In 1979 a COVID-Like Scenario Played Out Complete with Communists, Bioweapons, a Cover-Up & US Scientists Believing the Lies


A mysterious airborne illness plagued the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg in spring 1979.

People died in droves days after presenting with mysterious pneumonia at local hospitals. Then, the secret police stepped in.

Doctors, ordered to keep silent, had their patients’ records stripped from them and kept under wraps as the communist government searched for a “more mundane” explanation — a scapegoat — to feed the media.

The public could never know a Soviet military lab leaked deadly bacteria, so covering their tracks only seemed like a natural solution.

A pathogen had jumped from animals to humans from contaminated meat sources and caused these ailments — or so they said — but American spies picked up cues offering a different account.

Mud-Spattered Journalist Reports from Flood-Ravaged Area, But Now She's Suspended After Bystander's Video Revealed Her Cunning Trick

You’re thinking this is another coronavirus story — only it’s somehow planted 42 years in the past, right? Not this time.

While the Soviet anthrax incident looked eerily like it could’ve been a rehearsal for communist China’s apparent COVID-19 release, the two were not planned to be similar.

But it was perhaps our first small-scale glimpse into what would take the world by storm four decades later … and it reiterates that history repeats itself.

About a month ago, The New York Times’ Moscow bureau chief picked up on the story that’s more relevant now than ever as we double our search into COVID-19’s origins.

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It seems impossible that even the most authoritarian governments could mask, if you will, one of the deadliest lab leaks in history by reshaping the narrative into something far less damning. At least, it seems impossible until it actually happens.

Another even more damning resemblance between the two regime-touted origin stories is that U.S. officials believed their lies each time.

“Wild rumors do spread around every epidemic,” Nobel Prize-winning American biologist Joshua Lederberg wrote in a 1986 memo, according to the Times. “The current Soviet account is very likely to be true.”

But Lederberg’s opinion — and similar opinions from other top U.S. scientists — didn’t settle. In fact, we would continue searching to the point where the truth about the anthrax lab leak would be unearthed only a few years later.

But, let’s rewind to the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when anyone entertaining the idea that the virus escaped a Wuhan lab was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

More Than 30,000 People Thrown Into Severe Lockdown After Just 17 Found to Have COVID

Numerous social media platforms unsurprisingly censored free discourse and refused to allow their platform users to come to their own conclusions surrounding the virus’ origins. They would continue censoring them until the lab leak theory seemed not-so-preposterous to everyone else.

The natural origin theory, however, still retains its place among the opinions of one top U.S. medical official: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It’s been 40 years — the Berlin Wall has fallen, the Soviet Union has collapsed, we’ve witnessed communism’s lies, corruption and collapse time and again … yet American scientists still believe them.

It’s unjust to the victims of these ailments, in the same way it is unjust to the poor subjects of any tyrannical government living today.

Now, the metal grave plates marking the victims of this “mysterious Soviet illness” are showing wear and the names of those who died are slowly becoming erased, according to the Times.

“They were buried in coffins with an agricultural disinfectant” in a cemetery on the outskirts of town (perhaps intentionally kept distant from everything else) — killed prematurely by a mistake their government refused to own.

American elites stupidly let the Soviets spread a deadly lie for over a decade.

Let’s make sure we don’t make the same mistake with China.

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  • I can go on and on trying to show you that China is not yet another Soviet Union. But let me just summarize it this way:

    The 'conservative' propaganda can put across a convincing case that China is just like the Soviet by, perhaps deliberately, forgetting that China is a very learning country. So they over dwell on similarities. A more accurate picture is that China learns from all other countries, but not by merely cutting and pasting. So it isn't a surprise that at times it looks like USSR. China learns from every country, though: from Congo to US! We see the instal Robot trafic police, mobile money, etc! They are very quick to imitate when it is good to do that!!

