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Here's a new kid on the block.

Born in Chile, grew up in England. Speaks many languages.

And this is her first incarnation on earth or anywhere else. She is here for one purpose only. To raise the vibrational level of humanity. This is also the first time she has come out of the closet since arriving on earth with an Interview on project Camelot.

I believe her but I'm a gullible old fart so form your own opinion. If you are in a hurry, start 43 min in but I advise you to view the whole interview. Bill at Camelot is super impressed and he's seen a lot of stuff. I discovered her after a series of synchronisities.

What do you feel?

Love, B

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Interesting, will check this out. Thanks Don : )

So what you think?


give the girl a chance, she's on a mission from God like the"Blues Brothers"


Love, B

I think she's authentic, I haven't listened to all of it yet (don't have broadband at home...)
i was blown away when i saw that video i am happy to say i love her!

Yeah I found Inelia thru a series of synchronisities that first led me to Lucia Rene.


Hey, s*** happens.


love, B

Ok, I have listened to 90% of it now, and it's definitely v interesting. There are heaps of articles on her website too -, and she has another website


She's not that young by the way, just looks it.



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