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I was wondering if any other parents have been experiencing their childrens auras coming through in regular photographs? Recently, within the last year, I have been able to see my childrens auras coming through in many pictures that i have taken of them... I knew my children were crystal and rainbow since im an indigo, which i confirmed when i had my aura photo done at 2 different places.
Id love to hear from some other parents that have noticed this is happening with their children and have them share their photos as well!Its so amazing to me how strong their auras come through! It is proof that the children of today are wonderful beings sent to bring light to earth and are truly here for something special.

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The attachments are a few photos ive taken recently of my children where their auras have come through.

I'm an Indigo but it does me no good.  Yeah, I'm pretty good at spotting lies, but no one wants to hear the truth.  So I figure, why waste time telling it to people?  Supposedly, I'm here to help shake stuff up.  People don't want that, not really.  I once shook up the world of a conspiracy "theorist" by pointing out all the holes in their argument.  Dude was some kind of pissed at me.  Nope, we like our lies and don't want them messed with even though some of us say, "Question everything!  Unless you're questioning my worldview, then just shut up!"  I don't think we're special, no group here.  We're just here to help but I don't think many want help.  As an Indigo, I'm so thinking of just giving up and just letting the chips fall where they may. B*tches are so on their own.

That is a very interesting thought Nancy! My boys continue to amaze me everyday, weather its by things they say like my 3 yr old pointing to the sky saying " i see 2 pleadies stars!!" And him winning an award at his school for being the happiest and nicest kid in his school( he is definately a rainbow because he is smiling 24/7 and is pure joy)Or the fact that my oldest son who is 5, seems to "just know" things and can read people and communicate with me telepathically(he didnt start talking untill he was 3). He is a crystal, ive photographed him with magenta and gold rays on several occasions. Ive attached a few more unedited photos of their auras and one of myself where mine came through..



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