Initiation into Multidimensionality

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The Planetary Grid Transmissions

New Moon ~ Saturday, April 21

Beloved Children of the Sun, during this next lunar cycle and grid transmission... let's go within and allow ourselves to let go, completely, surrendering all control to the present moment and to the Will of God.
Let's invoke and command that our I AM Presence over-ride our human operating system NOW while melting the last vestiges of resistance. Let's ask that our Nervous and Endocrine Systems be upgraded, gracefully and without harm or imbalance to our transitioning energy system.

Those of us who are making the dimensional shift in ease and grace, let's reach out to all of our brothers and sisters, assisting in their upgrade and understandings by transferring our own energy signatures and DNA ascension codes.

May we see and feel everyone in the vision of the Immaculate Concept... functioning in the New Multidimensional Operating System... existing beyond the boundaries of time and space.

It is Done.




Important Notes...

on our New Multidimensional Operating System


Delicacies of the Endocrine System Upgrade ~

The portal between the etheric and the physical body is the body's Endocrine System. The Endocrine System is our body's "communication system" which transfers information and instructions from one set of cells to another. It is through this glandular portal that light transmissions are mediated into physical chemical messages that enter the bloodstream as hormones.

Working in tandem with the Nervous System, our entire Endocrine System is also undergoing an intense upgrade into the magnetic multi-dimensional blueprint. This is dramatically changing the way in which our body communicates, to allow us to receive more high frequency light into the body while ensuring that it is evenly distributed throughout our cellular matrix.

Our bodies are under a great deal pressure at this time, constantly assimilating and recalibrating to a greater vibration. This process is only going to become more and more accelerated. If the Endocrine system is over stimulated, it stresses the entire body and creates imbalances, especially in areas of the body that are most sensitive and vulnerable.

This is why it is so important to LISTEN to our body. This is why it is so important to discontinue and release any and all toxicities, artificial stimulants and stress from our lives. These things will only short circuit the new wiring and potentially bring great fracture to our transitioning system.

Expanding through the Pineal Gland Portal ~

The light energy pulsating to us from the Galactic Center, enters the physical body primarily through the Pineal Gland. This glandular center is the main portal through which we are liberated from the limiting perceptions of the third dimensional mind.

As the Pineal Gland expands, we begin to experience the opening of our ascension portal. This portal acts much like a compass to guide our process of returning to multi-dimensional awareness. Through this process of inner opening, we are truly become like walking portals... receiving and emitting transforming light, traversing multiple realities and consciously living in all of these realities at once.

Due to the intensity of increasing cosmic energy, many people are experiencing power surges in the Pineal Gland and are becoming electrically overloaded. This, is turn, can lead to an over-stimulation of the brain's other main endocrine gland, the Pituitary, which creates problems of energetic balance in the entire physical body.

We emphasize the critical importance in this sensitive time of accelerating energy to solely focus upon the complete dissolution of the remaining egoic hold and all of it's entrapments and BEFORE trying to develop expanded states and break-throughs of dimensional vision. All of these things happen naturally once the ego's control is completely removed.


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  • I don't percieve the body as much more than illusion, interesting, thank you for sharing.

  • I feel so adressed by this. I do admit that I am addicted to stimulants and other drugs.

    But if I do not take take them I drif down into negativity.

    So I see that they cause harm to myself - but without them live is more a burden than joy to me.

    So what would you choose? Joy or burden?

    • I am still holding that same question since I am still addicted to tobacco and use other drugs so now and then..

      hmmm.. Coyote is laughing: "burden".

This reply was deleted.

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