    But China don't imitate blindly. For instance unlike USSR and US, they dont seek a military dominance (it knows this is their downfall). We don't see them in the proxy wars, the kind of USSR in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan etc. In this cases, Iran far more looks like USSR than China does!
  • Red China has become a modern version of the USSR.....A replica of Russia, something they have long wanted...
    • It will be something they regret cause just like the USSR went away in 1991 so to will Red China eventually be gone.
      • China is not just yet another USSR. Republcans in US will make a huge mistake if they apply the cold war tactics to try to tame China. China was silently watching cold war, west colonialism etc from remort and they know exactly where not only USSR messed, but also where US, Britain etc messed! They are not in the process of repeating these mistakes.

        USSR was basically threatening US with nuclear tipped, transcontinental balistic missiles. Same applies to Soviet Union. They neaded a foreign enemy to hold the center! Soviet Union was just that: an hodge podge of unrealated pple united only by having the same fears. Once the fear went, the soviet went!

        By OPENLY threatening US with nuclear war, the Soviets were able to unwittingly unite both the democrats and the republicans. This is not the case with China. If China will ever influence the west politics, then it will be by tearing them down the middle, into irreconcilable 'conservatives' vs 'liberals'. They do this by simply not persuing military dominance, denying the west the excuse it need to form a united fighting front like the one they made in cold war.

        If China is indead a threat to US etc security, then it is so via a very clever way that doesn't cause all parties to agree. Instead, the liberals will see this 'threats' as just a political propaganda of the 'conservatives' as they seek to hold power! It is nothing like the cold war at all!

        USSR disappeared because it was a mere military power. All its industrial might and resources were focused on rockets, nukes, tankers etc. They were all into going to moon and other merely 'muscles flexing' antics, the need for which, disappeared once there was nolonger any threat of a war with US etc.

        USSR was a military power but not an ECONOMIC power. This mean it was not a real threat at all! It was very easy to beat in an economic war. But China, on the other hand, is far more of an economic power than a military one. It is not easy to beat China in an economic war, and it is very easy to lose such a war!

        Instead of trying to create another cold war like confrontations, US etc should opt to a more diplomatic approach that will bring about a 'win-win' rather than a 'win-lose'.
        • Its not weapons of war thats gonna end the communist chinese regime. Its going to be the crimes they have committed against humanity that ends their reign. Once the truth gets out justice will soon come after arrests, etc. No need for military might. A diplomatic approach sounds good, but i dont think The CCP would cooperate so their crimes need to be exposed and those who committed them need to face justice.
          • Furthermore, note that China is not a more 'Communist' than US, Britain etc. Neither is it more evil. The cabal has infiltrated all governments, and this is what we should focus on, not nations. The 'cabal', whatever country they operate in, will be defeated for their crimes. No need to talk of 'China', or 'USA' or such.
          • Lets get things straight. You are talking about the authoritative, current regime? Then why call it 'Red China'? We dint say 'Red USA' will end to mean rather an end to the republican/democrat etc.

            Please watch your choice of words. You sound like you are against China as a nation, rather than its ruling party! Soviet union was a nation, not a party. So why the comparison?
            • Im well aware of the cabals infiltration of every government, but we were talking about the ones in china so thats why i said china. Why would i be against china as a nation the people there are human to just like the rest of us and are going through tough times like the rest of us right now during these times. My choice of words may not have been perfect, but i was talking about the deep state over there not china in general.
              • Its ok then, I now get you. If you mean 'the deep state in China' and not simply 'China', then thats OK.

                The reason I point this out is that some find words like 'Chinese virus' etc to be offensive. The term 'China', of course carries more meaning than any cabal that might be there.

                If you mean the cabal that has taken over china will come to an end, like the collapse of Soviet, then I agree with you. But China itself (when we compare with Soviet as a nation), will not collapse like the Soviets. China is an economic power, and it had been so since the dawn of history. Only in resent times did the west briefly overtook it, but it was clear that it would regain its usual status as the economic superpower!

                Soviet was just a military power, and not an economic power. That is one reason it collapsed. It collapsed economically.
This reply was deleted.

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