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A strange system that star seeds use before coming to Earth is there is an Imprinting system of past lifes or future lives which can be ( downloaded) pursue before choosing to come to planets such as earth. Which is to speed up the association or lack of dis association before incarnating on Earth,

This makes it very hard to establish which life is a true past life or an imprint as it is impossible for the soul to determine when they are in incarnated form. Its away of getting the information faster instead of living so many lives. It also explains why so many people claim they were a certain entity in the past life as they are using the imprint. They are getting the information from the Akhasic record set by a sort of GOD universal computer which recommends which lives may help you achieve your mission on your real incarnations. This does not mean we have not lived many lives it just means if you think you had 500 chances are you have some imprints. It just speeds up the learning process. Though you can choose to not have any imprint and you can choose to live 500 real incarnations but they may not really be needed the cosmos is a large place and you want to experience as many as you can.

It is very hard to determine which is a imprint and which ones are true lives but when you pass over and go back to spirit you will know. Without any imprints most Star seeds struggle to live on earth the energies made it hard to adapt.

I hope this helps some of you to understand your Soul Evolving



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