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Incredible moving Orbs in the Sekhmet Temple - Karnak.. Egypt

Light waves and Orbs in Sekhmet Temple in Karnak Egypt -- March 16th, 2012.

What you are seeing is LIGHT WAVES and ORBS in the Sekhmet Temple in Karnak, Egypt. These images were taken just after dawn on March 16th, 2012. The blast of energy turned us all into mush as soon as we entered the temple. We had many powerful instantaneous healings that are still on going. It was as if Sekhmet was waiting for us. We were shocked when we took video and captured the energy we were feeling. The energy manifested as amazing light waves and orbs! Note . . . The red glows on the statue and flashes of light are others in the group taking photos. But pay close attention to the light waves. They change direction all over the place. The Orbs do as well. We feel this is important to share with you as photography does capture some of the energy. P.S. Being overly enthused about this event, I used the same iphone camera, on the same mode, exactly as we did here in the Sekhmet temple in every other temple that we entered. I was hoping to capture this energy in other sites. But over the entire Egypt pilgrimage, I did not capture any other light waves or orbs.

Enjoy, sit back, and feel the energy . . . then share this with others.
P.S. Watch in a dark room to see the energy light show better.

The Back Story . . .
We had visited the Cairo Museum days earlier, and connected with a Sekhmet statue on display there. All she said to me was "COME BACK". I didn't know what this meant at the time. The Sekhmet temple in Karnak has been closed to the public for years. Last year, we could not bribe or beg our way in. This year, our guides said that they would try again to get us a private visit, but made no promises. He was successful in making a deal with the local guard. But as we have discovered on our pilgrimages, over and over again we usually get our space. Spirit and Sekhmet were very good to us this day. Our guide said that we could have 10 - 15 minutes alone with Sekhmet as the inspector that comes each morning was on his way. Spirit ended up allowing us almost a full hour! We each had time to merge with her magical, healing energy. We had time to make a sacred site essence as well. The video does not do justice to our experience there. Our guides outside the temple said that they heard loud and strange un-real sounds coming from all around the temple. Concerned, they came in to check if we were ok, and they noticed that the sounds were not inside with us. We were only whispering, and Elizabeth was playing her crystal bowl. We think that the sounds our guides heard outside were old energy releasing from Karnak and the Akashic records.

Our guides and the local guard took a great risk for giving us this space. Saying thank you is not enough. If caught, the guard could lose his job. Understanding the economic issues in Egypt, as well as the extremely high unemployment rate, this is a great risk that they took for us. Our guide could get in trouble as well. Also, had we been caught it will be even harder for any spiritual group to have this experience in the future. When found breaking the rules, regulations and security tightens up to make entry impossible. We see this all over the world in sacred sites. It is important to think about all the consequences when we do radical things and break rules. After all, we are spiritual conscious people and need to consider all aspects of our actions.

Who is Sekhmet? Egyptian, lion-headed, Goddess Sekhmet, with a sun disc on her head, is one of the most powerful manifestations of a Goddess of the Divine Feminine. Sekhmet is regarded as the one with great "healing magic and power" and whose knowledge has placed her in service of healing humanity and Earth. She commands great respect and is not to be crossed as Sekhmet's personality is one of polar extremes. She could be a dangerous, potentially destructive and was known to have sent plagues against those who angered her. On the other side, for those in her good favour, she was brimming with beneficial, protective and healing energies. She can avert plague, cure disease and magically heal; thus being called a "lady of life". Her nature, being that of a Goddess, and was often regarded as a great mother of compassion . . . a loving and protective Goddess. This is the side we experienced with her.
Above all, she is the protector of Ma'at (balance or justice) and is also named "The One Who Loves Ma'at and Who Detests Evil". We were blessed with this scared visit, and she continued to stay with us during our entire pilgrimage.
A channelled message, which we received from Sekhmet on this day, will be coming soon in our free newsletter. If you are not already signed up for our free newsletter, you can do so by registering up at
We were also allowed to make a sacred site essence on this day.
You can order it at


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OH wonderful!  It is SHE who I have been feeling and transmitting!  Yay!  Thank you so much, Ravinder!  She's beautiful :)

Glad you like Goddess Sekhmet Kelly and if you know more about her please post a forum covering info about her as we all would like to know much more about her and in this way get her help with ascension


Thanks Ravinder : ) 

And Bless You Wonderful Sekhmet...

Love, Peace & Joy To All! : )


I just saw a huge flash of white light coming from outside the window in the sky :O there were no planes, omg I wonder what it is :S

the energy of the sacred feminine is alive and well :)




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