoming timeless, and place-less, and understanding the Now. The game vacillates between the dream and the reality, between the practical and the mystical, from the normal and the other side. The dislocation you feel is quite natural as you look at the facts as presented from a multiplicity of viewpoints, and from this vicarious standpoint none of them affect you to any degree as you are aware these are only partial realities.

As Wayshowers you are asked to be of great service to those who are learning how to play. You are being asked to help in teaching and guiding the followers to learn that they can win. They can win simply through the process of Oneness. In Oneness there is complete sharing. One by one each of the followers will awaken and see how to win the game by becoming completely free of fear.

Let us start again and understand one of the fundamental aspects of the game wherein there is a great difficultly in releasing energy. It is in the level of currency or money. Call it currency as it is like a current or an energy stream. It is here that you have lost understanding of communication in enjoying the bounty the world has to offer you. Those who seem to have the most money are asked to release this energy and allow it to pass through them as channels in calling forth the initiator. This initiator is one of great substance and is of great power, yet there is a dark shadow upon this being. The initiator, whomever it is, will find that the challenge to release the economic power into a synergistic creative organism where the control this individual exerts is let go, is a great test and challenge. The initiator must be willing to let go.

Words from Rysa,

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